In Grand-Champ, the concrete batching plant project is taking residents off their hinges

The location of the future concrete plant project. © The Gazette of the Center Morbihan.

Residents learned of the announcement of factory construction Chausson Materials for the prefabrication of concrete blocks (blocks) in 2023 in the town of Grand-Champ (Morbihan). This news caused a strong reaction from local residents.because they suggest that this project is already complete, even though public consultations have barely begun.

“And our living environment? »

The town hall opened a public consultation until December 31, 2022 (1), to change the PLU. The goal is to get three plots from their agricultural classification, to build the factory there.

According to those who live near the quarry, the file contains inaccuracies, contradictions, or even false information. “We dare not believe in a deliberate strategy, but this raises our concerns…”, they said.

Thus, the visual depictions of the factory location and the villages seemed to them “strange”and the use of certain terms offends them: industrial-mining, agro-industrial landscape.

True, there was a quarry in Grand-Champ, where we lived together for many years. But our living environment remains rural and agricultural! It was inconceivable that this factory project could succeed.


The land area of ​​the project covers 5.7 hectares; the factory alone will occupy 2,560 m². The project envisions building the plant on a ridge visible from the south of town. “It can probably be seen for several kilometers, especially since it has a 25-meter high aggregate tower.”

serious concern

White dust, 24-hour noise, impact on waterways… concerns have been expressed. The note estimate a increased traffic of heavy goods vehicles from 5% to 7.5% depending on the roads. But according to local residents, these figures seem to be underestimated: “the method of evaluating the increase in traffic is not clear. According to the information we got from professionals in the sector, it is better to estimate that we part of concern is the increase in the number of trucks of more than 15% on RD150, of more than 17% on department road 779 and more than 22.5% on RD308. This represents between 16 and 23 truck passes per hour. Note that on the RD308, the trucks have almost no space to pass each other. It is absolutely dangerous to densify the traffic there. »

The safety of our families deserves more serious consideration.

The file admits a road safety problem. It announced that the future western bypass of Grand-Champ will significantly improve access and service to the site, but it also stipulates that this bypass will not be built all at once, and moreover the route has not yet been determined this.

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Again, the residents were surprised.

A project of general interest?

The consultation file presents this project as a project of general interest that reduces GHG emissions and boosts local employment creating around thirty jobs.

Residents read differently. “We are surprised that a project of general interest can reside in the installation of a private company”.

And to continue: “Probably this factory is destroying jobs in our territories instead of creating them”.

Local residents recall that in 2008, “the quarry received prefectural authorization to store inert waste for 4 years on the plots where the factory project is located, undertaking to restore the use of the site’s agriculture after exploitation”.

“In 2011, as part of a public inquiry, it made a commitment to the investigating commissioner and to DREAL to stop exploiting these plots, to complete the landscaping and not to put a concrete plant or a coating”.

“May the quarry honor its promises!” »

“But now, the quarry wants to sell these plots to Chausson Matériaux to build its concrete block prefabrication plant, and therefore a concrete plant! It’s time for the quarry and the authorities to honor their promises”.

For local residents, encouraging the development of the concrete industry in their territory seems disconnected from the main challenges of the future.

“According to the industry association GCCA – Global Cement and Concrete Association – cement production alone, a key ingredient in concrete, accounts for 7% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, three times higher than air transport “.

(1) The consultation file is available at the reception of the town hall and on the home page of its website. Residents have until December 31 to register their observations on the register at town hall, or by email at [email protected]

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