Experience the future of gaming with this new Crypto Play-to-Earn game

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Blockchain technology is revolutionizing gambling

Blockchain technology is causing major disruption in the gaming industry. For the first time and thanks to the blockchain, games can be built with a transparent, trustworthy and decentralized economy.

These “cryptogames”, a vibrant new niche in the gaming space, are making waves, as many of them offer normal, non-professional players a viable way to make money.

According to a recent survey of game developers commissioned by blockchain entertainment company Coda Labs, 75% of developers expect to work on web3 projects in the future and more than half think web3 will change the gaming industry.

The CEO of Coda Labs said the investigation was “shows that the majority of developers have already started developing games on Web3, driven by benefits such as additional funds, new revenue streams, and player retention“.

These new games, whose core consists of cryptocurrencies and digital assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are changing ideas about using “play-to-earn” (P2E) to improve sustainability of the player, as well as how to attract new users. Games like Calvaria: Duels of Eternity are cutting edge.

Calvaria – The Next Evolution in Cryptocurrency Gaming

Calvaria is a P2E, an afterlife-themed crypto collectible battle card game aims to bring crypto games into the mainstream by tapping into a large existing market – the physical battle card game market (think viral sensations of the past like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh).

And with the cryptocurrency gaming space set to grow from the size of $4.6 billion in 2022 to $65.7 billion in 2027according to Markets and Markets analysis, there is plenty of room for exponential growth.

Calvaria is set to launch its flagship fantasy-themed card game, Duels of Eternity, in Q2 2023. The game will feature cutting-edge gameplay, top-notch graphics and artwork, and a rich and immersive storyline/universe, all supported by the best crypto ecosystem in the space.

Calvaria players collect and build a deck of NFT battle cards, which they can use to compete or complete challenges, while earning rewards in the form of Calvaria’s RIA Tokens.

Users will be able to play the game for free and without having to connect a crypto wallet. They will be encouraged to play the crypto version of the game throughout the experience (for example, they will be shown how much they have earned so far if they have connected a crypto wallet).

But connecting to a wallet is not a necessity. Calvaria will incorporate elements of crypto education into the game to try and get non-cryptographic users to embrace crypto.

Calvaria has major funders, including KuCoin, Polygon Studios, Gate.io, XT.com and Chainplay. The project received favorable media coverage from a wide range of news sites, including Benzinga, Cryptonews.com, Business 2 Community, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News.

Meanwhile, Calvaria was ranked fourth on Cryptonews.com’s list of the top 10 emerging cryptocurrency projects in 2023.

Get in on the action now – Presale ends soon

Time is running out for investors to get Calvaria’s discounted pre-sale token, called RIA. The crypto startup has raised an impressive $2.66 million in just a few months since launching its presale. Only about 15% of Calvaria’s RIA tokens, worth about $400,000, remain to be sold.

RIA will be the default in-game currency. Investors need to act fast, as these tokens can rise very quickly. Last month, one investor pocketed $97,500 at one time.

If investors miss the opportunity to acquire tokens during the Calvaria presale, they will have to wait until the tokens are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges in early 2023.

Prospective investors should also note that they can benefit from a donation of RIA tokens by $100,000.

How to buy Calvaria RIA token?

Interested investors can easily get their hands on RIA tokens through Calvaria’s website. All they have to do is click “Buy nowin the presale box. They will be directed to another page where they can connect their MetaMask or WalletConnect cryptocurrency wallet. They enter the amount of the RIA they want to buy, before signing the transaction in their wallet cryptocurrencies in the usual way, including agreeing to pay the gas fee.

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