French and Argentinian supporters are waiting for the final

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The World Cup final between France and Argentina, this Sunday at 4 pm Side supporters, the moment is eagerly awaited. A very engaging finale. In Paris, the supporters of the blues are preparing and expecting a difficult match: a shock even.

In Paris, for the Blues supporters, this final is not an easy task for the French team: ” We know Argentina and Lionel Messi very well here in Paris. For his last selections in the Argentina team, maybe his last match, Argentina is keen to win this World Cup for Lionel Messi. It will be a real shock duel, we can already tell ourselves. Two great football nations, two great football nations. And they will fight for that third star. The two teams had two great competitions in France, improving their skills. Argentina was also in its first loss against Saudi Arabia, but it quickly got back on track and made great exploits. So, we, the viewers, will have a great match, and it is with great pleasure that we will follow it from 4 pm »

The fans know it, it will be a difficult match and for them the coach of the Blues, Didier Deschamps, had and has an important role: “ I’m pretty confident because it’s a French team that’s getting skill. With, it’s true in the beginning, there were many injuries and many absences, but the group was relatively united. They learn to play together, and it happened gradually, and it grew in skills at all positions and at all levels. I think Didier Deschamps is very smart with the choices and the choices he made. Because he took players for the 2022 World Cup, but he also prepared Euro 2024 with his options, including young players, like Kolo Muani who is almost 20 years old. These are brilliant choices on the coach’s part. »

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Hope of Argentina

The atmosphere is warm, but the stress is starting to rise. At the Argentinian restaurant Café El Sur, the boss planned a big device for the match: “ There, we have already warned the neighborhood. We were full board there because since the first match, we were really full. »

Calista, the boss of Volver, another Argentinian restaurant, has also seen her clientele grow with the competition: “ while we play Suddenly we realized that there were more people, and there, we prepared a hundred more tables. »

And when asked who they will support, they don’t hesitate for a second: ” Argentina 100%. I am 100% Argentinian. ” Everyone saw the Albiceleste beat the blues in the final: ” 2-1! With a goal from Messi. »

If Messi’s teammates win, they promise a great party to celebrate Argentina’s third star.

Argentinian fans before the semi-final between Argentina and Croatia at Lusail stadium, December 13, 2022. © AFP / GIUSEPPE CACACE

Choosing between your country of birth and your country of adoption

This final is also a match between country of birth and country of adoption for many Argentines living in France and vice versa. They are about 15,000 on each side and among them, there are many mixed couples. This is the case of Corentin and Victoria, our correspondent in Buenos Aires, Theo Conscience, was identified. He was French, she was Argentinian, they were married and shared everything for five years, but only one was about to become world champion. For Victoria and Corentin, inevitably, this final is quite special: ” For me, it won’t be so easy, especially to celebrate and celebrate goals without hurting each other, but hey… Really, I hope it wins! »

Containing his joy in the event of victory is above all a challenge for Corentin, who is preparing to experience this final with his Argentine in-laws: ” I don’t know, to be honest before a football match I always have a hard time controlling myself. I always tell myself before I hold back, but it’s kind of hard “. Corentin and Victoria live in France, but are currently in Buenos Aires, because they came to introduce their two-month-old son to his Argentinian family.

For this final, Timothée, their son, has two onesies: one in the colors of Argentina, the other in the colors of France, it remains to be seen which one he will wear: “ This is a question we get asked a lot, so I think we’ll do each one. He doesn’t care, he’s world champion, so we’re happy for him! Regardless of the outcome of this final, little Timothée will sleep tonight with a third star on one of his onesies.

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