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New week and new predictions for FIFA 23 TOTW 10 Team of the Week. As always, EA will offer new IF cards based on the results of the best professional players from the previous week. So far, the TOTW (IF) card system seems to be the same as last year with the Featured card (highlighted) as well as a fairly standard boost depending on the card level. So we present you with our predictions for the new cards that will be available in packs from Wednesday at 7 pm

Important : A TOTW 10 is not guaranteed to be released on Wednesday January 4th. However, logic would dictate that EA find its rhythm ahead of this week’s World Cup.

Prediction : Last week’s score, 6/9 (Kostic, Nkunku on special PTG/WC cards).

Getting out : You can check our Team of the Week leaks to find out in advance which players EA will pick.

Guardians Team of the Week 10

Jeremias Ledesma, Cadiz, La Liga

Already honored with a TOTW card earlier in the season, Jeremias Ledesma continued his impressive outing with a point against Almeira. The Argentinian goalkeeper had a great game and the second IF version is a rather interesting option to link many country cards in a hybrid formation.

Ilan Meslier, Leeds United, Premier League

Already there in TOTW 7, the French player could return with a second Team of the Week card in FIFA 23. With a great performance against Newcastle, Ilan Meslier was once again the hero for Leeds, allowing his club to get an important point.

Defender Predictions

Virgil Van Dijk, Liverpool, Premier League

If the Reds lost on Monday night, so did Liverpool last week. There, Mo Salah’s teammates were able to take advantage of a fine goal from their superstar in defense against Aston Villa. VVD already has a WC Stories special map but this TOTW would be a cheaper alternative and also available at this stage of the game.

James Tarkowski, Everton, Premier League

Few fans would bet on a draw between Everton and Man City. However, the favorites for the title were held in check 1 to 1. Among the players that will be highlighted in this meeting, it is considered that the defender James Tarkowski really describes himself. So EA might choose it for a TOTW card.


Antoine Griezmann, Atletico Madrid, La Liga

So good at the World Cup, Griezmann hasn’t lost the momentum he found in Qatar. The world champion therefore distinguished himself with two assists in a 2-0 victory over Atl├ętico Madrid. Note that in the Meta plan, this new special card is a few years away from PTG, definitely not affecting its price.

Martin Odegaard, Arsenal, Premier League

What if Arsenal succeed in their Premier League bet this year? This is what all fans of the London club must be thinking following the recovery results. Comfortable leaders, Arsenal won both of their games of the week following a superb performance from Odegaard. The Norwegian player already has a TOTW and an RTTK, this new card will be an in-between whose interest is however limited.

Which Attackers in TOTW 10?

Marcus RashfordMan UnitedPremier League

Marcus Rashford is fantastic! The English player seems to have found his stride with two goals and an assist in two games. As a result, Rashford has twice been a key figure for the Red Devils who now look to be in a position to aim for a place in the top 4 for the second half of the season.

Luis Openda, RC Lens, Ligue 1

Victory against PSG on Sunday night confirmed their position as outsiders to the French champions title. Given the scale of this victory against the undefeated leaders of Ligue 1, EA should highlight one player and Luis Openda seems to be the best place. The Belgian player will get his second TOTW card there, following his goal and assist. Enough to have a fun card even away from being Meta.

FIFA 23 Featured Map of the Week

Douglas Luis, Aston Villa, Premier League

One of last year’s new features, the Team of the Week Featured card is back in FIFA 23. For TOTW 10, our pick is Douglas Luis. The Brazilian was excellent against Tottenham, allowing his team to win the match 2-0. However, even with the boost, the Feature map seems unplayable.

Cards that may appear in TOTW 10

We list here the players who had a chance to appear there but who, for various reasons had to miss out on EA’s selection. The interest of listing these cards is to protect you from an investment point of view (see below) and thus potentially take some risks with unexpected players.

  • Tony KroosReal Madrid
  • Darwin Nunez, Liverpool
  • Martin Odegaard, Arsenal
  • Christian EriksenMan United
  • Tiago Djalo, LOSC

How to get TOTW card in FIFA 23?

TOTW cards are often interesting at high levels but also for DCEs as well to achieve specific goals in friendly match mode. Therefore, even for players whose overall rating is relatively low, it is necessary to know how to get these TOTW cards in FIFA 23.

The first source is obvious the transfer market, where you can find player TOTW cards in special versions of their cards. Be careful, though, because the IF cards sell for more than the basic version. This is explained in particular by their rarity but also by the fact that the base price (in discard) is quite high.

The second source remains packages of gold of the game, which has these special cards for a week (from Wednesday to the following Wednesday at 7 pm). So be careful because once this week is over, it will be impossible to drop them in the packages.

Additionally, Team of the Week cards are available as a reward for FUTChampion (WL) depending on your rank. If this year, the rewards may change, EA should not remove the presence of TOTW cards. Similarly, the weekly ranking to Rivals allows to get TOTW card though again, in FUT Champion mode (red).

Finally, there will be specific TOTW Packs during the season in ECDthough the latter are often unprofitable as they are completely random.

Investments linked to TOTW FIFA 23 predictions

While cards of players selected in the Team of the week are often a good source of investment, it is also possible to earn credits through TOTW. In fact, there are several ways to speculate on the market.

So, the simplest and most regular is the bet on the current TOTW player’s normal Gold cards. They are not in packs all week, limiting the amount of cards. If a player is looking to use these cards for DCEs or for their team, the prices can increase significantly. So buy the cards in anticipation of this increase, think about TOTW predictions. This method is called OOP (Out of Packs, understand outside of packs) and also works for special cards in events. The more specific the card (major league, country and rare position), the greater its potential. For example, a player like Jonathan Claus is very interesting because he is French, from Ligue 1 and in a rather rare position of DD on the Gold card. Therefore, his price in the Gold version easily triples in OOP.

In addition, another way is to study the good TOTW cards in the future and thus speculate on the cards associated with them. For example, if Haaland receives a Team of the Week card, players will likely look to include him in their FUT roster. So, they will also try to link this new card with other Bundesliga players, Dortmund players or even Norwegian players to create the best possible links. That is why it is possible to invest in cards that allow perfect links, before the release of the new Team of the week. This strategy of releasing special cards will be useful until mid-December, before FIFA 23’s Team of the Week starts to look less interesting.

Note that these two strategies require good market anticipation, but also finding the right timing. Usually the cards to buy add up quickly, so you need to plan ahead who to buy. Also, this bull run won’t last long, so need to play for a few days and sell your cards quickly.

You can find our trading advice and our methods in our dedicated FIFA 23 trading guide.

So much for our FIFA 23 TOTW 10 Team of the Week new players predictions. If EA often seeks to muddy the waters by choosing slightly more obscure profiles, we’re confident that most of the players listed above will be available. as a special card in FIFA 23. As a reminder, TOTW 10 will be officially released Wednesday at 7 pm..

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