Beautiful books: the new things of 2022 to give away at Christmas

Travel diaries, fashion bibles, inspiring portfolios… Our selection of beautiful books to offer this year at Christmas, to satisfy all desires, from avid travelers to fashion lovers.

Alaïa before Alaïa

It’s interesting Azzedine Alaia, model of a perfect couturier, admired for the rigor of his craft, his fierce independence and, of course, the superior beauty of his fashion, consistent, always loyal to women. In great secrecy, Alaia dedicated his story to the lucky guests at his table, the mythical kitchen where everyone dreamed of eating. This book is quite similar to the confidences ofAzzedinefrom his childhood in Tunis to his worldwide fame, his beloved sister, the muse Arlettethe enchanter Oum Kalthoum, the rue de Bellechasse where it all began… The beginning of the creator. (SJ)

Rizzoli – Alaïa before Alaïa

Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh

It only took a few years Virgil Abloh to conquer the fashion sphere, with many creative works and exclusive collaborations. What we remember is his three years at the head of collections Louis Vuitton Men whose codes he revisits with his streetwear imprint. Assouline dedicated a beautiful book to the late creator in which the exclusive testimonies of his relatives (including nigo, Kendall Jenner where Kid Cudi) mingle with photos from her memorable catwalks, as well as some poignant quotes. The work has two covers, one inspired by its spring-summer 2022 collection, the other enhanced by a cartoon made by the illustrator Reggie knew. (AM)

Assouline – Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh

steven klein

steven klein holds a unique place in photography. That in an irreverent vision that examines the changes of our time: crime, passion, money, the inevitable search for perfection… In this 464 page monograph, we will see the highlights of thirty years of career. When asked about the most painful shot of his career, he replied: “My friend’s image swelled up after a breast reconstruction operation following the cancer that eventually took her away.” The truth offered in its greatest vulnerability, which alone sums up the work of Klein… (HC) Available in signed version at

David Hockney. MyWindow

From the window of his charming home in Yorkshire, the artist tells, on his iPad and iPhone, the tireless cycle of nature and the long-awaited arrival of spring. Taschen has compiled into a generous book more than 120 digital drawings, made between 2009 and 2012, that accurately capture the passage of time. (MG)

Taschen – David Hockney. MyWindow

Pierre Cardin: Fashion Myth Modernity

He was the first to experiment with fashion from the future at the dawn of 1950. from 1964 the Cosmocorps collection did not take long to attract many fashion lovers. Tribute to the genius couturier Pierre Cardintwo of his long-time colleagues dedicated a beautiful book to him. Jean-Pascal Hesse and Pierre Pelegry return, with precision, to the designer’s dreamy beginnings, from his childhood to his decisive encounter, passing through his eclectic inspirations that allowed him to design the most revolutionary pieces. A must! (AM)

Flammarion – Pierre Cardin: Fashion Myth Modernity

Back to America

These images tell a dream America, the famous American Dream. During the New Deal era, the government commissioned talented photographers to achieve a kind of idealized vision of the United States. An inventory to show a stable society after the crash of 1929. Sebastian de Oliveira took these cheerful propaganda pictures that he carefully colored, to bring to life in an almost cinematic way the concept of the American Way of Life that fantasized the world. (SJ)

Oak – Back to America: The United States in color

Etienne Daho, A Secret Book

Etienne Daho discovers himself never as before, between the logbook and the retrospective of his life: childhood photos, notes, handwritten texts, snippets of poems… For forty years, this careful artist thrives with those who listen to him and inspires an intimate love for those who discover it. His journey also heralds the emergence of a new scene that enriched French music. leaf offers itself here as in an open book. (JS)

La Martiniere – Etienne Daho, A Secret Book

Valentino Rosso

Ultimate cure for autumn blues: Valentino Rossothe new book Assouline Editions which celebrates the iconic color of Valentino’s house. An extensive catalog raisonné of more than 180 red dresses and accessories, the book takes advantage of nearly fifty years of archives – from the Italian designer’s legendary ball gown to the Rockstud boots in nappa signed. Pierpaolo Piccioli. A there should be must have! (LP)

Assouline – Valentino Rosso

Ice Cold: A Hip-Hop History of Jewelry

How hip-hop redefined the world of jewelry and luxury. Through shots by the titans of photography, including David Lachapelle and Albert Watsoninterviews of all kinds and fascinating stories, the fancy jewelry branded by rappers and artists like Jay Z, Migos, Erykah Badu where Tupac is in the spotlight, from the 1980s to the present. Chains with dazzling links, rings and bracelets studded with diamonds, cheerful watches… Sparkling jewelry: a symbol of success. Notice to bling lovers. (AM)

Taschen – Ice cold. A Hip-Hop History of Jewelry

The Social Food: Back from a trip

Tandem of passionate epicureans, Shirley Garrier and Mathieu Zouhairi is better known as The Social Meal. Both photographers and culinary experts, they travel the world to discover purist addresses, often simple but with undeniable quality. Published this fall, their book Back from the trip Bringing together 100 inspiring recipes from Italy, Japan and Spain. (JS)

Rizzoli – The Social Food: Back from the trip

The jewelry guide

In the eyes of an expert, the French author and publisher Fabienne Reybaudreveal all aspects of the world’s finest jewelry, from diamonds hope on the pearl La Peregrina d’Elizabeth Taylor. An ultimate amateur’s guide with many studio photos, original sketches and colorful photographs, and complete with a valuable glossary listing the best museum collections to visit in full, the names of the must-follow creator and buyer’s guide to investing in antiques and vintage pieces. (MG)

Assouline – The Jewelry Guide

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