The 3 best skill board games available for Christmas

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Spend quality time with your family with these skill games

This Christmas, give your kids gifts that will resonate with the whole family. Gone are the days when everyone is on their phone or game console on the couch. It’s time to play together. For guaranteed hours of laughter, there’s nothing better than games that test your skills. But the choice is so wide… Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a selection of the top board games to buy for Christmas. All that remains is to make your choice.

1. This Kluster board game is under $20

We grant you, since 2020, the word “Cluster” is far from being our favorite. We have even learned this from most of this pandemic. But here it becomes a fun game that will make you see it in a different light. Not to mention that the spelling is different, a non-trivial point. The principle, on the other hand, has some similarities. The goal is actually for the rocks not to touch each other but to stay far apart. A kind of safety distance, fun version of course. So it is necessary to avoid the creation of a “cluster”. Good news, this board game is sold on Amazon. It is actually shown at €19.80 instead of €21.99. A 10% reduction which is great fun. This model will cost you less than 20 €

Test the attraction force of magnets

Try not to put the magnets together in this Kluster board game sold on Amazon

Buy the Kluster board game for €19.80 on Amazon

Little ones, we all enjoyed testing the attraction power of magnets. We tried to get them as close as possible without them touching each other. And we always fail. This Kluster board game takes all generations back to childhood. It will also introduce the little ones to this wonderful principle. The rules couldn’t be simpler.

Each has some magnetic stones. On one board, players must take turns placing stones. The goal is not to attract another magnet that is already in place. When it sticks to you, it’s gone, you must take back two stones and start over. The first person to knock down all these stones is declared the winner! Obviously small tricks are allowed to finish as soon as possible. So, who will be the best?

2. A skill game for the whole family

Stopping the tower from falling is the classic board game that works every time. If it puts a strain on your nerves, you might as well laugh. And this regardless of age. Even more fun is when you add little variations to the original versions. Like, for example, taking pieces from the tower and putting them on top. An additional difficulty necessarily adds difficulty, and therefore fun. The best board game for this is Jenga. Its affordable price also makes it the ultimate Christmas gift. It will only cost you €13.90 on Amazon. Less than 15 € for family fun, yes immediately.

Skill is required to remove and position tower blocks

Clear the blocks without knocking down the tower with this fun Jenga game

Buy the Jenga board game for €13.90 on Amazon

The infernal tower is more than wobbly. Can you position the blocks to the top of the tower without it collapsing? You’ll never know until you start a game of Jenga! Unlike a classic stacking game where you just build a tower, the construction already exists before you start. Each in turn, you must remove a block from the tower and place it on top of the stack. Low, middle, high, you can draw it anywhere you want.

Double difficulty, the tower must not collapse when removing a block, or when placing it on top! In addition to skill, you’ll need to be strategic to choose the pieces of wood that will least support the construction. 54 pieces will give you a hard time!

3. The Crazy Sticks, or how to revisit the funnier version of the mikado

Your resilience will be tested. If you liked Mikado, you’ll love this skill game. Or maybe hate it depending on your skills! In any case, it will make you have a great time with your family, warm in your living room. What is his name? Janod’s Crazy Sticks. Here it is not horizontal, but vertical that you have to remove the color sticks one by one. Beware of damage! Made for all ages, from kids to adults, it’s really affordable on Amazon. €18.99 for a board game is a great deal for Christmas.

Remove the sticks without dropping the record

Don’t knock over the middle disc when removing the sticks with this Crazy Sticks board game from Janod

Buy this Crazy Sticks board game from Janod on Amazon for €18.99

Removing the sticks seems simple at first glance. Now add a disc that shouldn’t be dropped and you have a more interesting game. Crazy Sticks from Janod promises family laughter, all generations combined. From 3 to 99 years old, this product is made for you. The colored sticks are enclosed vertically in a disc pierced in the middle.

In turn, each player rolls a die. It will indicate a color. It is a stick of this shade that must be removed. It’s up to you to choose one that won’t topple the disc and therefore the entire structure. Patience, skill, concentration, strategy are required to win this board game. It is more perfect for developing motor skills and mastering color associations. Who will win the game?

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