“World’s largest fund BlackRock says central banks are causing crises on purpose”. Charles SANNAT’s editorial

My dear shameless, my dear shameless,

The Matrix is ​​a cult film. And for good reason. We will be prisoners of a system, of a matrix.

The parallels with the economic world in general and finance in particular are tempting.

At the time of the choice proposed to Neo, the choice between the inconvenient truth or the lie that confirms this cult line from the film is pronounced by Morpheus.

“Take the blue pill, that’s the end of the story. You wake up in your bed, and you believe what you want. Take the red pill, stay in Wonderland and I’ll show you how far the cave goes.”

Sometimes we experience extraordinary moments. We are experiencing “bugs” in the Matrix. These moments are always so easy, but they are so much fun when we have the chance to experience them.

And then… there was a little white rabbit in front of us.

You know how I feel about central banks and crises.

I think central banks deliberately create crises from the beginning. They decide boom cycles by lowering the price of money (falling rates) and flooding the world with liquidity. When they want to decide on a recession cycle, they reduce the quantity of money and increase the price of money (raising rates). They rule economic cycles while the moon rules the night and the sun the current day.

What they do is voluntary.

They create fortunes or destroy completely innocent actors.

States do the same thing by deciding on laws, rules and other standards. Currently, the state destroys traders who have not asked for anything, who are innocent or guilty. It would be enough to multiply the price of electricity charged to bakers by 10 to shut down these bakeries.

But sometimes we experience extraordinary moments. We are experiencing “bugs” in the Matrix.

BlackRock is an American multinational company specializing in asset management, headquartered in New York. Founded in 1988, it has become the world’s largest asset manager, with nearly $8 trillion in assets as of October 2020. BlackRock is the global heavyweight. The basis.

You can tell me that from the top of my Norman attic I am conbulating. You can accuse me of everything wrong. You can tell me that I don’t understand anything, that I’m an accomplice even if it makes you happy, but you can’t say that about BlackRock, because BlackRock is the system, BlackRock is an integral part of the matrix and of the global financial system. $8 trillion…

BlackRock Says Central Banks ‘Deliberately’ Cause Recessions!

BlackRock, (source here on Yahoo Finances) the world’s largest asset manager, said that central banks are “intentionally” causing recessions and warned of an unprecedented recession.

“Many experts have sounded the alarm bells on the US economy. But you should still pay attention to what BlackRock – the world’s largest asset manager – is saying for a very simple reason: it predicts a recession like no other.

“Recession is heralded as central banks struggle to contain inflation,” BlackRock’s strategy team wrote in its Global Outlook 2023 report.

In fact, strategists believe that central banks “deliberately cause recessions by excessively tightening policy” in an effort to control the price level.

In the past, when the economy went down, the Fed usually came to the rescue. But given the cause of this predicted recession, BlackRock says we can’t rely on the central bank.

“Central bankers will not come to the rescue when growth slows under this new regime, contrary to what investors expect. »

And that doesn’t bode well for stocks. The S&P 500 has already fallen 18% since the start of the year, but BlackRock believes the stock’s valuations “do not yet indicate damage to come”.

If this recession turns out to be different from previous ones, it may be time to look for unconventional ways to protect against it.

This release from Strategists at BlackRock is remarkable, because it is as clear, simple and very clear.

This release is remarkable because, suddenly, without anyone knowing why, a secret is revealed. The truth, raw, will appear to all who want to understand.


Central banks decide crises.


Central banks create crises.

Once you understand that, you will understand what they are going to do.

Once you understand what they’re going to do, you can turn their strategies against them… and honestly, from you to me, it’s a no-brainer.


You have to fight the system by taking it at its own game. Remember my Strategies dossier for the month of September which is precisely focused on this theme (central banks are attacking you, turn their strategy in your favor). That is exactly the search. Central banks are attacking us, they will create crisis and recession. Now it is BlackRock that confirms this analysis and it is not without. Keep on course with this September file. Get ready to buy into targeted assets, but… not yet. Hold the fire. Let the enemy approach, let him be within range. Now is not the time.

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It’s too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourself!

Charles SANNAT

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