LIVE – CES 2023: a BMW that changes color, the Afeela prototype, the future of the car revealed

L’Oréal continues its development in beauty 2.0

Brush all types of eyebrows. L’Oréal’s promise with its Brow Magic product is to adapt to each user. By scanning his face using the group’s proprietary technology, Modiface, a selection of eyebrow shapes is offered.

L’Oréal Brow Magic device © L’Oréal

Then you should put the Brow Magic miniature printer on the part of the face and make a sweeping movement. It was Prinker’s semi-permanent tattoo printing technology that took over. The eyebrow is squeezed and drawn with 2400 tiny nozzles thanks to optical and friction sensors.

L'Oréal Brow Magic device
L’Oréal Brow Magic device © L’Oréal

The other innovation that L’Oréal is presenting in Las Vegas is a lipstick applicator. It takes the concept of a smart spoon, developed by a Google subsidiary to help people who can’t use their arm or hand. The device could relieve 50 million people of low efficiency in the world.

Sony and Honda showed off their first electric car prototype

The two Japanese players are already partners in the auto industry with their Sony Honda Mobility joint venture. The resulting brand of cars now has a name: Afeela.

The announcement was made during CES, where a very advanced first prototype of a 100% electric sedan was presented. Beyond classic features, such as its autonomy of 470 kilometers, the car must shape its uniqueness around the entertainment offered.

Yasuhide Mizuno, president of Sony Honda Mobility and the new brand Afeela.
Yasuhide Mizuno, president of Sony Honda Mobility and the new brand Afeela. © Sony

A screen slab runs across the dashboard, between the two camera mirrors. The rear seats are equipped with screens. This should make it possible to use PlayStation 5, as an option. This is the great promise of the brand that aims to marry the world of video games, but also music and cinema (where Sony is a major player), along with the automobile.

BMW presents a car that changes color

Match the color of his car with his clothes. This is what BMW can make possible with its i Vision Dee (for Digital Emotional Experience) concept. The manufacturer unveiled at CES a prototype vehicle with the ability to change color.

A total of 32 different shades are available. This makes 30 more than the previous concept, which was presented in Las Vegas last year. It was then a question of suggesting a palette of grays by lightening or darkening the bodywork.

In this instance, it is also possible to go out in a uniform color for a striped or checkered design. The technology is based on “e-Paper”, a film developed by E Ink.

The cabin also offers new features with a new generation head-up display. The information will be displayed across the entire width of the windshield.

170 companies on site to defend French Tech

Of the 400 companies present in the Eureka Park space at CES, almost half are French. France is the most represented foreign country at the Las Vegas show. In total, 170 French companies made the trip.

Frédéric Simmotel takes you behind the scenes of the “French village”, covered by the red rooster of French Tech. The French startup ecosystem has raised more than €14 billion in 2022.

PlayStation 5 opens up to players with disabilities

Accessibility is a major issue in the video game industry. If games offer more and more options to configure your experience and adapt it to your abilities, there is little equipment. Finally especially with Sony. Microsoft has already tackled the subject by unveiling an Xbox controller designed specifically for people with disabilities.

It’s up to the PlayStation 5 manufacturer to address this concern with a specific controller. The “Leonardo Project for PlayStation 5” was developed with experts on disability issues, but also concerned players, associations and game developers.

With Project Leonardo, the PS5 will become truly accessible.
With Project Leonardo, the PS5 will become truly accessible. © PlayStation

Behind the code name hides a very concrete and “highly customizable” product, Sony promises. This controller is comfortable, easy to put down to play, and has a long battery life.

Health is booming in Las Vegas

What if taking care of your health was as simple as taking a selfie? This is what iVirtual wants to prove. With its Caducy application, it offers users to film themselves in seconds to get accurate health indicators.

This short video allows you to get your heart and breathing rates, your blood pressure, your stress level or your blood oxygen saturation.

The technology is based on photoplethysmography, a non-invasive optical technique that can detect changes in microvascular blood volume directly in tissues.

Find a selection of health solutions announced at CES in Anthony Morel’s column dedicated to Health Tech.

Bugali, connected reading without a screen

It looks like a support with rounded corners on which a book rests. The tablet recognizes it and can read it in French or English (even if the book is in another language). The child can have fun touching the images that come to life in a good way to tell the scene, emitting sounds or music. The idea is to really immerse the young reader (from 2 to 6 years old) in reading and to make him want to continue afterwards.

Bugali has partnered with several well-known children’s publishing houses (Fleurus, Gallimard, Milan, Seuil Jeunesse, Nathan, L’école des loisirs, etc.) to design books focused on the concept. About 25 should be available at the launch scheduled for next September (14.50 euros per book – count around one hundred euros for the pack including the tablet and two books). Others will come over time to enrich the library which includes six universes: knowledge, art, emotions, adventure, nature and games.

Bugali's screenless reading tablet
Bugali’s screenless reading tablet © Mélinda Davan-Soulas

More information here.

Television, the other star of the show

Along with the automobile, television is one of the most iconic products at CES in Las Vegas. This year, manufacturers have chosen to focus on image quality and contrast.

Among the innovations worth noting in the field, are screens without connectors. No more cables to create a thinner television. With LG, only one power cable remains. But Displace TV goes further by including batteries, allowing it to be connected wirelessly.

Tech&Co brings you to life at CES

CES opens its doors to the public this Thursday, January 5. In total, more than 100,000 people are expected at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

François Sorel and Frédéric Simmotel detail the system put in place by Tech&Co to cover the sector’s flagship event.

CES has opened its doors

Welcome to this new live Tech&Co dedicated to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

This Thursday, January 5, the consumer Tech show officially begins in Las Vegas. However, many innovations were announced yesterday.

Find the first products released here.

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