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It is well known that one of the main rules of success in sales is to increase the number of commercial meetings, whether in person or by videoconference. In a highly competitive context, the impression given must be as distinct as possible. These 3 tips or advice will help you.

Above all selling a to meet between two people or companies with values ​​and stories that are sometimes contradicted by their journey of failures and successes. It is also an expectation of your prospect or customer to have an imagination of what you are “selling” about your products or services, but also and above all a difference in your commercial posture as a signal that invites him to come to you.

You can understand this: selling is first of all a question of “perception”. The famous first impression. Here are 3 practical tips “basics“This will ensure your success.

1. Make your meeting stand out from the start

Be and be the reference and authority of the business. The purpose is to allow an electric shock for the customer’s consciousness. The client has to say to himself, “Hey, that’s weird, what he’s telling me. It’s true that I didn’t think much about the problem. At least he’s original. I will listen to what he tells me. This gentleman, does he have any other solution for me? “.

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For example, and in case your client comes with a binder or a stack of files that address the issue you are addressing.

Seller : Madam / Sir, before starting the interview, may I ask a question?

Customer : Yes

Seller : Madam / Sir, the binder you put on the table is about our appointment?

Customer : Yes

Seller : Ah, good! … Has this type of product caused you too many problems? Explain to me! You tell me ! What happened to you? How long has it been? This is the story of how much? A week, a month, three months, more? So I understand what you expect from a supplier like me…?

2. Learn how to inspire envy by creating an environment conducive to trust

Yes because…

The 2 main points of any sale

  • you like
  • Build trust

Envy, begins with an emotion triggered either before your meeting by an advertisement, a hot recommendation.

Every time, it is the desire that enabling the consumer to find solutions to the lack of need, budget and urgency.

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Because no one buys a Ferrari just to drive. But for obvious social reasons. The success social.

To do this, I will tell you a personal story from when I was seller at Kompass international, leader in BtoB business information.

The story begins like this… We are in November 2008. At that time, we didn’t have digital means looking for like today, we still canvass door-to-door… The Internet is now a way of quickly finding information through the Google search engine.

And by chance, thanks to prospecting in the difficult as we like to say, we easily made an appointment with the decision makers.

The first step was quick, a meeting with the commercial director who was enthusiastic about a SEO on the Kompass.com website.

The second step is that he organizes a meeting with the CEO of this major mail-order office furniture business of the JPG type, who also has a field sales force.

As the interview went on, I noted with enthusiasm, the enthusiasm of the CEO who must be impatient to know the continuation of what could be a cooperation abundant.

This is where I made a fatal mistake. I showed him our best offer so far, the “ÉLITE PREMIUM” module, which guarantees good positioning in the Kompass search engine in his sector of activity. This module was the highest at that time with an investment of 8,500 euros.

The customer replied: “You’re making fun of me Mr. Kottmann. You didn’t listen to me”. A little destabilized, because believe in good dealI replied: “However, Mr. Dupont, I think the positioning of this module perfectly corresponds to your preferences to be in the pole position”.

“Right,” he answered. “But with a positioning which, by the way, leaves no space for competition. So Mr. Kottmann, review your copy. Otherwise, I buy Google Adwords galore.”

Annoyed at that time… Believing in an easy sale, I had to change my entire offer with more finished work and, after a month of negotiations, I signed a contract for €32,500 instead of € 8,500 planned.

3. Sign more sales with the engagement strategy

This exercise will enable you clarify your position as well as your client.

Examples : “Mr. customer, you are looking for a product, a solution, a service that allows you to do such and such a thing. If I satisfy you on all these points, will you agree to work with us? ?”

Or so

“As long as you agree to work with us, as long as my product, my solution, meets your expectations. Will you agree to refer us?”


“If I satisfy you on all these points, can we think of being together?”

All in all

To treat a objection. If your client evicts you with a false or true objection. Is that the only point that bothers you? And assuming I can answer you on this point, you will agree cooperate with us?

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Christian Kottmann is a business coach specializing in sales, negotiation and persuasion. A field specialist, he works with many entrepreneurs and salespeople in the BtoB sector. He is also a teacher in business schools. His website: https://christiankottmann.fr/

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