A horror house to visit for Halloween near Dieppe

The decorations are homemade, mostly from recycled materials. Sylvain Dubois and his family invite the public to discover them until November 15, 2022. (© Dieppe Information)

Within a few years, the Dubois family was in the habit of decorating his property with Halloween.

Over time, the decorations piled up, so last year, people thronged the rue du Bel Arques-la-Bataille (Seine-Maritime) to see the decorations by Sylvain Dubois.

So much imagination

Sylvain Dubois and his family are waiting for thrill seekers.
Sylvain Dubois and his family are waiting for thrill seekers. (© Dieppe Information)

With the help of his wife Nadège and his children Nathan and Théo, Arquais deploys the treasures of imagination to find the most gruesome decorations possible for Halloween.

Also, since October 8, the Dubois house lights up every night and the show is stronger than last year.

“I kept what I had and I built something else”, explains Sylvain Dubois modestly.

homemade ornaments

What the father of the family does not specify is that he spends a lot of time there and he is always looking for material to create his decorations throughout the year: “I am there for the month of April. Between construction, recovery, it takes time. It also took me more than a week to install everything”.

In addition, Sylvain Dubois makes it a point of honor to buy as few materials as possible and make his own decorations.

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The father of the family makes his decorations himself.
The father of the family makes his decorations himself. (© Dieppe Information)

He collects pallets, old plastic dummies destined for the trash for example and then he creates: the dummies turn into bloody corpses, heads and feet hanging from both sides.

He took the detail to create a fake coffin with lights, smoke and a corpse inside.

Taken at his own game

The atmosphere in Arques-la-Bataille (Seine-Maritime) is bloody.
The atmosphere in Arques-la-Bataille (Seine-Maritime) is bloody. (© Dieppe Information)

For his creations, it is above all the D system. He smiles and tells two anecdotes: “When we changed our boiler, the heating engineer wanted to take the heating body, I refused, I already had an idea for this year”.

And also: “In my company, road signs for trucks are in the dumpster, I asked for permission to take them. »

Sometimes it happens that Sylvain Dubois is caught in his own game: “When I entered my building, I was afraid of myself, facing in front of a headless body. »

The family also exploits the roots of horror cinema with Scream faces, the Chucky doll for example.

Lights and smoke

But that’s not all: in addition to decorations that light up at night, spooky music, smoke, everything is there to be terrifyingly wonderful to discover.

Halloween decorations will appeal to horror lovers.
Halloween decorations will appeal to horror lovers. (© Dieppe Information)

The most curious visitors can cross the gate of the property, especially on weekends, between October 22 and November 2, 2022: the Dubois couple will be there to show the interior decorations because if many can be seen from the road, as much can be seen on the property.

But be careful, this Halloween decoration may offer you some surprises!

Looking for former models

This year, in front of the garage, on the side of the road, the Dubois family set up a table with a guest book and a donation box to be used to offer candies to guests and to finance purchases in the future of new decorations.

In addition to recovering materials to be recycled, Sylvain Dubois uses low-consumption LED-type lighting and is careful not to abuse the lighting time. On the other hand, he is looking for former store models, old and young, for his next creations.

The Dubois family will leave their Halloween decorations up until November 15 before radically changing the atmosphere with more magical Christmas decorations.

Practical information
The Halloween house of the Dubois family can be seen and visited at night from 6 pm to 9 pm until November 15. It is located on the rue du Bel, a few meters after the town hall, in the direction of the cemetery of course.

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