“Gala Days”: the World Cup editorial

By Sabrina Huard

Somewhere in the world, a 47-year-old woman rubs her hands. He is not French: he is Italian. There is no indication that he is a big football fan, even if he can’t name the left side of the France team, but the Blues’ run in the World Cup pleases him.

In 1997, he made himself famous by singing a catchy title track. Free from desire. Olivier Giroud is 11 years old; Kylian Mbappé was not born.

In 2022, the French locker room made this song – in chorus, true, easy to remember – its anthem. And here’s Gala Rizzatto back in front of the stage, reviving her hits like I will survive in 1998 by Gloria Gaynor.

At a time when the French team has been criticized for its silence and inaction during this controversial World Cup, let’s take it as a nod that it chose to celebrate its victories with a tune that has long been considered an anthem. of the LGBT community (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans…), even though Gala herself is more or less the one with this label.

A community hated by World Cup organizers, whose controversies were quickly forgotten. Just a wink. Waiting for better, more, maybe. Who knows? It’s not too late.

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