Cyberpunk 2077: an industrial disaster for the better?

Game News Cyberpunk 2077: an industrial disaster for the better?

The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 was considered a disaster in the video game industry. Two years after its release, we examine the impact of this incident on CD Projekt. Let’s go!


  • The money
  • To put out the fire
  • Restore public trust
  • Raise the hype
  • The future of CD Projekt?

The money

Since the launch of its production Cyberpunk 2077 is a CD Projekt star. The first teaser was revealed in 2013 for an official release in 2020! There are countless announcements or reports that have accumulated over the years, but this tiniest detail was on the web in seconds at the time. Those lucky enough to touch the game at E3 also quickly realized that it was not “GTA Like”, contrary to what the marketing might have promised us. The real curse when it was released was the discovery after 8 million pre-orders that the title was full of bugs, mainly present in the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Requests for refunds multiplied and Cyperpunk 2077 was removed from sales. A sad fate for the Polish studio, which was nevertheless at the height of its glory.

To put out the fire

As a misfortune never comes alone, CD Projekt was subsequently a victim of piracy. The data is stolen and likely resold on the dark web. Investigations are also put in place to denounce the exploitation of employees, a situation that will lead to their physical and psychological exhaustion. The managers, on the other hand, were criticized for their incompetence and the marketing department was blamed for all the lies surrounding the promotion of the game. If the multiplayer mode was thought of, the project quickly fell into the water to (re)focus on the essentials: turn this failure into success. Everything needs to be investigated internally to fix this disaster, which has ruined the studio’s reputation.

Restore public trust

Delicate operation on the side of the studio itself: accepting its mistakes and gaining the trust of users. There was a big cleaning inside, to save the furniture as they say. To restart the machine, a new work strategy is put in place, the AGILE method! Management’s concern to motivate the new teams was quickly fixed and here we go again! New patches are emerging, admittedly with some delay, but they correct the mistakes of the past. If that’s enough to reassure the public, it probably isn’t. But CD Projekt redeemed itself recently by narrowly recovering the Cyberpunk console, while providing an after-sales service, which was well helped by its spin-off productions…

Raise the hype

It is often said that you have to let time do things. In this case, Netflix has given its series a little help cyberpunk edge runners. In fact, it helped to eliminate the initial failure of the launch. Created by the Japanese studio Trigger and released more than a year and a half after the game, the animated episodes miraculously revived the hype! It seems unexpected, but the new patches provide a more reliable and dynamic gaming experience for players. Still in the improvement box, we’re featuring the new-gen update on PS5 and Xbox Series, which has allowed many of you to play without the slightest bit of frustration.

The future of CD Projekt?

After all the Cyberpunk adventures, what is the future of CD Projekt? According to the latest news, the studio has discontinued its mobile game The Witcher. Monster Slayer. The title will soon leave the iOS and Android store on January 31. Its access will be completely deactivated in June 2023. We assume that the achievement is not there… Otherwise, there is Orion ! This is the code name for this project directly inspired by the world of Cyberpunk, which is still in preparation. Finally, there is something left Polaris, this time linked to The Witcher 4! After a teaser in March, the game was described as a new chapter in the saga, centered around a new school of witches. In retrospect, Cyberpunk’s launch mess was a blessing in disguise.

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