Recruitment. How is the job market shaping up in 2023?

If he it’s still early to decide with certainty the course of 2023, professionals in the recruitment sector hope that this new year will confirm the speed of 2022, the year in which the job market returned to the speed of travel after the effects of the pandemic Covid-19.

“The offers will be bigger this year. There really is more requests in particular important sectors, particularly in renewable energy and bed“, William Parent, director of ORH Assessment, a subsidiary of the LMS Organization & Human Resources group, told us.

Same story with Pluriel RH. “Hopefully this new year will consolidate the recovery we experienced at the end of 2022”.

Romain Ferier, associate director of H&F Associates, is more cautious. “It is difficult to move forward for 2023. There is strong uncertainty associated with fears of global economic recession. However, for now, the forecasts are good in Morocco. We have never had so many positions to fill at this time. We are on trend with more than 30% of missions compared to last year, but we remain very cautious. The slowdown in the global economy will not fail to affect the Moroccan economy.”

Which sectors will recruit the most?

Trends vary from company to company, but in general, bed and computing dominate the ranking of the sectors that recruit the most by the beginning of 2023.

“The sectors that will recruit the most are traditional sectors, such as offshoring. Recruitment will also be driven by renewable energy“, believes William Parent. “There will also be a fairly significant attraction in new professions and in the field of process digitalization, as well as in the sector industrialin particular the car and aeronautics. This is due to the fact that Morocco is effectively implementing its industrial and energy strategies,” he added.

“There will also be a lot of demand for public companies and for public-private partnerships, attracting more and higher-level profiles, especially from the private sector”, continues William Parent.

In terms of profiles, “companies are looking for agile profiles able to adapt to professions that are constantly changing and leave their initial training”.

Within the Pluriel RH firm, “the most demanding sector at the beginning of the year was the public in the first place, for various positions, then insurance, commercial positions and IT in the private sector. The demand is there for these profiles but they are hard to findespecially the relatively sharp profiles where there are tensions”.

Regarding IT, Ali Serhani, consultant and associate director at the recruitment firm Gesper Services, explained to us that “today, both in Morocco and abroad, certain IT and IT profiles, technically advanced, are in high demand and paid at a high price”. price”.

“Digitalization is killing everything, in a positive sense. banks are reducing their recruitments as they are in the process of digitizing their services. In the next few years, we may not have physical bank branches”, said Ali Serhani. The impact of digital on the banking sector is remarkable. Many banking players are in the process of reconfiguring their branches to meet the needs of a client who is now connected.

At H&F Associates, “recruitment continues in the IT and computing sector very tense“, its director confided to us. And to add: “Today, these are the missions we accept with caution. We are not sure that we will be able to fulfill our promises to our partners. We are competing with all recruitment agencies in Morocco, who are also looking for IT positions and still recruiting, but also with international companies. And this is not new, because of the exits of Moroccan IT profiles in Europe and the United States. Getting IT profiles has become very complicated.”

“Recruitment in this direction is rather worrying junior profilethat companies will train themselves”, concludes Romain Ferier.

Internal development to optimize costs

Ali Serhani, for his part, believes that “for junior and normal profiles such as administrative or HR managers, it is total stop“.

“This trend is different compared to previous years. These are the consequences of Covid-19. We are experiencing the post-Covid period at the corporate level, and it will be spread over the next two years. Companies now prefer recruit from within and do develop employees instead of recruiting normal profiles outside”, added Ali Serhani.

“Moroccan multinational and institutional companies in particular, which we must differentiate from unorganized companies, are in the spirit of cost optimization.”

“For sales managers, there is a strong demand. It is the only profession that has not known, and will never know, a crisis. However, they find it difficult to sell during the crisis. In reality, the problem of recruitment does not arise for commercial profiles; rather, it lies in the current conjuncture. All sales managers, who work in different activities, are underselling”, Ali Serhani observed again.

“If I have one piece of advice to give to candidates, and to juniors in particular, to find a job more quickly and easily: train yourself in everything directly or indirectly related to digitalization. mastery of languages is becoming a very important element, considered by recruiters, in particular French, English and Spanish”, concludes the associate director of Gesper Services.

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