Here are the best co-op games not to be missed!

Co-op games come in many forms, enough to satisfy any group of friends and all your desires.

In our time, multiplayer games have become a mass democracy. With the advent of online, players around the world can find their friends and engage in wild games with just a few clicks, regardless of the distance that separates them. Unfortunately, the ease of playing with many other players and even strangers has favored the rise of massively multiplayer games.

While they provide the same rewarding experience, they tend to lose the charm of old-school co-op games. Now, there are some titles that offer gameplay for a small group of players, like when you invite your friends to share some controllers. To find this nostalgic feeling and share good times with loved ones, here are five co-op games that deserve your attention!

Stardew Valley (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, iOS and Android)

This is a great classic that may be in your library, but impossible to forget! Unique Stardew Valley for cozy gaming sessions tending to a farm with friends. Up to 4 players can get together and enjoy the calm and soothing universe of this charming simulation game. Agriculture, adventure and love await you. This title is not cross-platform, so be sure to buy the same version as your loved ones.

The Past Within (PC, Switch, Mac, iOS and Android)

Developed by puzzle game expert Rusty Lake Studio, The Past Within is the perfect two-person brainstorming experience. Players of We Were Here will recognize the asymmetrical gameplay where each player faces different clues to help the other. One in the past, the other in the future, can you solve multiple puzzles? To play, there is no need to connect, just one copy of the game each and a way to communicate (in person or via Discord for example).

Spiritfarer (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, iOS and Android)

Grab the tissues, here’s a playable duo adventure that won’t put you off. Spiritfarer you are invited to become a ferryman of souls. This sweet story invites reflection on mourning and the loss of loved ones. With a superb artistic direction and a soundtrack with little onions, it’s a sensory and emotional journey guaranteed. This title is available free of charge to Netflix subscribers through the platform’s mobile game catalog.

Haven (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch)

Do you want to play with your other half? This is the perfect RPG. On a separate planet, you can go on an adventure and explore beautiful landscapes together. Following is the story of two lovers who left everything to be together. Themes of love and freedom are central elements of the storytelling. In addition to being beautiful and touching, the game allows all couples to enjoy this adventure. So, the protagonists can be male or female depending on your orientation and your life partner.

Heave Ho (PC, Mac, Switch)

Cocorico, here’s a French game that won’t fail to spice up your gaming sessions with others. Heave Ho is a game developed by Le Cartel Studio and published by Devolver Digital with a simple principle but not that easy. Just cross the level without falling into the void. To do this, you will need to coordinate your movements with your friends: a more complicated task than it seems. Playable for 4, this title promises as much laughter as anger!

Honorable mention

Of course, there are other great classics of the collaboration genre and it is impossible for us to list them all. If you are looking for other options, know that you can turn to these alternatives without hesitation:

  • It takes two (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch)
  • A Way Out (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)
  • Legends of Rayman (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch)
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PC, PlayStation)
  • Cuphead (PC, Mac PlayStation, Xbox, Switch)

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