Lamballe: 10 favorite games for parties and family evenings

Jérôme Cavelan, owner of the Geek factory, in Lamballe (Côtes-d’Armor), is an expert in board games. ©Le Penthièvre

The famous Cluedo where monopoly lost none of their flavor, but faced fierce competition for several years. This holiday season, Jérôme Cavelan, manager of the Geek Factory store at Lamballe (Cotes-d’Armor)recommends ten games for family fun.


This game is very simple and above all so funny. The goal is to use the cat’s magnetic paw to shoot all the balls of the same color as your opponent. Once all the balls of the same color are on one side of the board: the black ball, the three white balls or the eight yellow balls, the round is over and another player scores. Turn the board over and start over yourself.

Little Secret

Little Secret’s goal is to eliminate players who have a password different from his. This is Un intuitive game of bluffing, imagining and matching mots. Perfect for nights out with friends or family.

In a game, each player has a mission card with several passwords. The Grand Master chooses the number associated with a word on which the game will take place. One at a time, each player provides a word/adjective that determines the chosen password, and then votes for the person they believe has a different word. The players don’t know which side they belong to but should of course try to guess it during the game.

Story of stuffed animals

This is cooperative adventure game for two to four players. Each of them assumes the role of a stuffed animal belonging to a little girl, and the task is to protect the child from the monsters hidden under her bed.

Thank you teamwork, courage, compassion and a dose of luck, the stuffed animals will experience an incredible journey through many interactive stories. A family game, which the Geek Factory boss likes to play with his children.


This adventure game full of puzzles is accessible from 6 years old. The universe will drown you many universes between investigations, hidden objects, stars and unusual encounters.

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Each box contains three adventures. Be careful, this board game is not as easy as it seems. It is strongly advised to play with the child, to help him advance in the adventure.


Notoriously, the Dodo is a very clumsy bird and it is common for its egg to accidentally fall out of the nest. The latter is sliding, rolling, down a steep mountain…

The aim of the game is to build all the walkways and the boat in time to get Dodo’s egg. You start at the top of the mountain. The game starts when the egg starts moving.

ice slide

In the same spirit as Dodo, the game consists of making a path to allow the penguins to get home before the ice floe melts. One family game, great fun, according to the expert, and is accessible from the age of five.

Root, conflict in the woods

Described as gorgeous, Root is an adventure and war gamere whose purpose is to extend its power over a territory. Players take on the role of one of four factions and fight to become the most powerful leader of the vast Jungle.

The root is played and told like a story. The players drive the narrative, and the differences between each role create high level of engagement.

White Eat Coco

It has become a staple of evening with friends. One player reads a question card, a blank sentence, and the other completes the sentence by offering, face down, an answer card. The player who reads the question, chooses the answer he likes and thus is designated the winner of the round. Everything the magic of the game lies in the total gap between questions and answers.


A quintessential adventure game. In Clank!, players take on the role of adventurers trying to retrieve artifacts by infiltrating the underground steal the dragon. By embarking on this underground adventure, their reputation as thieves is at stake. Therefore it is in their interest to return safe and sound, with their arms full of precious artifacts.

But be careful! No false step will be allowed here dangerous adventure. With a little noise… CLANK! The Dragon will reappear to repay them for their disobedience. The winner is the one who comes out of the area with the most artifacts.

Jerome’s crush

The Beasts of Baker Street is the cooperative game to play as a family. From one to four players, this game is an investigation that takes place in the XIXe century, in a London as cute as this.

In the shoes of a dog, frog, spider, bird or even a field mouse, you have to investigate mysteries that even Sherlock Holmesthe greatest of detectives, is not always suspicious…

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