The 10 Nintendo Switch games of 2022 you might have missed

Game News The 10 Nintendo Switch games of 2022 you might have missed

In addition to the great Xenoblade Chronicles, Pokémon or even Kirby, the Nintendo console has offered us a good number of games this year 2022. In this list, we offer you games that may have escaped yours but is nevertheless classified as the highest rated this year on the Nintendo Switch (Metacritic).

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

It’s not without much fanfare that this highly-appreciated visual novel made its way to Nintendo consoles this year. And yet, for fans of the genre, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is a true reference. He was one of the nuggets most determinedly sought after even before he arrived in France in September 2020. But even then, the Vanillaware title has somewhat passed under the radar. However, with its excellent mix between visual novel and tactical role-playing game, along with an engaging story and particularly successful visuals, it is well deserved. very good sound 16 out of 20 with us This year, it gave itself a chance to open up to a wider audience with a successful port to the Nintendo Switch. Fluid, beautiful and pleasant, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim loses none of its greatness on the Nintendo console.

Beacon Pines

We continue the narrative game with Beacon Pines, a very cute title with the air of a story. The latter literally immerses you in a book and you turn the pages (forward and backward) to selected branches. This is how you will discover the adventures of Luca, a young orphaned deer who is faced with a great mystery. Don’t be fooled by the charming surroundings of Beacon Pines! This city (and this game) hides a dark secret and terrible things may be waiting for you in the next chapter. As you can understand, the apparitions are not as seen in Beacon Pines. Far from being a game Babyit comes closer to the environment of a Stranger Things. No testing us for this game, but still a good feeling after a good time spent in the game. Feel that you can find here.

Ending: Extinction is forever

Looking for a quick game to enjoy? What will pass the time when Christmas dinner, or any other family gathering, is taking a little longer? That’s good because you only need four hours to finish the next title. But despite its short lifespan, Endling: Extinction will forever offer you an unforgettable experience. A true ecological drama, this survival game puts us in the shoes of a mother fox who must do everything to keep her cubs alive in a world destroyed by humans. On the trail of his lost fox, he also hopes to find a natural haven of peace, unaffected by fire and deforestation. But for that, you still have to survive until the next day by finding food and avoiding the dangerous predators that roam what’s left of the forest, while keeping an eye on the day/night cycle. As in Beacon Pines, you will find what we feel here.


With the lack of modern metroidvania? Looking forward to Hollow Knight Silksong? Admittedly, Islets doesn’t reach the heights of Team Cherry’s license, but it remains a very devilishly effective game nonetheless. Don’t be fooled by his childish artistic direction, Islets shouldn’t be put in the hands of everyone. This is definitely a demanding title and full of subtle humor for the youngest. As for the story, you play as Iko, a warrior in the making who needs to toughen up to become the hero he dreams of. But it is not because of his ship’s destruction and inexperience that he will succeed in reuniting the islands and restoring balance to this world. Fortunately, he can count on all the colorful characters who will cross his path to progress and become the hero everyone has been waiting for. Again, you can find what we feel here.

Mini Motorways

After mobile and PC, Mini Motorways is finally coming to Nintendo Switch this year. This management and strategy game with atypical artistic direction is clearly a must have genre. Intuitive and addictive, the game Dinosaur Polo Club invites you to build the road network of a growing city. That said, nothing too exciting. But that doesn’t take into account the ultra-dynamic aspect of cities that keep growing, forcing you to rethink your highways and other roundabouts. In the end, the stakes are high: prevent tiresome traffic at all costs and make your city a pleasant place to cross. Whether you’re the type who likes to relax while playing or challenge yourself with tough challenges, Mini Motorways is the game you need thanks to its different modes (Endless, Expert, etc.). Add in the many challenges, the maps inspired by existing cities and the responsive soundtrack and you have a great little experience.

Neon White

It’s the indie reference of the summer season and therefore only naturally deserves its place on this list. Neon White really made an impression thanks to its hybrid concept. This is actually a very dynamic action game that mixes FPS and card game. As White, an assassin straight from the underworld, you must defeat demon slayers to secure your place in paradise. Your weapons change according to your cards. To overcome your enemies, you must offer the best possible combination. But behind this supercharged concept hides a most mysterious story presented to us through a visual aspect of the novel that pleases the eye. Something that will keep you going for a good ten hours of gaming. This time, it is through our Wanted format that we tell you about it. To find him, This is where it happens.

OlliOlli World

Skateboard games, don’t you know? Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Skate… But have you heard of the OlliOlli license? If this is not the case, it would be a shame because the proposal from Roll7 and Private Division stands out for its originality, and especially thanks to his third opus released this year. With a more cartoon style, OlliOlli World invites you to be the best rider and reach Gnarvana in a title between action and platform. Many surprises await you in Radlandia, from colorful landscapes to colorful characters, through tricks that are crazier than each other. Whether you’re a skate fan or not, OlliOlli World definitely has something to draw you into its atypical world, whether it’s because of its fun gameplay or its more accessible side than previous opus . A reworked formula therefore seduced us since it got the score is 16 out of 20.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Cowabunga, the ninja turtles are here in a beat’em up better than ever that answers the provocative name of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge. And we can say thanks to Tribute Games and Dotemu for the small gift. It is not surprising to see the French publisher involved in such a project. He has already given us a good old fashioned beat’em up in 2020 with Streets of rage 4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge continues this momentum by offering us a wonderful tribute to the ninja turtle games. The goal is of course to take the mechanics of the past, while adding an ounce of modernity, all against the backdrop of a Machiavellian plan that the Shredder has signed up to thwart. The bet was successful again as the game was applauded by critics, especially the acquisition a 16 out of 20 of us.


You probably know the principle of Pikmin: cute little creatures that help you progress throughout the game. French studio Splashteam took this principle to give us Tinykin, a real little nugget. Pleasant from start to finish, easy to learn and with a pleasing art direction, this little game is sure to please you. A little insight into the story? Tinykin puts you in the shoes of Milo, a creature from another planet who has arrived on Earth the size of a Lilliputian. In order to regain his normal size, he must find a way to return home. Through the different rooms of the house, you have to help the insects that live in them to recover the artifacts and repair your ship. To do this, you can rely on several types of tinykins. Everything is done in joy and good humor, in the heart of the universe overflowing with humor. Not surprisingly, the game thus gained an excellent 17 out of 20 of us.

Yomawari: Lost in Darkness

We end with a prized insider’s license: Yomawari. In 2015 this horror saga began in a world that was very cute, with Yomawari: Night Alone. A prequel was quickly developed and came to Nintendo Switch along with the initial game thanks to Yomawari: The Long Night Collection. The plot is simple: in the shoes of a girl, you have to find your older sister and your dog, all in a dark village attacked by monsters ready to devour you. In addition to its scary aspect, the title offered us a touching story that was praised by critics. So the studio decided to turn the lid on this year’s Yomawari: Lost in the Dark. We always play a little girl who woke up this time in a forest without knowing how she got there. He quickly learns that he is cursed and must find a way to break this curse. But of course, it won’t be easy especially since ghosts hide at night and can attack him at any time.

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