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The Illustrated Encyclopedia: Pharaonic Egypt, a kingdom of light Christian Jacq XO edition, EPA, 528 pages, €49.95

As Egypt prepares to reopen its museum in Cairo, Christian Jacq, Egyptologist and novelist, in the purest tradition of the “Egyptian scribe”, takes us back in time to discover the buried secrets of Egyptian civilization, the its gods and pharaohs. A lavish work enriched by unpublished documents, a unique and impressive work, the result of 50 years of research and 12 years of writing. And the author to trust us. “Pharaonic Egypt shaped the soul of the world, invented eternity and achieved the impossible union between spirit and matter. This book tries to understand why this miracle was possible. This book is a tribute and an offering…”


Guinness World Records 2023 Hachette editions, 256 pages, €29.95

The world is changing at breakneck speed, but Guinness World Records is always up to date. Circle the Solar System and follow the new Space Race playing now. Then, return to Earth and discover exotic animals. Meet the people with the most incredible physiques (the tallest, the shortest, the hairiest…) or the ones with the most extraordinary talents. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days, the book takes you on a tour of our planet, comfortably installed in your armchair, to visit amazing natural places, emblematic tourist sites and rub shoulders with exotic cultures. A team of video game specialists has gathered the 25 greatest records of all time in this field. And of course, all the sports records are compiled in this new edition. This year again, the Guinness Word Records collector’s cover is illustrated by Rod Hunt. The adventure continues, still like SENSATIONAL.


Snowdrops wake up under snowflakes Sophie Jomain Éditions Charleston, 304 pages, €19

Liia Josserand and her father are proud of the Perce-Neige refuge where reindeer roam freely, in the heart of the MontBlanc massif. Even if the end of the month is difficult, for nothing in the world, they will abandon their animals… Even less under the pressure of a starred chef who wants to buy them for their meat. A few weeks before Christmas, time is running out and the cook has yet to say her last word. He didn’t hesitate to enter the shelter incognito to find out more and, who knows, convince this strange family to sell him a caribou or two at a good price. War seems to have been declared, but the unexpected arrival of the famous Nicolas Claus could change the situation.


Little kills in Endgame Alexandra Benedict Charleston Editions, 448 pages, €19.90

This year, Lily Armitage is invited to spend the Christmas holidays at Endgame House, the magnificent family mansion where her eccentric aunt Liliana reigns. As when they were children, he planned for his nieces and nephews a giant treasure hunt: twelve puzzles to be solved in the twelve days after Christmas. But the price is high: Liliana is dead and whoever wins will inherit the property. But that wasn’t the only reason that drove Lily to walk through the tall doors of Endgame House for the first time in 20 years. He hopes to finally discover the truth about his mother’s mysterious disappearance. But as the game progresses, the tension between the cousins ​​becomes more and more intense. And when a snowstorm cuts them off from the rest of the world, Lily realizes that the mansion holds dark secrets, and she bets her life on this dangerous game… A breathtakingly atmospheric mystery , between Christmas traditions, tense family reunions and worrying losses.


Snowy Little Lies Fanny DL Hugo Paperback, 320 pages, €7.90

From a young age, Jill has always lied to her family so as not to disappoint them. His latest canard? Turning his overstretched assistant position into a team leader. Because he is ready for anything than to see his parents sad, especially at Christmas. On the train to her hometown, between two files imposed by her boss, she meets Matthew, a rather hot professional author and fake part-time boyfriend. A victim of white page syndrome, Matthew is paid to include the perfect son-in-law for a few days. This is also his program for Christmas and apparently, the family of his new client is quite a challenge. Unconventional work that reassures Jill about her own secret. Rather liberating to reveal yourself to a complete stranger. Finally, when we don’t see him anymore…


Manga, so many stories… Matthieu Pinon, Larousse, 240 pages, €34.95

For several years now, it has conquered the libraries of the youngest; he captivated a wider and wider audience and he explored richer and more complex universes by inventing so many fascinating characters. From Dragon Ball to Sailor Moon, from Fairy Tale to Naruto, without forgetting the legendary One Piece, the manga is based on a history closely related to the history of Japan, emblematic characters and a wonderful difference- other editorial. He even takes on current topics and historical and social issues (feminism, politics, war…) Here his amazing story is told, his extraordinary epic on the origin of an incredible success. A retrospective of Manga that all lovers want to eat.


rumba life

DVDs and Blu-rays €14.99

Victim of a heart attack, Tony, a 50-year-old bus driver, has the courage to see again Carmen, his great love, mother of a child Mariah whom Tony has never met. To get closer to him and get to know him better, “the old boy” enrolled in rumba lessons given by his daughter. A touchingly tender comedy, Rumba la vie is the second film directed by Franck Dubosc after Everyone Upright, which was also successful…


Again, Patrick Bruel Columbia, €16

Patrick Bruel didn’t like to send us pictures of his olive trees, but he was kind enough to send us his album. Thanks Patrick! Because yes, we can shout his name again. This album promises to be a new breakthrough in the artist’s career. The singer’s strength is to respect his universe by adapting it to the times. The text and music are perfect, tailor-made for him. Dark subjects, the dying planet, ecology, fake news, abortion, and more touching themes, love, fatherhood, memories, nostalgia… The talent and voice are full. A real Christmas present.


My first swan lake Until 05.03

To introduce your children or grandchildren to the art of ballet, this show is a great first approach. The story is simplified into two acts (2 x 40 minutes with an intermission) and will lead the audience through the magical story of Odette and Prince Siegfried to Tchaikovsky’s famous music. Karl Paquette, star dancer of the Paris Opera signed the artistic direction. A charming moment. Mogador Theater, 25 rue de Mogador, 75009 Paris, from €25


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