“MicroMacro”, “Paquet of Chips”, “Maudit Mot Dit”…: 10 board games to offer for Christmas

Blackrock, 1-2 players, from 10 years, €22.50

> Let’s eat!

To prepare the best stew, you can count on your juicy carrot, potato, leek card… But be careful not to rob a vermin you didn’t feed with one of these cards. A game of bluffing where you must rot your opponent’s stew and make sure to end the game before he wakes up. Bonus: the box fits in a jeans pocket.

Matagot, 2-4 players, from 10 years, €7.50

> Welcome to the Moon

Welcome is the little flip & write card game from Toulouse that has taken over the planet. In this game, the principle remains the same as in the first edition, you draw numbered cards to complete a space on your sheet and finish it as quickly as possible. For this newest and ultimate version of bingo on steroids, the authors have managed to bend the game and make it unparalleled with eight boards and eight different modes. So you’re not buying one set, but eight! For more ecology, laminated sheets and erasable markers are provided.

Blue Cocker, 1 to 6 players, from 10 years, €35.9

> Packet of crisps

Packet of Chips, this is the little party game par excellence where you have to, in each round, try to guess which is the next chip to be taken from the packet and decide which missions you want to eliminate, the ones you think you can reach and what we definitely cannot do. Whoever wins the most points at the end of the round will be the “King of the Chips”, and you have to earn some chips before you can win the game for sure. It’s a very easy to understand, fun game that will suit all types of players: beginners and more experienced.

Mixlore, 2 to 5 players, from 8 years old, about 12 €

> Cursed Word

This is the end of the year achievement. In Cursed Word, small purple box in which you will try to guess other word players on some imposed clues. Be careful not to be too good, or too inaccurate when you guess your word, because the best way to win is to respect the number of imposed words: if a player finds the word too early, he will win all the points. !

Cocktail games, from 3 to 6 players, from 12 years, €14.95

> Splendor Duel

Splendor is a reference to the game’s universe, and, although the original version was played from 52 to 4 players, the publisher, Space Cowboys, only released a version specially designed for two players. We find the basics of Splendor, namely: the possibility of one action per turn, the maximum of 10 tokens, or even three levels of cards. But, in this version, the duel (which the box is small and easy to transport), has new features that are still worth opening if you already have the base game, especially the special powers of some cards, a different collection of tokens, privilege tokens or even 3 different victory conditions.

Space Cowboys, 2 players, from 10 years, €22.5

> Meepleland

Have you always dreamed of managing an amusement park? That’s good, that’s what’s expected of you in Meeple Land. In this huge game (allow at least an hour), you must create as many different attractions and services as possible in your park to attract visitors… and get as many points as possible , but beware of paths that are not connected , or guests are stuck at the entrance, they can cause you success.

Blue Orange, 2 to 4 players, from 10 years old, €33.5

> The Isle of Cats

If you like cats and competitive games, you will definitely enjoy The Isle of Cats. In this board game, you are a citizen of the Impasse du Miaulement, and you must save as many cats as possible, thanks to your boat, before the Vesh army arrives, which wants to destroy the island where the cats exist this. made their home. Then you have to fill your boat by trying to keep the cats through the family, and respecting their traditions, while keeping room for any treasures you may find. And watch out for half-full boats. The game also offers a “solo” mode. Be careful, don’t despair: the first part is a bit complicated to understand, but the following ones are less so.

Lucky Duck Games, 1 to 4 players from 8 years, €45

> LivingForest

In the Living Forest, your task is simple: save the sacred tree from the devastating fire of the Onibi. To do this, you take on the role of one of four nature spirits, and each turn you can choose to replant protective trees, put out fires, or collect new animals. Released in 2021 and awarded the Ace d’or in the “Initiated” category in 2022, Living Forest is already establishing itself as a must-have in board games.

Ludonaute, 2 to 4 players from 8 years old, 35 €

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