Culture: the City fills up

CULTURE. The first cultural quarter developed by the City services promises, as always, full, between the various shows, the animations of the museums, or the return of the Spring of the poets in the Marcel-Arland media library .

Obviously, the rich associative fabric – a feature of Langres that is envied – is not to be outdone. Obviously, these associations will multiply events in the coming weeks, starting with the unmissable and always awaited Tinta’Mars festival, or the concerts of the Mixtures improbables association. But the City services did not twiddle their thumbs, far from it. As usual, entertainment for the general public will command more scholarly proposals, not to mention special events.

The Department of Shows and Associations sets the tone with at least three different performances (a slightly smaller number so as not to compete with Tinta’Mars). The first is a play, proposed by the company Le Nez en l’air, Thursday January 26, at 8:30 pm, at the Michel-Humbert municipal theater, “Figures in-submissive: Simone Veil and Federico Garcia Lorca”.

As its title suggests, the work will return to the battles of these two political giants of the XXe century. “The company bases itself on the collection ‘Ceux qui ont dit non’ from the Actes Sud junior edition, to produce intimate portraits, in two parts”, defined Camille Gaujard, director of the Shows and Associations department.

A sports read

After the object theater show of “Coucou” (Wednesday 1eh February, as part of a very small season), the highlight of this first quarter is the funny concert of Frédéric Fromet, the radio columnist. France Inter, for the occasion accompanied by musicians (Tuesday, February 7, at 8:30 pm, in the Salle Jean-Favre). Reservations for all of these shows can now be made, as a reminder through the website.

Simone Veil and Federico Garcia Lorca will be honored in a special theater performance.

As for media libraries, in addition to recurring events such as digital workshops (now moved to Wednesday mornings instead of Tuesdays) or knitting-readings, two events are the return, in March, of the “Spring of poets”, after several years of absence, and the traditional “Nuit de la lecture”.

The latter was “one of the main events of the media libraries”, recalls Claire Gondor, director of the two establishments. It will be held on Saturday, January 28, from 8 pm, in Marcel-Arland. “The theme will be sport, ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’, with activities such as ‘book basketball’, ‘word ping-pong’, etc. Everyone is invited to enter in sportswear,” comments, everyone of the smile, Claire Gondor, who will lend herself to the game.

Finally, virtual reality will arrive on February 8 and 23 at the Arland media library, for Oculus headset experiences.

The female gender in the spotlight

There are also museums with “three highlights” for this quarter, summarized by Audrey Six, cultural mediator. “In place from yesterday (Editor’s note: Wednesday January 4) and until Monday March 27, we have, at the Museum of Art and History, an exhibition of Greek and Etruscan ceramics. These are the things that Napoleon III got, for Louvre, in the 19th century.e century, and some parts are deposited in museums in the provinces, including Langres. We made the definitive acquisition last year”, explains Audrey Six. Two other events at the museum will give pride of place to the female gender.

First of all, Valentine’s Day this year can be celebrated at the Guy-Baillet museum, with a guided “love story” tour followed by a lecture by Claire Serrano to explore sex in Antiquity. And then, the International Day of Women’s Rights will have a double conference (“Prehistoric man is also a woman” on Thursday March 2, then “Women in the war of 1870-1871” on Saturday 4), which will follow, on Sunday 5 March. , through a guided tour of the Maison des Lumières on the theme “Woman of the Lights”.


Heritage service announces surprises

The Department of Heritage and Inventory of the City of Langres continues the tireless work of listing, discovering and analyzing the buildings of the historic center of Langres, district by district. The final order of the winter will be presented on the occasion of a new extraordinary conference, which will be held on Saturday March 25, at 3 pm, in the hall of honor of the Hôtel de ville.

The head of the service, Gaëlle Prost explains that the results have some surprises in store: “We have the results of the dating carried out by dendochronology. It is a process to fix a very precise dating -date by establishing the sawing date, for wooden buildings.

And, in general, Langres is probably even older than first considered: “In some cases, like a staircase that we thought was not that old, the dates are older than we thought.”

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