Bill will be different in the games in The Last of Us series (HBO)

We are only ten days away from the international release of the series The last of us. In this sense, the communication around this adaptation made by HBO is more active than ever. So, thank you The Hollywood Reporterwe learn a little more about the elements that will deviate from the original work, created by Naughty Dog.

License The last of usborn from the brain of Neil Druckmanmay take place in a post-apocalyptic setting filled with neo-zombies, it takes its flavor from characters. So when it comes to adaptation, fans’ attention to the treatment of their favorite heroes is more alert.

Neil Druckmann, current co-president of Naughty Dog and artistic creator of the license The last of us.

However, the cast of series The last of us testifying to glaring differences vis-à-vis the original work. Thus, Nico Parker the white and blonde Sarah Miller, daughter of the very black Texan Joel, will play the lead.

Moreover, he himself, as well as his brother Tommy, are represented by Hispanic actors, especially. Peter Pascal and Gabriel Luna. As you can imagine, even the most jaded Internet users need not panic.

However, we are only talking about physical form here. Eventually, these changes would amplify other issues in the HBO series. But is not the main thing, after all, to find the personality of the character that we liked? Their attitude? as well as their history?

And, at this point, a fan-beloved character seems to know something radical changes in the series, compared to what we know of him in the games.

What a rewrite for Bill in the series The last of us ?

The character in question is Billplayed by the actor Nick Offerman in the HBO adaptation. We already know that the series will include never-before-seen scenes. With these new sequences, we recently learned that we will live there love between Bill and his partnerFrank (Murray Bartlett), on the screen.

The Last of Us series: Close-up on the face of Bill (Nick Offerman), who removes his gas mask while leaving a house.
Nick Offerman is Bill in the series The last of us.

Furthermore, we learn, through an interview with Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann for The Hollywood Reporterthat Bill will appear in the third stage of the series (of nine in total). The latter may completely revolve around said character.

However, what this same interview tells us is that Bill will get a different treatment than in the series. In that same interview, the co-creators of the series state that these changes are at risk ” shock and perhaps excite the fans “.

They no longer discuss the subject. At most they evoke a chaos that will happen in this third phase. This should be part of the elements that surprise people who know the games.

As a reminder, this first season from Serie The last of us covers the events oforiginal albumwhich was released in 2013. There are already rumors that there could be a season 2 tackle the second partvoted game of the year in 2020.

The Last of Us Part I - Joel and Ellie
Ellie and Joel enter The Last of Us Part Ireproduction of the first license opus.

What could these changes be?

Having witnessed his relationship with Frank, there is no doubt that our view of this grumpy Bill will evolve. However, to speak of ‘shock’ are the events that will differ from the game will be very strong.

So far, in the trailers, we’ve mostly seen him with Frank, of course, but also associated with elements of his character’s character: the traps and his gas mask. We also see him threatening and struggling. Will he commit violent acts or die himself?

Also, the second teaser shows a mysterious bearded man, monitoring the outside via surveillance cameras. Bill is also known as a person plagued by paranoia. Could he be that man?

Judgment from January 15 next, at least for those who have access to HBO where HBO Max or partner platforms in their country. Yes, of course! Although the series is officially coming in France, we don’t know when yet.

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