“Cultural” events not to be missed in 2023 –

Concerts, cinemas, festivals… In 2023, the cultural program promises to be rich in Toulouse. Here are the events that should not be missed and where it is advisable to reserve as soon as possible, otherwise you will not be able to find places…

New year, new agenda. Le Journal Toulousein invites you to write the main “cultural” events of 2023 that will take place in Toulouse. Because the program is rich and there is no place for everyone… Here are the concerts, films and other celebrations not to be missed this year in the Pink City.

Unmissable concerts

BigFlo and Oli have announced two dates at Zénith de Toulouse CC Selbymay

Toulouse’s most famous venues are preparing to welcome a popular French artist over the next 12 months. Headliners that will follow each other at the Zénith, at the Bikini, at the Casino Barrière… Among them, Lomepal will perform at Zénith twice, on March 16 and November 16. Like him, others will secure several dates in the Pink City’s biggest hall: BigFlo and Oli on April 13 and 14, 2023, Stromae on April 20 and 21, 2023. As for the rehab of the musical starmaniahe will be in Toulouse from April 7 to 9, 2023. Fans of French songs can also reserve their tickets for the concerts of Matthew Chedid April 19, Jennifer April 22, from Zazie September 29, Pascal Bishop on October 14 or even Claudio Capeo November 12. Finally, and to the delight of rap and hip-hop lovers, Sopranos will be on the Zénith stage on May 13, imitated by Black M October 21 and gym November 14.

Also in Bikini, great actresses follow each other. From electro to reggae through rap, musical styles and groups will occupy the Ramonville stage with equal enthusiasm. So, from January 8 Guizmo, Christophe Mali and Daniel Bravo, from the group trio, will perform to a full house. Then they leave their places to the French rapper Soso Maness that will ignite Bikini on February 5, 2023. And as usual, the room programmers, ensuring the eclecticism of the agenda, have also planned electro evenings with the presence, among others, of fake next March 24 and DJ Feder April 7.

On the side of the Casino Barrière, it is the French variety that dominates the programming in 2023 of Michael Jonasz on February 18 and December 3,Isabelle Boulay on March 1, from Louane November 7 and is November 8. But we should also look out for the arrival of two international artists: the guitarist Joe Satriani on May 30 and Bonnie Tyler on December 12.

Toulouse animation cinema in the spotlight

Toulouse animation studio TAT has unveiled its new feature film, “Pattie and the Wrath of Poseidon”. © TAT productions, Apollo Films Distribution, France 3 Cinema / 2023

This year, 2023 marks a turning point for Toulouse animation cinema. In fact, TAT studios will release two films on the big screen in the same year. If you liked “The Jungle Bunch”, don’t miss “Pattie and the Wrath of Poseidon“. Let’s meet from January 25 to discover in the dark rooms the adventure of a little mouse created in the Pink City: Life flows peacefully in Yolcos, a beautiful and prosperous port of ancient Greece, when the population risking Poseidon’s wrath. A young adventurous mouse and the cat that adopts him unwittingly help old Jason and his Argonauts in their quest to save the city. But more than help, the operation will eventually lead them to face the most dangerous mythical creatures and overcome all the dangers for them.

TAT Studios also announced the August 16, 2023 release of the sequel to their debut hit: “Aces of the Jungle 2“. This time, a strange pink foam was spreading through the forest. It was an invention of Albert, a brilliant armadillo scientist who disappeared years ago. This unique pink foam has the particularity of exploding when it comes into contact with water, and the rainy season is in a month! To save the forest, not a minute is lost: you have to find Albert, the only one who can create a cure. The Aces decide to go to the Far North to find Camélia, Albert’s daughter because he is the only one who knows how to find her.

A festival of festivals

Credit: Patrice Nin (archive photo)

Humor, music, dance, literature… Almost every art has a festival in Toulouse. In 2023, some will add a new edition to their history, while others will have to confirm their first show in 2022. Among the oldest are the fountain of laughter. This year, it will take place from March 10 to April 9 and already has an enticing program. More than 80 shows will be offered with, on the bill, confirmed artists but also in the making. In 2023, you will see Sophia Aram, Marianne James, Florent Peyre, François-Xavier Demaison, Fabrice Éboué and many others. Enough to satisfy neophytes of zygomatics as well as adventurers of humor.

But it will be necessary to wait until spring and summer to take advantage of Toulouse’s festivals, in particular musical events, such as the Rio Loco. From June 14 to 18, Prairie des Filtres will host the largest world music event in the agglomeration with, as every year since 1995, international artists. In 2023, organizers have announced a program that will have a “broad focus on chanted rhythms and rhymes”. Without knowing it, you can already expect concerts of slam, flamenco, rap, reggae, but also Native American songs, verbal contests…

On the agenda of the historic celebrations of the Pink City, that of Marathon of words. For its 19th edition, the international literary meeting of Toulouse is given from June 22 to 27, 2023. And if the programming will not be known until mid-February, it will be registered on the same line as the previous ones, which offers more than 150 readings, meetings, screenings, concerts… that will allow the writings to be transferred to different artistic supports. There is no doubt that figures from French and even international literature will be present, as has been the case since the first editions with the impressive presence of Salman Rushdie, JMG Le Clézio, David Lodge, Christine Angot, Yasmina Reza and Maggie Nelson . or Max Porter.

From June 30 to July 9, 2023, dance in the Pink City, and more specifically tango. For 13 years, the festival Postman celebrate this Argentinian dance as it should be. Balls, concerts, tango and folklore courses, initiations, exhibitions, conferences, dance walks in the city, screenings… Let yourself be transported to the surprising universe that subtly combines joy and nostalgia, tenderness and strength of personality, beauty and technique. An Argentine parenthesis with a place in the city of Carlos Gardel’s birth.

More recent but just as promising Pink Festival, organized by BigFlo & Oli, will return from September 1 to 3, 2023. In its first edition, this current music event brought together around 50,000 people at MEETT in Toulouse. At the moment, the program has not been revealed, not even the location, which can be changed, but festival-goers are already waiting for accurate information such as the headliners who will share the stage with the singers from Toulouse. Stay tuned!

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