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Are you too addicted to your video games? Hanging on to your controller, glued to your screen, passing the hours and ending up depressed?

Here are some ideas to occupy you in other ways and spend a good day, away from your console.

Invest in your kitchen

In a week, monopolized by your daily life, you don’t always make time make delicious home-cooked meals ? It can be a good idea to start as soon as you have some time on your hands.

In general, we tend to be in a better mood after doing something creative. And cooking is both fun and rewarding!

Taking some time to develop homemade recipes allows you to relax, to improve in a discipline, but also to be more organized.

By preparing your small meals in advance, you will no longer have any excuses for eating ultra-processed food, the nutritional limitations we now know.

Whether baking a simple cake or preparing some food in advance, give it a try! This is a perfect job for relax while having fun to his entourage, who will be more than happy with this initiative.

Enjoy the endless benefits of reading

In the age of screens, social networks and continuous news channels, we have less time to read. We have become accustomed to quick access to brief information that has already been reviewed.

How about spending more time reading? Studies have shown that short reading times are enough to lower muscle tension and heart rate.

Reading stimulates your brain, activates imagination and thinking. Finally, the reading will be done develop sensitivity and empathy: another reason to get started!

Grooming, a fashionable activity

It’s a topic we’ve heard a lot about in the media lately. Storage consultant Marie Kondo popularized the book ” The magic of storage became a best-seller in 2011, over time grooming has become no longer a dreaded activity, but a source of fulfillment.

The goal: to organize, organize and above all declutter your interior to feeling better at home. Take some time to sort, donate, throw away or resell the things you no longer use.

You can start with one room and then expand your scope of action.

do not be afraid start with simple tasks: declutter the office, organize the clothes in the dressing room, get rid of the dishes you no longer use…

Don’t be too ambitious, move on just one step at a time.

You will find that organizing your home means clearing your mind. And you can see that this is an effective way of approaching it your daily life with serenity .

A bath in nature

What better way to completely disconnect from video games than to leave the house? It’s time for explore your environment especially if you don’t take the time to do it.

We now know that obtaining oxygen in nature is a perfect anti-stress activitybecause it has a beneficial effect on the level of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Throughout your outing, whether in the forest, in the city park or on the beach,your mind will be completely quietand your thoughts slowly scroll by little by little.

If you’re prone to anxiety, consider pairing some breathing exercises with your walk. Studies have also found that getting outside regularly helps improve sleep and of strengthen the immune system . So you have no excuse not to let go of your screens and get outside for some fresh air!

Move instead of playing video games!

Do we still need to demonstrate the benefits of daily physical activity? Thanks to the secretion of hormones such as endorphins, sport generates a both physical and mental well-being. You improve your physical performance, but also intellectual thanks to the better oxygenation of the brain.

Regular physical activity protects against cardiovascular diseasesand regulates your blood pressure. It is also a great ally for maintaining your healthy weight and improving the aging process by preventing osteoporosis.

Therefore, making time for regular physical activity is a great alternative to video games.

Change your classics

Take advantage of the time usually spent on your controllers to discover movies you’ve heard about for a long time without ever seeing.

Watching the movie allows you to disconnect from your everyday life for two hours in general while giving you food for thought and an imaginary world that is great for morale. Cinema is the perfect tool to browse a palette of emotions in a short time.

This is the opportunity to exchange your views with your friends or family, an important moment of exchange.

Get involved in a new discipline

Do you want to change your mind? Why not start a new discipline! With the proliferation of specialized blog articles andvideo tutorials you are sure to find the technical support you may need.

By spending a little time here every week, you can improve your creations, write your first short story, make a photograph, give time to an association…

The range of activities is wide and gives you the opportunity to add a string to your bow.


To get your mind off things and gradually leave the world of video games, it’s not that complicated.

Keep in mind that it is important to take time for yourselfand rest from his daily work. This time is precious, use it wisely by taking actionpositive activitywhose benefits are well established.

Reading, physical activity, cooking, nature walks…

There are so many healthy alternatives to video games for your body and mind!

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