Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Do Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo really matter?

Game news Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Do Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo really matter?

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle continues to celebrate the release of the latest cult franchise film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Released in June in theaters in Japan and in October 2022 in France, the film introduces a new form for Gohan (say Beast) and a new form for Piccolo (say Orange). They’re already available in Dokkan Battle, but are they really worth it?


  • As far as mark cards?
  • To call or not?
  • Use your Dragon Stones well
  • Easy to Get Dragon Stones

As far as mark cards?

The discovery of the map is debated on social networks, does Gohan “Beast” meet the expectations of the community? Great punching power and a “Beast” form that can only be used in active practice (ie, a technique that will only be used once per battle) are its strong points, but rather disappointing in defense stats, a problem in conjunction (for good reason). ‘joining a team and making use of one’s abilities), as well as a very high appetite in terms of KI (the mandatory resource for launching special attacks and so on… ) requires having the right teammates to really take advantage of it.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Do Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo really matter?

Finally, the players appreciate it more Orange Piccolo who became a monster in the field of defense. Its protection stats, along with its special powers, make this card the star of this movie festival! In addition, it has a giant mode that makes it invincible for several turns and its damage should not be underestimated for a defensive unit. However, it is not free from flaws. Like Gohan, he has serious integration and KI issues due to his links (passive bonuses that activate when two cards from the same team share them).

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Do Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo really matter?Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Do Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo really matter?

Please note, however: We don’t mean these units are bad, far from it, but we can have cards that are more effective and, in this way, more on occasion (especially regarding Gohan). For those who want more details in terms of mechanics, you can find our detailed review of the cards right here.

To call or not?

In the end, that’s everyone’s question. Before we get to the nitty-gritty, know that portals are less resource intensive at the moment, allowing you to try to summon more. In fact, until January 11, 2023 at 4:59 pm, you will have a multi-summon (when you draw 10 characters at random to try to get the new card) offered after three summoning attempts. Actually, this means that instead of spending 200 Dragon Stones (= DS: in-game currency that allows you to make draws) to make 4 draws, you will only spend 150.

Also note that once the sales end, the portals to summon these two characters from the movie will remain available until January 22, 2023, at 06:59.

Use your Dragon Stones well

Because if you’re thinking twice about using your DS to try and get these heroes, remember there’s no rush because these portals will remain available for a few weeks. This can give you time to see the next portals that might be of interest to you. Second point, it has been a tradition for several years in Dokkan Battle to see a new year “step up” portal with promotions that guarantee getting LR cards (= Legendary Rare, the highest rarity in the game) as well the others as well. very good And that is exactly the case today!

That said, this portal is actually a bad idea: many cards can be summoned there, but targeting one in particular seems impossible since you have little chance of falling into it. So you should try your luck if many cards are likely to interest you. In conclusion, for a new player, it might be interesting to try your luck to recover some good units that might be missing.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Do Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo really matter?

For someone who has been playing the game for a long time, convincing you to invest your resources into it is complicated. Most of the units on offer are quite dated, so you probably own most of them. Finally, the interest of these portals is mainly to have two cards that are very rare (say LR) for 200 DS. Again, while the idea sounds good on paper, it doesn’t in reality. Most of the LRs you can get don’t allow you to complete the really hard events right now in the game, so they don’t represent significant progress in your box (your collection of cards). Then again, due to the amount of cards present in the detector, it is highly discouraged to invoke that only targets one card in particular.

Going back to Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo, know that they are available in two different portals: If we give the affective side that we can get for Goku’s son, it’s a better idea to try your luck at the Orange Piccolo portal. The list of characters available in parallel with Piccolo is better and Namek represents a real addition to your collection, which is, again, less the case with Gohan, even though he hit so (very) hard. Let’s be clear, the Orange Piccolo will be more useful in helping you complete the hardest events in the game (for example, Red Zones or Cell Max missions).

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Do Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo really matter?Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Do Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo really matter?

Easy to Get Dragon Stones

Remember that there is a lot of content to do in DBZ Dokkan Battle right now and they can get you some DS easily and quickly to try your luck with your portals summons. A new Story mode is available, called “DRAGON BALL SUPER: SUPER HERO”, completing it in its entirety should net you around twenty DS (if you complete the associated missions in addition).

A new Red Zone event (hardest event in the game) also comes with challenges. In this chapter called “Red Ribbon Saga”, you will face enemies from the famous Dragon Ball license army. Two levels have been added so far, allowing to collect 5 DS each. Although Red Zone levels are generally quite high, the first two releases shouldn’t cause you any problems at this point.

The Battlefield event, Bataille Royale in French (specific challenges) has also been updated and should net you around thirty DS. Be careful in this edition that brings new bosses, don’t forget to use cards that allow you to reduce the attack or block the special attack of your opponents to make your job easier. And finally, still on challenges, a new level of “The Endless Story” has been added. The 23rd level called “Against the vigilantes” allows you to recover around twenty DS.

This should allow you to test calls just by playing and that’s the main thing!

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