Flop 2022 – The 10 Lowest Rated Games of the Year

We can’t start the year 2023 without doing a little of last year’s Flop 10 the same way!

The year 2022 is rich in Xbox games. Among the long list of more than 600 games that went through the grinder with us, we decided to “differentiate” the games with the 10 worst game ratings. year, with a big kick in the ass as a bonus.

Watch your eyes, it will bleed…

1/ Bones of Halloween – 5/100

Halloween seeds are a good dirt. The interest is boring, the fun is non-existent and the content is ridiculous. Graphically, it doesn’t fly high, it’s frankly disgusting, the animations are ridiculous and the atmosphere is poor. There’s no music and we’re only entitled to some cheap sound effects of crows watching us pee. You can play by leaving your finger pressed on the firing trigger while fiddling with the noodle, it won’t change what’s happening on the screen. Actually, it only costs 4.99 euros, but that’s 4.99 euros too much!

Halloween seeds should be avoided, even if you chase achievements, it will hurt your ass to suffer this loss. It’s an empty-and-oh-no-playable product!

2/ Outbreak: Infectious Memories – 7/100

Outbreak: Contagious Memories is the new episode of a saga that has chained bad ratings in our columns. Will this one rise above the average? No!

It’s a very bad title where you control a character with a broom on the butt, with a non-existent interface and, of course, without any French translation to guide you. It’s like playing an ultra mega cheap copy of Resident Evil. An action game where you stumble against monsters with a technical level worthy of an Xbox first game of the name and a gameplay to tear your hair out. We still have a question: why? Why continue to kill their license? Finish it, do it!

3/ Go All Out – 8/100

Go All Out is not the brawler we would recommend even if it is the only one on the market! The fault lies mainly in a gameplay that doesn’t tick any fun box! The game was therefore lost by KO in the first round!

4/ God Damn The Garden – 8/100

Take Doom… Oh and then no. It’s annoying to talk about Doom to try to explain this stuff. God Damn The Garden is a game that made us suffer. Visually at first, and then playfully speaking, it is exhausting.

God Damn The Garden is bad, very bad even. A good prank that you’d better avoid in the store, even if there’s a promotion or you’re trying to boost your gamerscore. Escape, it will save you from depression! And we haven’t told you about the game’s dialogues yet… Oh hell, if you knew how lame it is… Anyway…

5/ 41 Hours – 10/100

Make a cross between a visual novel and an FPS: you get 41 Hours, a very rotten game! In other words, we’ll make it simple and concise: 41 Hours is a badass FPS. It can’t do anything, except for its lifespan, but since this title is a pain to play, we might as well put this point down to mistakes. It is believed that those who buy this game will not play for more than 41 minutes. And again, we see wide!

6/ QUByte Classics: Zero Tolerance Collection by PIKO – 10/100

Was it better before? No, obviously not!

This game collection is based on the title Zero Tolerance, originally developed in the early 90s on the Mega Drive by leading independent game developer, Technopop, and released in 1994 by Accolade. Technopop is funded by Randel Reiss, who is the owner of “Zero Tolerance”. And suddenly, he had the great idea to put us a version of Qubyte Classics that includes 3 games: Zero Tolerance, Zero Tolerance Underground and a new demo called Zero Tolerance Beyond, which can be unlocked by completing one of two other games.

In other words, we won’t be wearing gloves. The Zero Tolerance Collection is crap that should have stayed in his closet. There are old things that don’t need to be dug up. A throw away game!

7/ Legendary Heroes – 11/100

A MOBA that will change the game? The answer is no! Right now, Legendary Heroes isn’t an enjoyable game. She drools like Nicky Larson in front of a panty stand. Playability side, neither. The game has frustrating lag and inaccuracies in its skills that will make you feel like a goat.

In summary, if you find that you, a loved one, or a rival is spending too much time in MOBAs, give them Legendary Heroes to calm them down for a while. But it is possible that it will have the opposite effect and make you more addicted to good games!

8/ Shadow Man Remastered – 11/100

It’s not just “Shadow Man”! Nah, it’s Shadow Man Remastered. When you stick something like that in a game, you raise eyebrows like The Rock! However, on paper, we were promised 3 new levels: “Summer Camp, Florida” (day and night) “Salvage Yard, Mojave Desert” (day and night) “Asylum 2 – experimental rooms”, new music by Tim Haywood, new weapons and new HD graphic rendering. In other words, we are spreading new things but… From the first pictures, we don’t feel that the game has been redone! Oh no! This baby’s clothes smell disgusting.

Overall, there isn’t much to save in this Shadow Man Remastered. We are dying in front of this game and in front of so much mess because Shadow Man has material to be nice but there… We are clearly in the other world!

9/ Ship Graveyard Simulator – 12/100

“Ship Graveyard Simulator is aptly named because it is a bit like the graveyard of Simulators. I laughed about it at the beginning of the test but at the end of the test, less. The advantage is that it will create other masterpieces of the Simulator and all of a sudden, I’m jealous of Riggs giving out fines to passers-by!” said Korganor at the end of his exam. That pretty much sums up the pain of playing Ship Graveyard Simulator.

10/ Slap the Rocks – 13/100

A little game where you have to hit the rocks to fill the holes and reach the treasure. Big ! Uh no.

Slap the Rocks is a pointless, boring and generally unpleasant game to play. Although it is not expensive, it remains a poor quality/price ratio. It looks like a mini-game of a small independent game that didn’t fly very high. We’ve touched the bottom of video game interest in a nutshell.

To conclude, find the list of these tests with links in the table below:

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