Interview with Laurent Barbero, Delko franchisee

Lawrence Barber is Delko franchisee in Aix in Provence and La Fare-les-Oliviers. In this interview conducted by Franchise Magazine, he said why he decided to join this network after running an independent garage without a sign for nearly ten years.

The journey of Laurent Barbero

Lawrence Barber passed his mechanical diplomas from CAP to professional baccalaureate and always wanted to work on his own. Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, he opened an independent car garage which he operated for ten years. Noticing that his concept was not allowing him to grow, he decided to quit and sell his business.

That’s when he discovered and understood the concept of franchisingthat he decided to choose this model.

By chance, I had the opportunity to meet Philippe Lannes, the creator of the Delko franchise, who explained to me the concept of the franchise in five minutes, and there I understood what had been missing for ten years, with all support services. I was working alone on my side, I had a little trouble managing marketing, prices, purchases, etc., and when I understood what a franchise could bring, that’s when I decided to launch myself. », said Laurent Barbero.

Why the Delko network?

Chose the latter join the Delko franchise because of him positioning match him. Unlike some auto centers that only provide quick service, the profession is more widely seen in Delko WHO covers more mechanics. The contractor also has the right a training and full support :

First I had a week of training at headquarters, theoretical computer training to learn the concept, the computer tool. Then I was in a center that was included in the group for a week to be on the counter and to apply my week of training. I have verified, for my part, the desire to join the network and the Delko network has also verified my application, telling me that I have the capacity to open a Delko “.

According to Laurent Barbero, to join the Delko network, you must love the car because it is a hobby job which is not easy. You should too merchant and want to touch a little bit of everything.

Being an entrepreneur means multitasking!

By being an entrepreneur, we will do management with the teams, we will do sales with the customers, we will be a storekeeper to order the parts, you have to be a little multitasking “.

Today the multi-franchisee is at the command of 2 garages :

  • So I am writing to you from Aix en Provencewith an area of ​​350 m², has 5 full-time employees.
  • The one in Fare-les-Oliviersabout thirty kilometers away, has a slightly smaller area of ​​280 m² and employs 4 employees including 1 apprentice.

If he advises someone who is still reluctant undertake professional retraining and enter the world of franchisinghe will give it to him the following advice :

When you choose to join a franchise, you agree to respect the concept put in place by the franchisor. You can succeed on your side by doing it your way, by doing it yourself, but I think if you’re going into a franchise of any kind, you have to really incorporate the concept to follow it from A to Z. is a global strategy and you have to accept it fully or else do it yourself “.

Find the full Laurent Barbero podcast at Franchise Magazine.

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