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Are you a teacher and would you like to conduct an educational media education project with your students? It is well known that Le Républicain Lorrain now offers a whole series of Pass Culture workshops through the Adage interface. After a reflection carried out over several months with Clemi Lorraine, the departments of the Nancy-Metz Academy more widely, as well as the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) of Lorraine, we set up a full series of workshops to even meet your expectations.

The collective offers that we will detail for you, which we can clearly enrich according to your expectations and which range from discovering how an editorial office works to accompanying a class or group of students in creating or modification of a school newspaper for a period that may extend within the school year. Our offers extend to webjournalism workshops, making podcasts or video documentaries.

These workshops are based on projects carried out for a long time within our titles: L’Est des ecoliers de Nancy, the newspaper for college students in the Vosges, residences for journalists , interventions as part of the school press week… Our aim is to give each project a tailored offer. Just contact us through the Adage platform and we’ll get back to you shortly. Here is a selection of our workshop proposals that will surely expand in the future.

1. Support for writing an establishment journal. We provide our expertise and our tools to train budding editors, support them in the selection of articles, angles, content, in layout and in the promotion of their work digitally and On paper. This workshop can take several forms and in several sessions to be determined with the establishments.

2. Creation of a settlement journal. Many establishments like to set up an internal journal. As for the previous workshop, we can accompany the students and the teaching team to participate in this adventure;

3. Discovery of a newspaper. Would you like to visit the various newspaper departments and our printing center with your students? We welcome you to the headquarters of L’Est Républicain in Houdemont (54). The visit will be enhanced by a presentation of the functioning of a newspaper and the possibility of participating in educational games around the historical UNES of the newspaper, a game with words or a game playing around a conference. fictional writing.

4. Writing workshop. A concentrate of workshops 1 and 2 in one session. This workshop lasting 2 to 3 hours presents the operation of a newspaper, the rules and methods of writing, the definition of the editorial line, the deployment of the newspaper digitally and in social networks.

5. How to spot and combat misinformation. Between 2 and 3 hours, we offer advice on tracking fake news, how to verify information, put it in perspective, somehow deconstruct information to learn how to reconstruct it. Look for fake news, pictures taken out of context, all through a presentation that allows students to better understand all the information that spreads on social networks.

6. Web journalism. Making a report of students for digital media. They choose their topic and we discuss it with them so that it can be broadcast on digital media: writing by students, video shooting by students, content on social networks, distribution and promotion on our platforms and digital content media with content accessible to all audiences. through our sites and applications.

7. Making a podcast. Learning ways of podcast production, distribution and promotion on our digital platforms and content accessibility to all audiences through our sites and applications.

8. Discovery of journalism professions, from the most traditional to the newest: from journalist, photographer, editor to social media manager, community manager, datajournalist.

Contacts: Ghislaine Champreux and Nathalie Lumacone: 03 87 19 34 65 or 03 87 19 34 01

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