Adrien Quatennens, his communication, the temporary radiation… How the case shakes La France insoumise

A conviction, a temporary disbarment for four months and two interviews. one of The voice of the North , the one on BFMTV . This last speech of Adrien Quatennens became tensed in the ranks of La France insoumise (LFI). Several MPs have openly expressed their disagreement. “After a conviction for domestic violence, you don’t go on TV to minimize or “contextualize” by revealing the victim’s past. It goes against our feminist fight,” MEP Manon Aubry wrote on Twitter. His colleague in the National Assembly Alma Dufour held “to emphasize that the interview he did with BFM cannot be carried out in our name” and ” brought [son] support for [ses] colleagues who have separated themselves from it.” In a response on the social network, the latter specified: “Without adding drama to the case, many of us don’t recognize ourselves in the way he’s been talking since Wednesday. Just. »

“The group remains in its position. We hesitate to comment on the interview with Adrien Quatennens which was also done under his own name. explains JDD Alma Dufour, when Manon Aubry adds: “I think many of us are uncomfortable with his interviews. » Thursday, it was the representative of Paris Sarah Legrain, at the head of the Follow-up committee against sexist and sexual violence of the LFI, who reacted on Twitter to the communication chosen by Adrien Quatennens: “Not in my name, not in our name!” » A position also shared by his colleagues Marianne Maximi and Andy Kerbrat.

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“Adrien Quatennens is not included in the group. This allows us to say that he does not speak for us. An anti-feminist position is required as a defensive mode. Is this compatible with LFI? », wondered an elected representative of the movement with the JDD. He continued: As long as it is not included, it is difficult to control its communication. But I understand that some are compelled to say that he does not speak for us. » Thursday in the Public Senate, the president of the group in the National Assembly, Mathilde Panot, condemned that “Since Adrien Quatennens has been absent from our group for four months, this leaves him free both to defend himself as he sees fit and to return to the Assembly as he sees fit”.

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“There’s nothing we can do”

If the communication of the elected representative from the North is criticized, the decision of the parliamentary group to strike him for four months was taken together on Tuesday by the deputies of the LFI. Since then, few have expressed their displeasure with the punishment imposed. Only Pascale Martin – who already spoke in September – stated publicly, at the RMC, that she was personally in favor of excluding her colleague Insoumis. If the elected representative of Dordogne said “Make a decision” of the group, he speaks a “politically incorrect” and warns of possible consequences: “Today, the youngest have separated themselves from our movement La France insoumise, the feminist movements are against us and without a doubt they are right. »

In fact, some local Young Insoumis groups – but not the Young Insoumis at the national level – responded strongly to the temporary removal of Adrien Quatennens, sometimes even going so far as to stop militant activity. Among them, those in Strasbourg, Poitiers, Metz, Toulouse, Bordeaux or even Périgueux have distanced themselves in recent days. We are disgusted. This decision is unacceptable and unreasonable. […] Violence is not a license that you lose and you pay for with an internship”write for example the Young Insoumis of Poitiers in a press release, ending their text with a nod to a formula used by Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the night of the first round of the presidential election: “We couldn’t have done better. »

What comes next after this ad

What comes next after this ad

“We denounce this decision by national leaders, which does not correspond to our values, or to the movement, and insults all women who are victims of gender-based and sexual violence in our country”, those in Bordeaux and Périgueux are more expensive.

In a press release sent on Twitter, Young Insoumis of Toulouse evoked, for their part, their angry” and their “failure”he already believes “It’s not too late” but that “Time is running out, and [que] eyes focused [eux] “. In responses to the tweet, one of the territorial LFI deputies, Christophe Bex, went back on the decision made by his group that “result of a long process” : “Meetings in small groups, exchanges, proposals and then voting with, at each stage, explanations of motivations. I am united in this common position, the result of the decision of the majority within the group. »

Another distancing: the Discord Insoumis, the messaging platform created in 2016 by supporters of La France insoumise, which has no direct link to the movement, but has supported various presidential campaigns of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and created more of products in this sense such as the video game FiscalKombat. He announced on Tuesday “suspend its actions for an indefinite period”. “A slap is a red line. Our fight is becoming incoherent, the organization must be intransigent”, completing the Insoumis Discord.

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