911 Sport Classic: the “bankable” Porsche

Dsince rolling off its hump, the 911 has only bounced, grown, multiplied and sometimes been reborn when we stopped loving its famous Flat-Six, mounted on a rear overhang. This double mechanical and architectural incompatibility, which is strange today, nevertheless made all the salt and, when it was a question of perhaps removing it from the catalog, it was in a movement of revolt of the Porschists that we attended, that for them there was no question of euthanizing in 911.

Sixty years later, there are countless versions of the 911 and even experts sometimes have to dig through their archives to find their way around. In this regard, the wonderful exhibition taking place in the Luberon, at the Lustrerie Mathieu, with 40 Porsches marked with history is, to try to clarify the matter, not to be missed. Finding a connection to the Sport Classic of our test is however difficult, except perhaps the first by name, which was released in 2009. For the 2023 version, it will be necessary to act very quickly, few cars are available because the circulation is limited to 1,250 that copy.


We are witnessing a big part of Meccano with this amazing SC with a truly amazing outfit. It must be said that the base is no longer a 911 S, as in the first SC, but the 911 Turbo and its wide body that is already in the XL. Pay attention to the maneuvers in the town, in particular, which is not exactly his favorite playground. Unlike the 911 to the 997 type, which is still reasonable in size, the 991 and 992 have been Americanized, but this too for the benefit of on-board technologies. Exactly, while it is a biturbo body, we notice that the rear wing has been fixed, continuing to provide the same support as in sport mode in its mobile alter ego.

Another unique sign, the 60 and the side stripes on the doors and those running on the hood and the roof to indicate the anniversary is a free option. On the other hand, the bonnet and the double boss roof made of carbon are exclusive to the model. Porsche also completely revised the aerodynamic study and added new front bumpers and rear extractors. The profiled side sills ending in a fin in front of the bulging fenders and no air intake are all details of these special attentions, claimed on the engine grille of a Porsche heritage crest and on the front fenders .

On the technical side, the presence of the 911 T with its more economical method requires the maintenance of two turbos with significant power, but to combine them with the 7-speed manual gearbox, it is necessary to stimulate the torque curve . Judicious, because too brutal a deployment exposes some inconvenience to a car that has lost four-wheel drive. These, on the other hand, drive and hardly hide the massive carbon brakes visible behind Fuchs-style rims with central clamping. The managed sports chassis suspension has been modified for spring and shock absorber settings, with variable behavior (from wet to sport+) depending on the driver’s mood, which can also be tailor-made.


The 911 is still a tour de force of ergonomics with two spare rear seats with folding backrests for luggage. We like that, but also the driving position: it has improved significantly with the size increase. The impressive bucket seats electrically adjustable in all directions in our car combine cognac leather on the sides and houndstooth fabric in the center, reminiscent of the first 911. The instrument is tinted green and the wood inserts and lacquer piano are come to cheer this group, full of difference. The multimedia screen brings together all the necessary functions and detailed vehicle settings, which can also be accessed, for dynamic handling, via a rotary button on the steering wheel.


The first contact with such a car was made with double caution due to its rarity and its astronomical price. 70,000 euros more expensive than a Turbo and 50,000 more than a Turbo S, the Sport Classic is a connoisseur’s 911, which can be driven. Lightened by 70 kg, it is nevertheless obedient with the elasticity of the Flat-Six and an exemplary goodwill at very low speeds. This impressive flexibility despite 150 Nm of lost torque and 30 hp less power bodes well for improved usability. Accelerations are nevertheless dazzling, although the chrono recorded 0 to 100 elapsed from 2.8 to 4.1 s, i.e. the time of a GTS.

But that doesn’t matter because the box, precise and stable, as expected, interacts with the enthusiasm of the engine. The intense sensation, supported by consistent and precise steering and powerful braking, lives up to the expected contract. On winding roads, you’ll occasionally use 4ewhile the 7e, due to its length, is reserved for motorway use. It is better to register a six-speed grid in mind so as not to make a mistake, but, for a few kilometers, the SC will fit you like a glove. On the other hand, athletic at heart, he dislikes bad surfaces, where he mocks his passengers. Once the surface becomes more regular, the Sport Classic delivers an intoxicating recital where the tachometer needle is a sight to behold. Besides, we have no time and, with the sports exhaust, we are already on another planet, convinced that we have won one of these 911s that will count in the history of the brand.


– Custom Styling

– Excellent chassis

– Amazing quality

– Extraordinary sensation


– XL width

– Uncomfortable on broken roads

– Value of rare items

– Weakness in town

Under the hood of the Porsche 992 Sport Classic

Engine: 6-cylinder flat, biturbo

Displacement: 3,745cc3

Power: 550 hp at 6,750 rpm

Torque: 600 Nm at 2,000 to 6,000 rpm

Drivetrain: rear wheels

Gearbox: 7-speed manual

Dimensions LxWxH: 4535 x 1900 x 1293mm

Trunk: 128 l (front)

0-100km/h: 4.1s

Speed: 315 km/h

Consumption: 12.6 l

CO2: 285 g/km (€50,000 fine)

Weight: 1,570 kg (3.5 kg/hp)

Price: €280,603 (test model: €284,869)

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