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Giving a book at Christmas is always a great idea, but you have to choose it carefully! To help you find the perfect gift, we’ve selected 20 books to put under the Christmas tree. Novels, comics, great books: something to please all readers.

The works were awarded a literary prize

1. Live fast – Brigitte Giraud

In this intimate story, which won the Goncourt prize, the author looks back at the events that led to the motorcycle accident that took her husband’s life in June 1999.

20 euros

. Available at (partner The Corner*).

2. The Young Man – Annie Ernaux

There is no doubt that the works of Annie Ernaux, Nobel Prize for Literature, will be prominently displayed under Christmas trees this year. Don’t know which one to give? Why don’t you turn to

The young man

, his latest work? In this short novel, the author recounts her passionate relationship with a man thirty years younger than her.

8 euros

. Available at

3. The Mage of the Kremlin – Giuliano Da Empoli

Winner of the French Academy Grand Prize for the Novel,

The Mage of the Kremlin

painted a portrait of Vadim Baranov, former political adviser to Vladimir Putin. A dive into the heart of Russian power for all history buffs.

20 euros

. Available at (partner The Corner*).

4. A dog on my desk – Claudie Hunzinger

A writer and his companion live in harmony with nature in the middle of a Vosges forest. One day, they took in an abused little dog. Winner of the Femina Prize.


. Available at

5. novel of the river – Philibert Humm

Three budding navigators decide to go down the Seine in a canoe from Paris to the sea. A parody of a fun adventure novel, and an ode to friendship that is sure to bring a smile to its readers. Interallied Prize.

19 euros

. Located at

bestselling authors

6. Dear asshole – Virginie Despentes

Flagship title of the last literary season, Virginie Despentes’ new book caused a lot of ink to flow. In this provocatively titled epistolary novel, the writer tackles intimate and societal questions through the story of a redemptive friendship between three individuals who are complete opposites.

22 euros

. Find it at

7. The Book of Sisters – Amélie Nothomb

In his 31st novel conceived as a modern story, the Belgian author continues to explore family ties through the interwoven relationship of two sisters.


. Available at

8. Billy Summers – Stephen King

Billy Summers is a contract killer, the best in his profession, but he only agrees to liquidate the bastards. Now, Billy wants to take it. Before that, alone in his room, he prepares for his last mission… “A heavy thriller”, “a great noir novel”, “a great success”: the latest novel by master Stephen King was praised by the press.


. Available at

9. The Constancy of the Predator – Maxime Chattam

Many bodies are found at the bottom of an old mine shaft. The first observations indicate to the investigators that they have been resting here for several decades… A perfect thriller for those who like to be cold in the back.


. Shop at

10. Angelique – Guillaume Musso

The most read author in France publishes his twentieth novel in September 2022. An investigation between the past and the present, where the destinies of the main characters intersect.


. Available at


11. The Arab of the future, volume 6 – Riad Sattouf

Comic fans will be delighted to find the sixth and final volume of Riad Sattouf’s successful series under the tree, which has sold more than 3 million copies and been translated into 23 languages.


. Available at

12. Blake and Mortimer: Eight Hours in Berlin – José-Louis Bocquet, Jean-Luc Fromental and Antoine Aubin, based on characters by Edgar P. Jacobs

The 29th volume of Blake and Mortimer’s adventures takes us from Berlin to the Urals, between espionage, extreme science and the hidden springs of history.


. Buy it at

13. The Endless World – Jean-Marc Jancovici and Christophe Blain

Jean-Marc Jancovici, an expert on energy issues and the climate impact, collaborated with designer Christophe Blain to explain the profound changes our planet is going through, and the sometimes radical consequences of these. This testimony, both enlightening and fascinating, invites reflection on sometimes divisive topics, especially energy transition.

28 euros

. Available at

14. Les Pizzlys – Jérémie Moreau

Nathan works as a VTC driver to support his brother and sister, until one day a chance meeting takes the three of them to Alaska. Graphic novel, initiatory comic strip, philosophical tale, dreamlike quest:

The Pizzalys

all of this.


. Available at

15. The Last Queen – Jean-Marc Rochette

Édouard Roux, disfigured from the First World War, finds refuge in the studio of Jeanne Sauvage, an animal sculptor. As the days passed, the girl gave him a new face and introduced him to the circle of artists in Montmartre. A masterpiece of humanity, a powerful hymn to nature mixed with strong themes such as ecology, feminism, art and love.

30 euros

. Deluxe Edition:


. Find it at

Good books

16. Just in America

The illustrator who died in August 2022 knew America well. Denoël’s editions pay tribute to him with this book that brings together his best drawings.

38 euros

. Located at

17. Let’s taste Paris – François-Régis Gaudry

Gastronomic guide, recipe directory: for Christmas, offer an encyclopedia that devours the capital completely!


. Available at

18. The Earth in our hands – Thomas Pesquet

A beautiful book containing three hundred photos taken by our favorite astronaut during his second mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS), from April to November 2021.

39 euros

. Available at

19. The best train journey in Europe – Brigitte Valotto

A change of scenery is guaranteed with this wonderful book that makes us discover Italy, Spain, Austria or even Scotland thanks to the train. The perfect gift for all globetrotters.

25 euros. Online at

20. Léonard, Frida and the rest: 8 centuries of painting told through 100 artists – Camille Jouneaux

A book for everyone, for art lovers who can discover new artists and renew their classics, and for beginners who are sure to want to push the door of a museum after entering it. A safe bet to put under the tree.

35 euros

. Find it at


Books: how much do the French spend each year?

According to a study by the GfK institute, more than one in two French people bought a printed book in 2018, for an average annual budget of

116 euros

every consumer. The single book price law, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, requires anyone who publishes or imports a book to set a price at which it will be sold to the public. Also, no matter which bookstore or website you visit, the price of a book remains the same. According to the National Book Center, a third of readers bought second-hand books in 2020. This market will weigh more than

850 million euros

in France, growing by 8% per year. Among the most popular sites for buying or reselling are Recyclivre, Momox or Kiwibook.

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