PS5 purchase: January Conrad situation – New console bundles coming soon?

At the end of last year, Conrad’s online store surprisingly stocked the consoles. Will new PS5 bundles appear this new year?

Update from 02/01/2023 at 11:45 am: By the fall of November, Conrad had said nothing about restocking the PS5, but at select retailers, Sony’s massive pre-order action is still going strong. If you want to know more about this massive action, don’t miss any drops and always be up to date with the current PlayStation 5 restocking situation, be sure to check our PS5 Live Ticker regularly.

Update of 01.12.2022, 2:09 pm: Recently, many people have bought PS5 from Conrad. However, the console is now out of stock. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep an eye on the electronics retailer in the coming days.

A December drop currently looks pretty realistic – though many PS5 hunters have until recently written off the retailer entirely and basically declared it dead as far as the PS5 is concerned. But death does not seem to be the same – the 3 drops of November proved to be wonderful.

In other words: in any case, keep a close eye on Conrad this month. It is quite possible that there is more to come.

Buy PS5: Order the FIFA 23 console bundle today from Conrad

Update from 11.11.2022, 09:00: Electronics retailer Conrad is currently offering the PS5 in an official FIFA 23 (disc version) bundle with Gran Turismo 7. This is the 3rd drop of the week at Conrad. The price of €888.00 is quite high, but it can be reduced by €88.00 with the code “PS5DEAL”. So you get a 10% discount and pay €800. Currently, 44 (so far) bundles are still available. Delivery should take place next week between Monday and Wednesday.

If you don’t want to miss a copy of PlayStation 5 and want to be up to date with the latest news, check our PS5 Live Ticker regularly.

Update of 10/11/2022 at 06:50: After the drop on November 7, a new sale is currently underway at Conrad – as of yesterday evening. You can still get the official FIFA 23 bundle (disc version) with Gran Turismo 7 there for €888.00. The price is definitely a bit high, but it can be reduced by € 88.00 with the code “PS5DEAL”. Delivery is scheduled between Friday and Monday.

Update from 08.11.2022, 09:36: After the collapse, calm returned to Conrad. And it is not certain that it will be changed again due to the company’s new orientation (transition to “business to business” distribution).

In fact, according to the current situation, Conrad will only continue to operate the Wernberg-Köblitz branch. All other branch locations have been closed or will be closed sometime in 2022. In short: the distributor may be completely phased out as a PS5 source – at least as far as local stocks are concerned. It’s also not possible at this time to really check what happens with future online drops. In recent months, there have been occasional signs of life.

In other words: Conrad has rarely been relevant in the past when it comes to PS5 sales. And the situation should not really improve in view of the restructuring. But we definitely don’t rule out further price drops online.

Update of 07.11.2022, 2:45 pm: By the way, you can save a tidy sum of €88 during the PS5 sale at Conrad with the code “PS5DEAL” (thanks to user nr141 from

Update from 07.11.2022, 12:50: Big surprise for Conrad! You can currently find the official FIFA 23 bundle with the PS5 disc version as well as Gran Turismo 7 for €888.00. Delivery is scheduled for next week between Tuesday and Thursday. The remaining number of console bundles is shown on the page – and as we can see: Even at this price, there are still enough buyers.

Preliminary announcement on 12.08.2022: Hamburg, Germany – Who will believe again? Retailer Conrad Electronic has admittedly sold the PS5 before, but it’s not yet known as a regular or significant guarantor of supply. Also, the overall future of the PS5 drop at this retailer is still uncertain recently. In other words: Conrad is no longer in anyone’s sight. But now a new sale action has surfaced, where you can still get Sony’s coveted console.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Create Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
kind Fixed game console
generation 9th generation console
Storage medium Blu-Ray, SSD
Get out November 19, 2020

Buy PS5: Conrad rebels in August – The console is sold as a bundle

When was the last time you could buy a PS5 from Conrad? The last time Conrad offered the PS5 locally in its stores was a few years ago. The action began in early April 2022, but the consoles were still available in select stores on April 28. The offer then consisted of a bundle with the disc version of the PS5 with the games FIFA 22 and Horizon: Forbidden West for 689 €. There have been no online sales since the launch of the PlayStation 5.

How about PS5 restocking at Conrad now? Since the evening of August 11, the coveted PS5 console has been sold online at Conrad and can still be ordered (at 6:45 am). You can find a PS5 bundle with the PlayStation 5 plus the player as well as the three games FIFA 22 (PS4), Horizon: Forbidden West (PS5) and Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) for €699.00. Shipping is possible, delivery should take place between 15.08 and 17.08. You can also pick up the bundle at a Conrad branch near you. According to the announcement on Conrad’s site, there are currently over 230 bundles available (up from just over 1,000 at the start of the campaign).

PS5 purchase: Conrad’s future as a PS5 source is uncertain – Here’s the inside scoop

What is the future of the PS5 in Conrad? On August 11, 2022, Conrad resurfaced and is still very hot today when it comes to restocking PS5 consoles. But currently it is impossible to know how long it will be or when it will be possible to buy the next PlayStation 5 there (if there is one). The reason: a new orientation decided by the company.

This changed in Conrad: According to his own statements, Conrad will no longer operate its stores in the same format and above all in the same number as before. The company will rely more on B2B (ie, “business to business” distribution). However, mail order must be maintained.

According to the current state, only the Wernberg-Köblitz subsidiary will continue to operate in the current format. All other branch locations are closed or will be closed sometime in 2022, so Conrad may no longer source PS5s – at least in the form of local stores. So it’s highly unlikely that a local PS5 sales action will be rescheduled there. It’s also unclear what future drops are online now.

Moreover, at present, Conrad is not the only one who is interesting. If you want to be up to date with PlayStation 5 news and not miss any drops, check our PS5 Live Ticker regularly.

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