The French automotive market fell by almost 8% in 2022

Even if no one expects a miracle in the last month of the year, the statistics for passenger car registrations in France for the month of December 2022 (-0.06%) confirm a decrease in new car sales in 2022 after a very disappointing 2021. .

A further decrease of 7.83% in 2022

According to data provided by the Automotive Platform (PFA) from registrations recorded by AAA Data, the French automobile market is stable in December 2022: 158,027 units is registered at this time. A relatively low volume that does not give hope of any rebound in the market in the coming months. In the results of the year 2022, the French passenger car market shows a decrease of 7.83% for a volume of more than 1.5 million units. (1,529,035) far from the two million of the French market in 2019.

A decrease of 30.95% since 2019

Since 2019 and the piling up of crises (Covid-19, semiconductors, price inflation and energy or war in Ukraine), the French car market lost almost 700,000 new cars put on the road, a decrease of 30.95%. “Is this market level a transitory low before the long-awaited rally?questions Julien Billon, CEO of AAA Data. Order volume, still weak, tends to direct the first half towards market lows”. The question around the structure of the post-crisis French market is central. It is difficult to say whether we are witnessing a structural recomposition of the French market with reduced volumes caused by the increase in the price of electric vehicles compared to thermal vehicles. And add: To Apart from the parenthesis of the months of February and March, all other months of orders were down with a cumulative order volume of -6.3% for PCs and -17.6% for UV. These falling volumes tend to steer the first half of the year towards market lows”. This trend of a long-term structural fall in the automotive market rather than a cyclical one may accelerate the restructuring of the automotive sector in the coming months and years.

A market disrupted by the constraints of ZFEs and the end of thermal energy in 2035

As confirmed by AAA Data in its analysis, the 2022 automotive market report is a series of symbols that illustrate both the results of the underlying dynamics and an unprecedented drastic change. The changes are such that the very concept of affordable mobility seems to have to be reinvented, at least in the short term. “In ten years, among individuals, we went from 92% cash purchases/assigned credits to 51% rental formulas (LOA/LLD). In the same period, the average price of a car increased by 12,000 euros”. Due to the double constraint of ZFE-m and the deadline for the end of thermal power in 2035, electrified machines (electric and hybrid) represented almost 50% of the market in December. The number of electric vehicles alone has already surpassed diesel vehicles, which continues to fall. Chinese groups and manufacturers are strengthening their market share and now reach 2% of the market thanks to the dynamics of the electricity market.

The second-hand market in absolute decline

In 2020, the used car represents a true oxygen bubble for the automotive industry. Due to lack of renewed stock of mechanics new car purchases and used car trade-ins, this market ran out of steam in 2022. The used car market, down 13.5%, will suffer the most due to the lack of recent cars..

Head of Stellantis leading the Renault and Volkswagen groups

In the balance of brands for the year 2022, Stellantis remains in pole position with a market share of 31.26% despite a 14.7% loss in volumes compared to last year. While sales of the Alfa Romeo brand increased by 100%, sales of Jeep (-47.081%), Citroën (-19.77%), Peugeot (-14.1%), Fiat (-8.53%), DS (- 8%) and Opel (- 3.59%) fell. Renault group does better with sales down 6.66% and 24.16% market share in the French market. While sales of the Renault brand fell by 12.1%, sales of Alpine and Dacia increased by 32.14% and 4.51% respectively.

On the third step of this podium of passenger car registrations, we find the Volkswagen group. The top importer’s sales fell 11.75% for a market share of 12.77%. Except for Cupra (+88.59%), the annual results of the brands Seat (-48.72%), Porsche (-14.04%), Audi (-12.77%), Volkswagen (-7 .6%) and Skoda (- 4.92 %) fell. Among other imported brands, some of them posted good results, such as Mitsubishi (+24%), Tesla (+10.41%), Ford (+7.58%), Kia (+4.54%), Toyota (+4.26%), Hyundai (+4.12%), Nissan (+2.86%), Mini (+1.23%). While Chinese brands jumped by 40.27%, Jaguar brand sales (-36.38%), Suzuki (-35.61%), Lexus (-30.78%), Land Rover (-28, 07%), Volvo (- 21.81%), Smart (- 16.29%), Mercedes-Benz (- 5.54%) and BMW (- 1.15%), on the other hand, fell in 2022.

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