World Champion Messi? Cristiano Ronaldo fans don’t want to hear about it

Today is December 17, 2022 AD. The entire planet – minus France – is occupied by Messidôlatres who dream of seeing the Argentine genius lift his first World Cup in Qatar to surely designate him as the best player in history. everyone? No! Because a village inhabited by the irreducible “CR7ix” is still and always will be against the invader, and will be running behind the Blues on Sunday. A time in most opinion according to each Ballons d’Or, “CR7ix”, or the self-proclaimed fans of Cristiano Ronaldo, did not fall into the magic potion when they were young, but still refused to face the truth. .

This gives them an attractive side on paper, even if there is nothing attractive about them at the moment, consumed by the fear of seeing the hated rival go and get the trophy that is always missing from the game. wardrobe of their champion. If not everyone will approach the final in the same state of great stress, however, we can classify “CR7ix” in three different categories, which we will choose from the glorious three-color revolutionary history:

  • The mountain peopleaka the resigned fans who know deep down that an Argentina victory will put Messi ahead of Cristiano for good, despite subterfuges to convince themselves otherwise.
  • the angeraka people who hate Messi as much as they love Cristiano, where the very idea of ​​seeing Lionel lift the World Cup is like a plot they will reject like staunch antivax.
  • The exaggeratedaka the enraged at worst, for whom this world title will, at best, only shorten the gap between Messi and Ronaldo, the latter still hovering at the top of Olympus thanks to superior accomplishments.

Obviously, the last two are the people who are not so easy to talk to. Take Valéry Zamble, an Ivorian administrator of the group “the biggest fans of Cristiano Ronaldo in the world”, 54,100 subscribers among the withers: “I support France and Mbappé. I hate Messi. I can’t explain to you why . I just love Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a fighter, who shows us his talent that we have to work, work to get everything we want. While the end of man does not have it. “Bout d’homme” , seriously Valéry?

New attempt by @ivomrnn 19-year-old Portuguese, Benfica fan who came to France 13 years ago. “I am behind France, for the success of football. If Argentina wins, it will further stimulate the debate, when there is no debate at all. Uh, you mean no debate? “CR7 shone in three major championships, he won five Champions Leagues by finishing top scorer, and with Portugal, he won the Euro and the Nations League despite never playing in a great generation. “.

OK for the Champions League, but it’s not as if Messi didn’t play half of his international career with Demichelis and the other half with some Martinez. Also the Copa America and the Euros are good, both matches right? “The Copa America is worth 50% of a League of Nations. I have nothing against Messi, it’s his fans that I can’t stand. They hate Ronaldo more than Messi. For me, Messi is the second best player in the world. Even if he wins on Sunday, he will be several levels behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

Fortunately, there are still some reasonable people for whom the dialogue does not resemble a phone call between Putin and Zelensky. So, Bilo, 21, known among Marseille tweeters for the hashtag #RonaldOM that took off last summer, more for fun than anything else, defines himself as a full-fledged Cristiano fan – “the Mercurials, the gel in the hair, his position on a free kick, we all wanted to imitate him” – heartbroken by the drop of his idol in his last World Cup, then on the bench against Morocco in the quarter-finals. Sunday , he will support France “first because he is French”, but not only.

I don’t hate Messi but given the debate that always exists between the two players, I for one would not be happy if Messi wins this. That kind of ends the debate. If he wins, we have nothing more to say. Throughout his career, Messi is probably the best player in history. But for me, that doesn’t mean it’s not the greatest. The greatest is the one who achieves the greatest things, wins everywhere, has records everywhere, being the best in the big fights. Where Ronaldo excels over Messi so far is in selection. He is the leading scorer for international teams [118 réalisations en 196 matchs avec le Portugal]. A Euro still has more value than a Copa America. But the World Cup is the highest trophy, the only thing that means there is no more debate with anyone, not even Maradona or Pelé”.

Messi above Maradona and Pelé, when CR7 can’t find a clean European club to host its last fires? We understand the drama that is being created, like Alexandre Seban, 40, author of Messi vs Ronaldo, who is better? in Solar in 2018. “I’m not surprised. This is normal. When you fall in love and you don’t accept that others are better than you, that’s how it is. Human passion… When you ask supporters, passion and bad faith speak. But the honest person, who thinks… We sit for an hour, we talk, we exchange… I’m sure that most of the Ronaldo fans who told you that they don’t like Messi will say to you, at the end of the account: “yes, finally, we like Messi, he is strong”. It’s easier to accept after a victory for the Blues than the other way around, both.

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