PlayStation Store FUT Promo: Discounted Gift Cards for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

News good plan PlayStation Store FUT Promo: Discounted Gift Cards for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Create your dream team with FIFA 23 Ultimate Teams! Right now, PlayStation Store Gift Cards are on sale on Amazon, allowing you to boost your collection for less.

Fifa 23 is the perfect game for all football lovers. Whether you want to replay World Cup matches or just want to play with more than 19,000 real footballers and 700 teams from more than 30 competitions from around the world of football, this is the perfect game. You can play in more than 100 stadiums around the world and become the best player in a competitive circuit.

Inside the game, you will find the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, also called FUT. It is one of the most popular in the game and it allows you to play with a team you build against another player around the world. Each member of the squad has characteristics based on the footballer’s performance in real life and it will be your job to build the best possible formation from all the options available to create the Ultimate starting 11.

While it is entirely possible to unlock all players by playing, you can use FIFA Points to speed up this process to get packs, participate in the Ultimate Draft and thus create your dream team directly in the game. Right now, gift cards for PS5, PC and the Xbox Series are on sale and will let you redeem your points for 15% less!

  • Gift card 2800 FIFA points PC / PS5 / Xbox Series: €21.24 instead of €24.99
  • Gift card 5900 FIFA points PC / PS5 / Xbox Series: €42.49 instead of €49.99
  • Gift card 12000 FIFA points PC / PS5 / Xbox Series: €84.99 instead of €99.99

Buy the 5900 FIFA points gift card for €42.49 on Amazon

FUT: Enjoy FIFA 23 Ultimate Teams to the fullest with FIFA Points!

In Fifa 23, you can build the team of your dreams with Fifa 23 Ultimate Team Points. If it is absolutely possible to earn them in the game, you can also greatly accelerate the acquisition of new players thanks to FIFA points that allow you to buy packs of players. Note that you can also use FIFA Points in VOLTA FOOTBALL to unlock new outfits.

Here is the editorial test for FIFA 23, which will be the last under this name, and received a good score of 16/20.

Strong points

  • Hypermotion V2 brings many new animations
  • Flawless physique
  • No loading time
  • Well-calibrated player acceleration
  • A renewed player-side racing mode…
  • …and FUT somewhat inventing itself (collective, Moments…)
  • The link between Clubs Pro and VOLTA for personalization
  • A new duo of French commentators
  • Women’s football efforts
  • Crossplatform between both generations of consoles
  • Upcoming content for both World Cups
  • An old-school set piece system and new powerful strikes…)

Weak points

  • …but not everyone will like it
  • VOLTA and Clubs Pro have been slightly renewed
  • The FUT team system is quite complicated to understand
  • Sometimes making matches in FUT and Pro Clubs is complicated
  • We would have preferred women’s football after all!
  • No flagship licenses (AS Roma, Napoli, etc.)

For its last under the name FIFA, the EA Sport license succeeded in confirming the course passed last year in gameplay. While FIFA 23’s new set piece and power kick system won’t appeal to everyone, version 2 of the Hypermotion engine does wonders for player animations and rendering. On the other hand, this opus improves the career mode in a good way, especially when someone contains a player and tries to eliminate FIFA Ultimate Team thanks to “Moments” and a new way of thinking about collective. Something to shake up the regulars a bit. In other words, if it doesn’t change its formula, this FIFA 23 is one of the most complete in the saga before moving to EA Sports FC.


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Buy the 5900 FIFA points gift card for €42.49 on Amazon

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