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A one-hour program per month for talk about Lyon sauce culture. This is the pitch of Heure Bleue’s new podcast called GANACHE and the first episode is just out at the beginning of January 2023. Overview of this new podcast and its content.

GANACHES: The podcast that recommends the best culture

GANACHES is a discussion about culture, in the broadest sense of the term, with a particular Lyon anchorage. As seen on the cover of the podcast, GANACHES refers to the slang word for a face, a head. These ganaches are also used to refer to all the cultural prisms that columnists will examine. So around the table, there are 3 chronic called “the GANACHES” that will separate deeply a theme that is dear to them.

If Heure Bleue is doing this podcast, it’s because it’s coming naturally complete the cultural curation which the webzine has been doing since 2016. From the selection of events and places around night culture, Heure Bleue starts 2023 by opening its selection of events and places during the day. So exhibitions, shows, plays now complement the concerts, festivals and open-airs that were previously only selected.

An opening that aims to maintain the editorial line that has always made Heure Bleue a quality webzine. In fact, only about fifty areas are identified from the several hundred that make up the city of Lyon. In the same way, the releases calendar will maintain it selection approved and rigorously tested by writing a webzine.

During the show the GANACHES give their cultural favorite of the month. Cultural recommendations can also be found on the Heure Bleue website in the events calendar. So, listeners will find many great plans presented by the columnists to benefit from the best culture approved by GANACHES.

1 podcast 5 records

Each program is marked with 5 highlights:

  • – The narrative “Les pieds dans le plat” called gastronomic,
  • – The agenda of cultural recommendations of the month,
  • – The “arts and entertainment” column,
  • – The “history of Lyon” narrative,
  • – And the game of intimacy that launches every show.

Play the role of MC, Jean-Damien Dumascalled Jideco-founder of Blue Hour, loves history who produces a single podcast on the history of Lyon (Listen to the podcast “surlestracesdelhistoire”), intervenes in the area of ​​cultural heritage with a strong Lyon anchorage because this is its specialty. If you want to learn more about the rich history of the two-thousand-year-old city that answered to the name of Lugdunum, its history will delight you!

We can also find it in the microphone Serena Angelifounder of the cooking agency eat, originally from Corsica, Lyonnaise by adoption, but above all a great lover of good food. He has more than one fork in his bag and uses it to dig out the best and the worst in Lyon’s small food scene. What is certain is that he did not mince words for talk about gastronomy in the city justly titled capital. Proof, his column is called ” Feet on the plate“. You have been warned.

Finally, Elodie Parmentier this is a complete trio of ganaches. Co-creator of the immersive sound creation studio Dark Night and podcasts Close your eyes and lookhe attacks art in all its forms. Very curious, she ventures where not many people dare go to the world of art. This is why his eye, his pen and his voice will lead you to the doors of experiences that you would not have had he not recommended them to you.

A monthly show to stream everywhere

Why a podcast? Because podcast is radio on demand. Each listener can listen to it as they like, where he wants and at a pace that suits him. The podcast format also allows its creators to take the time to talk about the substance rather than chewing through the information to bring out something important that only scratches the surface. It is for these reasons, which are also in the DNA of Heure Bleue, that the podcast format was chosen.

The rhythm for this 2023 season is one show per month that will be available at the beginning of the month on all mainstream streaming platforms. The first episode of January 2023 is now available.

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