Rouen soon European Capital of Culture in 2028, what does this mean?

The city of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) has just applied to be designated European Capital of Culture in 2028. In concrete terms, what does this award mean for the Normandy city?

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Finished ! Rouen is an official candidate for the label of “European capital of culture” in 2028. The application file of 60 pages, no more, is deposit this Monday, January 2, 2022 of the association of Rouen Seine Normande 2028.

What did Rouen’s candidacy consist of and what did this title mean for the territory of the valley of the Seine ?

Get to know what message do we want to convey to Europe” is very important for Rebecca Armstrong, general delegate of the candidacy. She explained to us that for Rouen, “river is the main character of candidacy.

Rebecca Armstrong justifies the choice of the Seine as the backbone of Rouen 2028 by explaining that “the resource to water is important for agriculture, for industry. This makes it possible to take an interest in climate events.

We want everything that happens in 2028 to support environmental issues, risk prevention…“, indicates the general delegate of the candidacy.

“Rouen and the Seine Valley propose to establish a dialogue between rivers on a European scale.”

Rebecca Armstrong, general delegate of the Rouen 2028 bid

He judgesthat’s important European cities take the measure of their territory and the dialogue of rivers will live“.

Rebecca Armstrong hopes that by being designated European Capital of Culture, the title “bring to the city of new ways of working and make culture the queen of public policies“.

He wants culture to come out of the walls to reach all audiences. “We want a lot of things to happen in public space in 2028 and that culture moves into common spaces.

“My wish is that everyone realizes that each of us has things to share and we have parts of creativity to bring to life.”

Rebecca Armstrong, General Bid Delegate

The general delegate indicates that exchange projects for young people are being studied if Rouen is to become the European capital of culture. “For the youngest, we started working with National Education to organize more school exchanges and still use the Erasmus system.

Currently, the cultural program for 2028 has not yet been determined. “It’s something that happens when we have a title“, says Rebecca Armstrong.

“All cities maintain the concepts that will stimulate the secrecy of the application file.”

Rebecca Armstrong, general delegate of the Rouen 2028 bid

But that,concepts“studying.”Obviously, things will happen on the Seine. Events where we can be in the river, on the banks of the Seine, in panoramas with challenging demonstrations that inspire us“, reveals Rebecca Armstrong.

If Rouen is chosen, the year is punctuated by artistic pathsof showsof concerts and D’exhibitions.

Besides Rouen, 8 other French cities are in the competition. These are Montpellier-Sète, Amiens, Reims, Bastia, Clermont-Ferrand, Bourges, Nice and Saint-Denis.

The jury is out 2 months to study 9 applications. Each delegation will spend a orally end of February/beginning of March to present his candidacy before a jury of 12 European cultural experts.

Following this pre-selection phase, the jury will assign the 3 or 4 French city finalists. The selected cities have to build a secondary application file in deeper, newwelcome to the jury and make a another oral test.

It is on December 2023 that we will know where the French city will be designated the European Capital of Culture for the year 2028.

If Rouen is chosen, it will not be chosen not only the designated European Capital of Culture.

“Every year, there are 2 cities that officially win the title. It is a city from the old European countries and a city from a country that entered the European Union recently”

Rebecca Armstrong

Sometimes a third city can also be kept. It is the city of a country that is a candidate to join the European Union.

In 2028, a French city and a city of Czech Republic will be designated European Capitals of Culture.

Exchanges between the two cities are expected if Rouen is designated. “We are already working with the two pre-selected cities in the Czech Republic. We are looking at what subjects we share. If Rouen is titled, we will have things that will be done in connection”, added Rebecca Armstrong.

The last European Capitals of Culture in France are Lille in 2004 and Marseilles in 2013. Will Rouen overcome them in 2028? Answer in few months…

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