Nomad Robotics: new Plug and Go 3D cobotic bin picking offer

Nomad Robotics offers a new plug and go 3D cobotic bin picking offer with its Scape Mini-Picker.

This bin collection solution is one of the most advanced on the market and offers the most customization, flexibility, reliability and accuracy. The Scape Mini-Picker can be added to any production or warehouse system, regardless of robot model, cell configuration and application requirements. Fast, flexible and reliable, it helps increase productivity and profitability by collaborating with employees.

In other words, the Scape Mini-Picker is:

  • The No. 1 Software of the World
  • The embedded or static vision system
  • Custom grippers
  • The ability to pick up objects of different sizes/shapes
  • High delivery accuracy

Nomad Robotics, expert and distributor of robotic solutions for industry, launches this offer.

Now, Nomad Robotics offers a complete Scape Mini-Picker solution. The pack includes the software, the vision system, a suction cup gripper and finger gripper as well as the handling table. Highly accurate and customizable, it appears to be a complete solution for many applications intended to relieve women and men of their automatic tasks.

The Scape Mini-Picker from Nomad Robotics offers a ready-to-use solution, especially thanks to its easy-to-use software. From its conception, the Scape Mini-Picker was designed for the needs of the user. Thanks to its complete and customizable software, this solution can be used with any brand and any model of robot. Software is the heart of this solution. Easy to use and with unparalleled flexibility, it handles the robot(s) in the bin removal industry.

In addition, the solution is accompanied by “Scape Part Training Studio”, an easy and intuitive training software for bin selection. This Bin-Picking software is included free of charge. It is possible to use the Scape Mini-Picker to obtain image data of a part and automatically calculate a CAD model.

The vision system consists of 3D sensors and a Grip Scanner. 3D sensors allow the robot to achieve high precision delivery (99.99% success). The Grip Scanner is mounted directly on the robot’s arm and includes a light projector and camera giving it flexibility and simplicity. In addition, this vision system is customizable, it can be embedded or static, for a reliable high performance solution.

The grippers adapt to the needs. It is possible to use finger or suction cup grippers but also choose to have custom-made ones. The Scape Mini-Picker can accommodate up to 5 different grippers. Nomad Robotics offers multiple gripping solutions with maximum flexibility and accurate part delivery at the highest level.

The handling table makes it possible to control the orientation with a stationary camera and lamps above it, and to reduce cycle times.

This module guarantees a level of reliable accuracy options and works with its AI recognition. Nomad Robotics offers the best hardware for mounting the camera and lights.

Technical details:

Name: SCAPE Bin-Picking
Release version: 1.0

Software version required: CB series: 3.13 or later
E-Series: 5.8 or later

Measurements: Packaging dimensions: 80x50x50cm
Tool unit weight: 5.2 kg

Dependencies : There is air pressure

Certifications and standards: SCAPE Grid Scanner: IP 67

What’s in the box?

  • SCAPE tool unit with SCAPE Grid scanner and two spacers (pre-assembled)
  • Tool unit controller (pre-assembled)
  • Energy chain for the robot
  • PC with installed software
  • Examples of components
  • Calibration plate
  • Cables

License type: One time purchase or monthly payment – ​​minimum 18 months
Optional support and spare parts service subscription available

Examples of Scape Mini-Picker applications?

This robotic solution can range from sorting parts to depositing them on a conveyor belt.

Identifying parts:

There are 3 possible starting positions when taking the pieces, whether they come structured, semi-structured, or completely loose.

The mission of the solution is to identify the parts by choosing the easiest to handle first, handle by choosing the most effective grip and then control the robot with the optimal speed.

Includes the step of repositioning and orienting parts when they need to be placed in a specific direction. And finally the deposit at the destination with an accuracy of less than a millimeter.

All this while guaranteeing a fast cycle time.

Customizable and adaptable :

The Scape Mini-Picker package provides a complete solution except for the robot. It is compatible with your robots or cobots of all brands and models.

The solution sets up a turnkey 3D bin removal workshop. The operator only needs to press the start button on a computer for the Scape Mini-Picker to position the parts to their final destination with high precision.

Depending on the needs, the solution is created by the Nomad Robotics technical director.

It is possible to modify the series to be unpacked in the same line without touching the robot, the vision system, the software, the gripping system and the repositioning system.

It is also a scalable solution depending on the complexity of the needs.

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