Top 8 Hidden Details In Alice In Borderland, The Series Beyond The Squid Game

Alright, let’s talkAlice in the Borderlands. Because so many will tell you that this year, if I’m looking forward to the holiday season, it’s not to eat turkey or receive presents, but to FINALLY see season 2 ofAlice in the Borderlands. The Netflix series adapted from the manga of the same name took its time to give us its second part, but it was worth it. For those who missed it, basically the story is about people who land in a big game that takes place in an empty Tokyo where they have to participate in events that the losers die (I couldn’t make it shorter). Yes, it seems Squid Gamelike all kinds of work Battle Royale, but it’s different and original enough to be captivating. In short, if you haven’t checked it yet, do it and come back here later, because it’s ok. SPOILERS bad In fact, let’s reveal some details we missed on the first viewing. You’ll probably let out an “ooooh” of amazement.

The names of the characters in the series refer to the characters of Alice in Wonderland

Alice in the Borderlands is a reference to Alice in Wonderland, it has not escaped anyone, but it is not the only reference to Lewis Carroll’s book. Beyond the game cards and the “on the other side of the looking glass” aspect of the series, we can also note that the names of the characters refer directly to the 1865 book: “Arisu” is the Japanese pronunciation of “Alice” . “Usagi” is the Japanese name for “rabbit”. The spelling of “Chishiya” is very reminiscent of “Cheshire Cat”. “Mira” means “Queen” in Japanese, and “The Hatter” is a more obvious reference to the Mad Hatter. Crazy, right?

Other characters are references to Alice in Wonderland

This time, it’s not the names, but the personality. For example, Kuina is probably a reference to the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, as she often has a cigarette in her mouth. Additionally, in the manga, Kuina is said to be transgender; he made a transformation like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Chota could be the Carpenter, still a bit vain and hard at work, and Karube could be the Morse, still with the Carpenter, but a bit more leading and independent. On Reddit, people keep pointing out all the similarities between the show and the book, and it’s pretty funny.

In the video game that Arisu plays at the beginning of the series, her nickname is Alice.

As we saw above, Arisu is the Japanese pronunciation of the name Alice, and then her main role in the story is without a doubt that she is the “Alice” ofAlice in the Borderlands. But the most observant of you may have noticed that this information was mentioned at the beginning of the story. Because yes, from episode 1, when Arisu is playing in her room, we see that her nickname is “ALICE”. That way, there’s really no doubt.

There are hints at Arisu’s knowledge of geometry and cars

From the first events of the series, we see that Arisu, as lazy as he is, mastered areas such as geometry and vehicle mechanics in order to manage to get out alive. And all this is no coincidence, because in the first episode, we see that in his room, there are books on geometry and cars. The world is well made, huh?

We can roughly calculate that 30 new players enter the game every day.

In the first season, when the 3 friends arrive in the game, they meet Shibuki who has been there for 3-4 days and explains to them the rules of this universe. However, in episode 3, during the Seven of Hearts test with the wolf and the sheep, we discover the identification numbers of each player (assigned according to their order of arrival in the game). Shibuki wears the number 1000139 while Arisu and her friends have the numbers 1000245, 1000246 and 1000247. Between the arrival of Shibuki and Arisu, there are 106 old ones, which means she has about 30 new ones. former player every day.

The Wolf and Sheep game can be solved without any death

Here, since we are talking about this hideout trial which is one of the most painful in season 1, let’s stick the knife in the wound by discovering that in fact, Arisu cannot lose friends. Oh yes.

We start with a small reminder of the rules: in this event, there is one wolf and 3 sheep. At the end of the allotted time, the sheep die by bursting their collars. To become a wolf, you have to make eye contact with it, like when you discover someone in a game of hide and seek.

A priori, out of 4 players, there can only be one winner. But Internet users have a theory that questions this. In one area of ​​the arena (located in Tokyo’s botanical garden), there is a window through which the players can be seen. Maybe if the 4 participants gathered there and all looked at each other at the end of the timer, they could all “balloon” at the same time. In any case, it is nice to dream.

Season 2 announced for 2021

In the final scene of season 1, where we see the airships arriving with the rest of the game figures, we see a poster on one of the buildings that says “2021 release”, or “exit in 2021” on French. There is little doubt that this detail was used to announce season 2, but in the end the release took longer than expected.

The joker is useless

The very last scene of Season 2 shows the cards on a table. They all flew away and only the joker remained. Inevitably, when watching, we all wondered if it was a little pirouette to announce a season 3, but here is the moment of disappointment: there shouldn’t be a season 3. In the manga, the joker appears just after the last test (that of the Queen of Hearts) and asks Arisu if she considers him a god or a demon. And that’s all. After all, this joker is useless, and then as everything happened during Arisu’s coma, we don’t really see how could be a sequel to the series. Then, perhaps with the success of the series, Netflix will free itself from the manga to lay out a sequel invented from scratch, but that is rarely a good idea.

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