The PwC Tech Lab to inspire

PwC inaugurated last month, near Paris, the Tech Lab, a space dedicated to well-known and emerging technologies. Goal: develop new use cases among its customers, prospects and employees.

By offering a forward-looking and immersive experience, the PwC* Tech Lab, located at the group’s premises in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine), provides better understanding of using technologies to provide sustainable solutions to increasingly complex issues. “The idea is for our customers, employees and future talents of the group to better understand the technological challenges related to different sectors of activity through concrete examples, whether in industry, services or finance. .. “, explains Philippe Trouchaud, Chief Technology & Products Officer of PwC France and the Maghreb.

Therefore, the Tech Lab offers them a prospective and immersive journey in 3D in various virtual or augmented reality solutions, artificial intelligence, in connected hyper-intelligent networks, automation of security and trust or even robotization. smart or NFT. “Different stakeholders, both our customers and our employees, can manipulate these recent technologies, develop conversations about concrete use cases and test their potential. It is the combination of technology and people that will make it possible to meet the major economic, environmental and social challenges of tomorrow. »

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Technology, together with ESG issues, is one of the main pillars of the group’s new roadmap “The New Equation”, launched in mid-2021 and in which PwC France and Maghreb have made a 200 million euro investment in 2025. The consulting and auditing firm It also aims to double its workforce in data, cloud, cyber-security and artificial intelligence issues, including those applied to audit.

The Tech Lab is divided into three stages, from inspiration to innovation:

  • The Open areawhich aims to inspire, focusing on use cases of new technologies, applied to business, or how to do things differently…
  • The Scan area is dedicated to exploring a dozen themes around feedback or benchmarks in different verticals, on screen or through robots.
  • And the Focus areato act, will lead to co-creation sessions.

In France and the Maghreb, PwC develops consulting missions, audits and legal and tax expertise for organizations of all sizes and in all sectors of activity.

With more than 6,000 employees, its multidisciplinary teams pool their knowledge within an international network of more than 327,000 people in 155 countries. Interview with

Philippe Trouchaud, Chief Technology & Products Officer of PwC France and the Maghreb

Philippe Trouchaud, Chief Technology & Products Officer of PwC France and the Maghreb

Alliance. Why was this “Tech Lab” created? Did you miss it? Philippe Trouchaud.

In fact, we miss it in the use cases that we can create technologies for our customers. We need to be concrete in technology vis-à-vis them. And, for our collaborators, we need them to understand these topics, especially to demystify them, whether it’s artificial intelligence or the metaverse. The Lab is therefore intended to offer a new customer experience and to enable an increase in the skills of all our employees.

How are your customers reacting to all this “new” technology?

They are ready to take everything at any cost, because there is an urgent need for action in this area. All the historical players are now being disrupted by new entrants, all “Digital Natives”. Tech is becoming a real differentiator in all sectors, be it finance or health…For the company to transform and maintain its market share, productivity and the customer experience must improve, and this requires of using new technological solutions.

Are you currently linking TECH issues to ESG concerns? [Elles consomment d’énormes quantités d’électricité, NDLR]First, technology must improve its carbon footprint! Some customers, for example, do not want to use crypto-currencies because their carbon footprint is so bad…


Then, internally, we must support our employees in the appropriation of these technologies. We need to raise their ability in these subjects, regardless of their profession or rank.

Are they all applicants?

There’s a real appeal of novelty in tech, that’s obvious. Then, you need to give meaning to this increase in skills. You have to succeed in being in the why before being in the how… Data training, for example, 40% of our workforce needs to be explained. This is not only for efficiency gains, but because it helps to extract value from data. Being a tech player yourself is never the same…

However, if we see the appetite for technology, there is no trust…

You are right and trust cannot be set… For example, it is clear that companies with data security problems that have ethical doubts can penetrate the stock market heavily. Today, tech media exposure is pretty systematically negative…

Are companies aware of these risks?

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