Xbox: the 4 games to watch in January 2023

Game News Xbox: the 4 games to watch in January 2023

And here we go again: if you have an Xbox Series or an Xbox One, there are a lot of very interesting games that should punctuate your news in 2023. So let’s start from the beginning, especially the month of January which is home to some hits that people should be jealous. It happens just below.


  • Kart Rider Drift
  • One Piece Odyssey
  • dead space
  • Spongebob: The Cosmic Shake

Kart Rider Drift

Breaking into the kart game market is something that many franchises have tried without really succeeding in seriously competing with Mario. However, some licenses have them under the hood and you can imagine that KartRider Drift has many arguments: not necessarily the best known in the West, the KartDriver brand, on the other hand, is very popular in Asia, especially in South Korea. Its first steps began in 2004 and gained enormous popularity, registering more than a quarter of the country’s population among its players. After several successful iterations, this new opus aims to attract the public to home consoles: so this is a completely free ultra-arcade racing game which, after some testing, will be officially launched in January. We will find it there several game modes, customizable drivers and karts, circuits with colorful themes… In itself, nothing very original, but everything you need is there to enjoy a watered down, dynamic and extremely accessible experience. The game is cross-play and enjoys a certain reputation thanks to the franchise, we can expect a lot of people from the launch. To watch carefully.

One Piece Odyssey

Here’s one, a game that will instantly offer a serious fan-base! Piece Odyssey has something that all fans of the popular franchise are looking forward to for many reasons: it will tell the origins of the journey of Luffy and all his companions. In addition to its own plot, the game will offer a “memory world” that will allow you to relive important moments of the saga, showing cult arcs like the Water Seven. The accent is placed – as the title suggests – on adventure with a capital A with exploration, dialogues everywhere and, of course, good big battles. For once, the game will take the form of a J-RPG in the pure tradition of the genre, with multiple characters to control for turn-based combat. So we juggle from one head to another to advance the story, some with unique abilities essential to cross certain levels: in other words, if Bandai Namco’s promise is fulfilled, we can have there a nice banger for all the fans of Eiichiro Oda’s manga, who accidentally came along its home.

Pre-order One Piece Odyssey for €69.99 on Xbox Series at Amazon

dead space

Started in 2008, the Dead Space franchise came to us from the mind of Glen Schofield, the creator of the most recent The Callisto Protocol: it is not for nothing that these games are similar and can you imagine that the very first adventure of Isaac Clarke was preparing to return to the front of the stage, from January 27th. As it happens, it is a remake developed by EA Motive and more to say that the studio wants to do things well: the plastic looks luxurious, the audio design is to die for while a number of points have really been improved. For example, where our hapless hero was muted in the base game, he will now be able to speak, resulting in rewritten dialogue, a denser storyline and more developed characters. The gameplay is seen more dug out, for example in antigravity zones where it will be possible to move freely in space, or there are strategic choices to be made that will provide certain critical situations in the battle. In truth, this redesign promises to be ambitious: more than respecting the original material, it seems to want to go further and offer a more impactful journey. Ah, yes, we did not define it, but this is a hard sci-fi survival horror… so move on if you don’t want (huge) thrills.

Pre-order Dead Space for 79.99 on Xbox Series at Amazon

Spongebob: The Cosmic Shake

SpongeBob and his friends are cult characters that shook the childhood of many people: the humor of the series is unparalleled and certainly has not yet spread everywhere in pop-culture today, including video games. Here is The Cosmic Shake, a new game that should please both the young audience, but also those who enjoyed the remake of Battle for Bikini Bottom, which took place in 2020: the developers are really the same, the same as Purple Lamp Studios, and it’s clear from the trailers! So we find an adventure and platform game with some action elements, this time taking advantage of a slightly denser gameplay to establish a more modern, more solid adventure. Our sponge, Patrick and their friends will go through different dimensions and times, from knights to cowboys through prehistory or even pirates. Several levels and biomes are suggested; more than 30 crazy skins are promised, while the game promises to be faithful to the cartoon with the original dubbing actors (including French) and indeed a soundtrack consisting of 101 songs from the series. A nice little insert for the end of January.

  • Release date: January 31, 2023
  • Available at: computer Move over PS4 ONE

Pre-order SpongeBob SquarePants The Cosmic Shake for €39.99 on Xbox One at Amazon

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