“National Communion”, “French Culture”… How Ricard invites himself to blue victories

Framed or not, displayed in his apartment or in the hallway of any company… The front page of The team on July 13, 1998, crossed out with the title “For eternity”, was printed on the retina of millions of French people. A day after the first world title of the Blues of Zinédine Zidane, Youri Djorkaeff and Emmanuel Petit, immortalized in the photo, the sports daily established a sales record that still stands, with 1,642,501 copies after reprinting . And Ricard signed a great publicity stunt at the bottom of the page, with the great feeling slogan “It all started in Marseille”, which has to do with the famous aniseed aperitif born in 1932 like Zizou, with author of double the day. before against Brazil in the final (3-0).

Since the end of the 20th century, the flagship brand of the vast Pernod-Ricard group, world leader in booze (whisky, rum, champagne, etc.), appeared on the front page of The team in the wake of the exploits of the Blues. With grandiloquent – “Stars for gold” on July 3, 2000 after a breathtaking victory over Italy in the Euro final – or more technically – “Yellow on blue, yellow on white, yellow on red” July 16, 2018, the sun after the world title in Russia against Croatia.

“Ricard’s challenge is to remain a leading, transgenerational brand,” underlined Loïck Lherbier, president of Yuma Paris, a company of brand development experts. This is why they take every opportunity for national communion, such as the World Cup, to speak and show their presence, as well as their relationship with French culture. »

Obstacles to overcome

We see some readers jump from this when linking “alcohol” and “culture”. But since its creation by Paul Ricard only 90 years ago, the pastis brand has always pushed hard to enter cafes and homes, with some things we all came across in the bar-grocery store-PMU ” Le Penalty” at Savignac-les -Trois-Rivières or at Lola Josette’s: decanters, glasses and lids with logos…

Without forgetting sports sponsorship, which has become less obvious for brands in the sector since the Evin law of 1991, although it is still possible to leave your name on a racing circuit, as in Le Castellet which hosts up to this year is the French F1 Grand Prix. On the other hand, there is no advertising on TV or in the cinema. Nor, unsurprisingly, in publications aimed at a young audience. But with the rest of the press, there is no problem, or almost.

“The law prevents wine brands from communicating things other than objective or factual elements, such as the origin or composition of the product,” continued Loïck Lherbier. Hence the “In water” in One of L‘Crew on July 5, 2014, after losing in the quarter-finals of the Brazilian World Cup against future German winners. Or “Almond” on June 29, 2021, the day after the Euro’s stunning round of 16 elimination against Switzerland.

A brand that rejuvenates

“To give an image of sympathy and complicity, Ricard will find tricks to communicate with puns, to be a little creative without inciting and saying nothing except what they drink”, underlined of the boss of Yuma France. We can also add to these slogans “To shed a tear”, which was used again because it was 10 years and a day apart, after the heartbreaking defeat in the final of the 2006 World Cup (Italy, the red of Zizou, the shot on goal missed by Trezeguet…) and Euro 2016 (Portugal, post by Gignac, strike by Eder…).

On July 12, 2021, a few hours after Italy’s European title at Wembley, Ricard issued a neutral and Frenglish slogan: “Born in Marseille”. The advertising campaign launched a year ago is simply named, with videos of twenty-somethings and tattooed “bartenders”, to win over a younger clientele by moving away from Marseille’s folkloric image during Fernandel’s time. And trying to convince people that the aniseed aperitif is as “trendy” as a Spritz, to stick with com jargon.

At the moment, it is impossible to know if a Ricard ad will appear at the foot of the front page of The team, the day after France-Argentina, a Monday in mid-December that invites you to enjoy herbal tea by the fire rather than the little yellow on the terrace. Contacted, both companies politely dismissed us when we tried to find out more behind the scenes of this long union. It is also impossible to ask the famous question “How much does it cost?” », like the late Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

Suspense for Monday

He probably still won’t get any answers. The case amounts to several tens of thousands of euros according to the formula chosen in the catalog of Amaury Media, the advertising agency for all media of the Amaury group, including The team. And the rate has increased by at least 30% for a rare day like this Monday, December 19, 2022.

According to figures from Kantar, authentic to the sector, the Pernod-Ricard group invests between 15 and 18.5 million euros gross in multimedia communication (press, Internet, billboards) every year for all its brands , including between 2.5 and 3.3 million euros for their main product. The suspense is already high, before we finally know whether or not the poster we will present to the step-dad for Christmas smells of aniseed, a week after the third star of the Blues.

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