The 10 most famous cars from movies and video games

From James Bond to “Need For Speed” or the GTA saga, the car is an important part of the world of video games and cinema. Sport Auto looks back at 10 models, real or fictional, among the most popular on the big and small screens.

For decades, the cinema and the video games participated in popularity of the car highlighting on the screen good sport and high-end models. Motorsports go back in time through some of them flagship models from the 1960s to the present.

Auto and cinema: the revolution of the 60s and 70s

Whether sporty, tuned or adapted from a cartoon, the car has been over the ages more than a accessoriesbut one real character it makes you dream. Who hasn’t ever wanted to be behind the legendary Batmobile?

Since the 1960s, cars have been in the spotlight in cinema. In 1964, the iconic Aston Martin DB5 enters into golden finger in the hand of james bond. The wonderful Englishwoman and she silver gray livery will make seven more appearances in famous legend 007.

Launched in 1938, the VW Beetle is another one of his vehicles that burst onto the big screen with the first film in a long career in 1968. In terms of sport, the end of the 1960s was marked by some great productions motorsport display.

We are thinking Grand Prize (1966) or even Le Mans (1971), one plunges into the rhythm of an F1 season, the other into the frantic atmosphere of 24 Hours of Le Manss under the gaze of Steve McQueen.

How not to also mention the “duel of titans” in between Ferrari and Ford in Sarthe? A cult epic released on screen in 2019 in Le Mans 66. The 1976 F1 season was also marked by rivalry between Niki Lauda and James hunts already Ron Howard brilliantly immortalized in 2016 with Hurry up!

Magnum and Back to the future

The 80 years is not left out when it comes to car cult. The oldest will remember the TV series with envy Magnum featuring Tom Selleck as a private detective at the wheel of a glittering Ferrari 308 GTS.

Who says “cinema car”, must say… DeLorean. In 1985, the first of three films in the saga “Back to the Future” mark the spirits of DMC-12 became a washing machine time travel. Did you know that the legendary car was originally born out of frustration?

Closer to us, who also remembers the wonderful Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor seen in 60 seconds flat In 2000? Or of Toyota Supra JZA 80 from the first Fast and Furious in 2001?

Finally, the cartoon Cars reintroduced the thrill of racing to a new generation by presenting a vehicle… hero whose ambition is to win the world’s largest race on the ovalin the purest style NASCAR.

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Need for Speed, GTA : these essential car games

In 20 years, the world of video games offered us extensive opus highlighting the quantity of high-end and sports cars.

In 1974 came out GranTrak 10 considered the first of its kind. In 1987, a publisher by the name ofhug go out first Test Drive where you can drive different supercars: Porsche 911 Turbo, Chevrolet Corvette, Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari Testarossa and Lotus Esprit Turbo!

In 1991, vroom became one of the first great successes in terms of driving simulation. In 1998, F1 World Grand Prix participating in the glory days of playstation, of nintendo64 and the regret Dreamcast.

In 2003, Crazy Taxi puts us in the position of a taxi driver who has to take his customers to their destination as quickly as possible. A few years later, Gran Turismo, Need for speed and Burnout changed the racing or action game.

Gran Turismo make some truthfulness its main signature on very popular models like Ferrari F50 and F40. GTA also offers a number of vehiclesincluding famous Toyota Hilux, need speed powered by focused vehicles inspired by Fast and Furious, and Burnout offers a universe where players can choose the race and model they want.

A beautiful and long story that is far from over…

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