A few days ago, you were asked to summarize a cult book for us in the most zero way possible, in Twitter. As always, you gave the best of yourself, so we decided to make it the top! Come, hop, gift from you to us then from us to you, it’s almost moving, this story.

And it doesn’t happen in Grasse

A story that won’t appeal to anosmics and even less to people who don’t know what anosmics mean.

The relationship is not too toxic

The ultra drama love story we all studied in school.

One of the oldest stories

There’s also the story of an untrustworthy friend who makes fun of uncool people, but I won’t say more.

An investigating priest? really?

Hint: and even if it could have gone to cult films summed up in a zero way.

Water will get worse

Legacies are always silly, anyway.

A child who lives in space and talks to animals

No, that doesn’t surprise you?

It’s not a myth, is it?

Come on, let me try… Twilight?

Then, it may be too pebbles

This story I am telling you is not worth a pebble.

Lord of bagouze

Rather die than entrust the bagouze into the hands of an elf.

It makes you want to

I’m sorry but this book is great, I promise.

All this buy pasta

And even this may be in the cult series summed up in no way (although I must admit that the series is not that cult).

But who died as a result?

Hint: it’s still a legend, but still not Twilight.


Not easy.

Ok, this is getting weird

Hint: the girl is Beautiful. And the candle, quite nice.

Traveling at the end of the day?

Day cruise?

A horse, suddenly?

Or maybe? Buquin? Bouqui?



A story you want to pollinate

Hint: the title is floral.

All this without losing time

And no wasting time with the little chicks.

A monkey is really stylish as a pet

Hint: his first name is two musical notes, stuck next to each other.

“Parisians in Deauville”?

Those who were there were relou that their towels were full of sand that had somehow been shaken off.


If I don’t know what that is I’ll say it’s pointless.


And it has nothing to do with it Last nod to Paris I assure you.

An exhausting book

An author writes that he thinks he is a king.

And a few more as bonuses for fun

“This is the story where there are people, they are fighting a bastard mistral”

And their names are really strange.

“He’s a music fan who goes rogue and it goes wrong”

And the brothel also has a strange name.

“She is a woman, she has a beast that changes its face depending on its mood and then it goes to worlds and leaves dust all over its back in a big mess”

Ah yes and it’s better than Harry Potter.

“Two friends are walking and one is nice but he didn’t invent hot water and he hurts people because he doesn’t pay attention”

A very hybrid human-animal title.

“This is the story of a man whose mother died yesterday who goes to kill people on the beach”

A guy who is obviously not from our country if you ask me.

“A father who is a bit crazy at work decides to go on vacation with his small family in a big hotel”

And believe it or not, it’s going bad too.

“They should have preferred the babysitter”

It’s crazy how often stories go wrong.

So, have you found out what koiçasagit is all about? ANSWER