From what age can my child watch the Wednesday series?

This is the show everyone is talking about. It is difficult to escape this because it is the goal of an important media treatment. This is a question here of Wednesday, The Netflix production is available worldwide from November 23, 2022. In numbers, this program recorded the best start of the platform with 341.2 million viewing hours worldwide in the first week of its broadcast. It also has a total of 752 million watch hours in just 2 weeks. Currently, fiction accumulates 1.2 billion hours of viewing in front of Dahmer, another huge success in this year’s series! clear, Wednesday cardboard. Its impact on culture is such the famous American singer Lady Gaga even reproduced the choreography of the Wednesday Addams character that is currently turning social networks upside down, mainly Tik Tok. But by the way, what is the story of Wednesday concrete?

Wednesday : What is that about?

Created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, and partially produced by a certain Tim Burton, Wednesday follows the character of Wednesday Addamsrepresented by Jenna Ortega, sent by his parents to Nevermore Academy following another expulsion from his old high school. He then tries to adapt to his new establishment while solving crimes that occur in the Vermont town of Jericho. The series is based on the universe of addams family, born from the imagination and pencil of Charles Addams. Because yes, original The Addams Family are cartoons published in American magazines The New Yorker from 1938. Its popularity led to two animated films, seven television series and two cult feature films made in 1991 and 1993, in which Wednesday Addams was played by Christina Ricci. Who doesn’t remember Christopher Lloyd’s performance as Uncle Fetid? As well as the Hocus Pocusthese movies are reminiscent of the 90s and the Halloween party.

Wednesday : Can my child watch this series on Netflix?

In principle, Wednesdayis aimed at a relatively young audience because of the setting of its story and the intrigues that revolve around it: high school, first love and above all the main character is a teenager. However, be careful not to get caught off guard by the tip of the iceberg! “Recommended for ages 13 and up” we can read on the home page of the series on Netflix. A warning that is far from harmless due to the use of verbal and physical violence and the presence of blood in the series. In addition, the universe of Wednesday is faithful to Tim Burton, both gothic and dark, all inhabited by strange creatures. Yes, Wednesday has a rich and varied bestiary, evidenced by the appearances of mermaids, werewolves or even gorgonians. Remember, these monsters are often guilty of gruesome murders. Therefore, some sequences may seem scary for a child, especially if he is not accompanied by an adult watching.

What other programs are similar to Wednesday can i watch with my child?

So, to avoid playing with fire, parents might be better off heading to the movies The Addams Family from 1991 and the aftermath Addams Family Values which forms a good introduction for children to the Gothic universe. These two fictions are generally appreciated at Halloween time for its atmosphere, certainly dark, but for all viewers with many comic sequences. These feature films are also recommended from 7-8 years old so that children can understand the scary atmosphere of the work and the humor of the lines. As for the most worried or even reluctant parents, you can completely turn to the animated version of addams family, released in 2019 and intended for children from 6 years old. In addition, it is also possible to explore the fascinating world of Tim Burton with your children, through his rich filmography with an atmosphere similar to Wednesday, and is more suitable for a child between 8 and 10 years old. In particular, let yourself be tempted by beetle juice, Edward Scissorhands, Attack on Mars ! or Funeral rites. During this time of year-end celebrations, don’t hesitate to make him discover (or rediscover), The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack by Henry Selick but the illustrations and story came directly from the brain of Tim Burton. Today, this film that won an Oscar for best visual effects in 1994 remains a classic in the animation genre.

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