At CES, Dell wants to compete with the PS5 controller: what are the differences?

On January 5, Las Vegas will host the new edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, commonly known as CES. Since its first edition in 1967, CES is the unmissable Tech event where the biggest brands come together to dream of announcing tomorrow’s innovations.

While waiting for the PlayStation VR2 conference on January 5 at 1 am (France time), video games are in the spotlight even before the opening of the show. Dell wants to do better than the PS5 controller at CES 2023, and its concepts Called ‘Nyx’ Discover the controller of the future today.


With the Nyx concept controller, Dell is ready to revolutionize the PC gaming experience. Since 2022, a consortium of experts gathered within the Experience Innovation Group (EIG) has been working on a revolutionary controller that could redefine the future of video games. The main idea of ​​the project is to allow players from the same household to easily and simultaneously access their game libraries, on all their devices, even if they change screens in progress. of the road.

While the “keyboard and mouse” combo remains a safe bet for PC gamers, the controller is starting to be used and appreciated more. That’s why Alienware, Dell’s gaming department, has mobilized its teams to design a gamepad that reinvents the gaming experience and meets the current needs of gamers.

With the Nyx concept, Dell is clear: the company wants to test new technologies and pave the way for future experiments. For this, we found a concentrate of new technologies inside this controller such as a smart fingerprint reader, which will allow users to immediately access their favorite games. It will also be possible to broadcast content to all devices and screens by making certain movements with the controller or simply by using voice assistance.

Like the DualSense PS5, Alienware relies on haptic feedback to allow its Nyx concept to immerse gamers in total immersion during their long gaming sessions. We found analog sticks with self-adjusting variable resistance, depending on the game and the user’s preferences. Whether driving a tank, using a bow to hunt, or fighting robots, the analog sticks and action buttons provide realistic sensory feedback.

Nyx concept: what changes

To best suit PC gamers, Alienware has included very specific features in this controller that limit menu openings while offering gamers constant immersion. The Nyx controller has Shift keys to multiply the number of options available on the front buttons. An innovative scroll wheel to easily navigate and change tools. As well as a smart touchpad for instant access to custom commands.

DELL Nyx CES 2023 concept


The Nyx concept controller also has Wi-Fi connectivity integrated into it, which will allow users and other household members to simultaneously display: messaging applications, e-mail, movies or games on intuitive split screens. It is also possible to connect one or more wireless headsets. Thus, it will be completely possible for gamers to play on half of the screen while another user is watching a movie or playing another game on the other half of the television. Convenient.

In 2020, the PS5 DualSense controller revolutionized the video game industry. It’s clearly the controller of the future with haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, touchpad, motion detection and 3D audio compatibility. This controller won the title “best controller in the history of video games”. With the Nyx concept, Alienware has all the cards in hand to compete with the Sony controller.

It promises us a very interesting rivalry in the coming months, especially as Sony prepares the arrival of the DualSense Edge, a premium controller that will bring more features to its PS5 pad and will be available in within a few days.

Sony PS5

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