Simon Astier alone on stage at the Maison de la Culture in Clermont-Ferrand, with “Le discours” by Fabcaro

Simon Astier is expected on the cultural stage of the Maison de la this Tuesday, January 10 in Clermont. A recovery date for the actor who did not play The speech of Fabcaro since last April.

This speech is about Adrien having dinner with his parents along with his sister and Ludo, his future brother-in-law, who asked him to give a speech for their wedding. Great stress. grief Especially when he revives his ex with an SMS whose punctuation he doubts… A piece that provokes anxiety in all its forms, but through it we really laugh.

How did you find out about this Fabcaro Discourse? A producer friend introduced it to me. An almost intimate encounter. Fabcaro has this uncanny ability to hit the most numbers without even trying to make it to the base. If one tries to please everyone, in general, it sometimes results in pointless projects; he has incredible talent. When I discovered this, I laughed as if it was talking in my ear hole.

A great idea! He has an eye on me… In any case, he has a certain kindness that means he has a good idea for me. Then, he offered me to do it alone on stage…

You, rather screenwriter, director. Yes, but even then I’m used to working in a team… I’m always with 50 people and that’s what I see as beautiful: we add talents, knowledge. Teamwork has been a passion, a dream since I was young. There, you have to do something yourself. Then I read this text and I said OK, I understand, I know why…

Marianne James launched her “Everything is in the voice” tour, on January 7, in Clermont-Ferrand

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Why is that? because The speech evoke many things that touch me: anxiety, the world turning upside down, how to turn things upside down with panache, humor?? How to create beauty?? […] A day before sending the project to FabCaro and Gallimard, I found out that something was missing… It was like a big love letter that would explain why it had to be done with us… There, we got the rights.

Did you work together? Oh no?! Impossible. When I’m a fan of someone…too intimidated. Impossible. One day, in fact, he came to see me play without telling me. Terrible… (laughs) I don’t want him to go to the premiere, too much stress…

And ? Result ? He told me that he rediscovered pieces of his text. It’s wonderful, wonderful. I’m so happy?!

Julien Dodon

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