Top most anticipated horror movies of 2023

A very bountiful year for all thrill seekers. All horror genres are represented in this 2023 vintage, starting with Terrifier 2, a sadistic and comical show, which turned the stomachs of American audiences crazy.

Scary 2by Damien Leone

Released on January 11, 2023

If you follow the scary news, Scary 2 is arguably the most disturbing and confusing horror movie of all time, that’s all! Screened in the United States in 2022, it quickly made a name for itself, not for the quality of its execution, but for the number of people fainting and throwing up in the room during its screening. Curious to discover this horror, I watched the first part also directed by Damien Leone (2016), and the conclusion is clear, there is nothing surprising or terrifying or good in this film, straight released from an ultra-restricted budget that we feel every second in the movie. Three actors, a single facial expression and a scene that we will remember from this nanar that we believe is straight from the 80s. The only effect that the first part gives is the desire to laugh now, movies like this dare arrived. out and get a lot of attention. But curiosity and media hype means that we will look at this second to see if the truth of the facts is true or not.

Knock on the Cabinby M. Night Shyamalan

Released on February 1, 2023

knock on the cabin

M.Night Shyamalan is an up and down director. He is capable of the best (Sixth Sense, Eastrail Trilogy 117) like the worst (old, after-ground, Amazing). This is another movie based on a novel The Cabin at the End of the World, by Paul Tremblay released in 2018. In today’s trend of quotas in cinema (for once, we won’t complain about it), and its cinema in general, a pair of men and their daughter find their themselves trapped inside their cabin in the middle of the woods. A background that already respects the most popular horror films. Four people who clearly created their family knock on their door and announce that they have been chosen as the ransom of the apocalypse. There is a small edge to us by Jordan Peele on the duality of the characters we see in the trailer. They are also both directors of ongoing psychological reflection. looking forward to it Knock on the Cabinreconnect with what he does best.

Scream VIby Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett

Released on March 8, 2023

shout VI

As for the previous part (Scream 5 called Scream) released at the beginning of 2022, Scream VI is also waiting for all the fans (like me) of the franchise. Still by directors Tyler Gillet and Matt Bettinelli, and with survivors of the previous massacre. We can’t wait to find Ghostface, who this time puts his knife in New York. A bigger and more attractive playground than the small town of Woodsboro, whose last part is brilliantly sealed. Unfortunately, we know that Neve Campbell will not be a part of the story, with the actress refusing to resume her iconic role that she has held since 1996 due to salary issues. But then, what would happen to this legend without its main character? This is also the reason why the last part puts more emphasis on the next generation, the new generation of Scream, so that the transition without headliners is more peaceful. This is an opportunity to find Jenna Ortega, in full growth and well-deserved success of Wednesday on Netflix, who continued his role from the fifth episode, and also to find a certain survivor in the fourth episode, which can be seen as a food egg in the 5th… As well as new characters. New directors, new franchise, new beginning, it all makes sense. And if the result is as satisfying, violent and moving as for 5, then the bet will be successful.

Renfieldby Chris McKay

Released on May 31, 2023

Because horror is not just horror, Renfielda horror comedy by Chris Mckay, which literally changes the register (lego batman), is there to prove it to us. Nicolas Cage, who scattered himself in his roles in the cinema, found himself this time in the skin of Dracula. Attention, not just any version of the wisest vampire in Transylvania, this is an adaptation, very liberated of Bram Stoker’s number. A version that is more fictional, and less creepy, but this time, the vampire takes a new pose, more dandy, more funky. So we follow the lead of Renfield (Nicholas Hoult, already a genre expert with Hot body), is obsessed with blood that could make him immortal, and ends up committed to an asylum. There he meets Dracula to become his servant. It is no coincidence that the first genre of the film is not scary but funny and it is for the wacky, burlesque and completely offbeat side of one of the pioneers of horror cinema that we go to see him.

Evil Dead Riseby Lee Cronin

Released on April 19, 2023

evil dead rise

Evil Dead, a name that sounds like an anthology, a bible of the horror film and its comic subgenre, consisting of the first three films: evil Dead (nineteen eighty one), Evil Dead 2 (1987) and Evil Dead 3 (1992), all by Sam Raimi, featuring Ash (Bruce Campbell) discovering and reveling in the Book of the Dead. The remake, simply called evil Dead in 2013, did not leave very good memories. Also a teleserye Ashes against the Dead in 2015 made by Sam Raimi, and it’s the turn ofEvil Dead Rise to take its place as the fifth installment and thus continue this 42-year-old franchise. Produced by two emblematic figures of the saga (Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell), the film tells the story of two sisters who in turn put their lives in the hands of the book of the dead and try to escape hell. that will come out. The film should be released on the HBO Max platform but it is without counting on the power of persuasion of Bruce Campbell, to believe that this book has some benefits in the end.

fraudulent 5, by Patrick Wilson

Released on July 5, 2023

In the universe of the paranormal subgenre there are two teams, that of hypocrisy and that ofdeceitful (which I am a part of). A very successful franchise started in 2010 with Fraudulent 1directed by James Wan continuing on Fraudulent 2 in 2013, then Fraudulent 3 in 2015 by Leigh Whannell (Wan’s sidekick who also plays the first) and Insidious 4, the final key in 2018 by Adam Robitel (Escape game). The third part is very different from the history of the legend because none of the actors of the main plot play in it and The fourth part focuses on the youth of Elise, the psychic clairvoyant of the other films. Naturally, the fifth part of this saga is a direct continuation of the first two and it is Patrick Wilson, the main hero who, by reprising his role as Josh Lambert, is also working on the realization of this part and this, for the very first time. We saw the original cast, including Rose Byrne, Lin Shaye, Ty Simpkins. It’s also this boy, Dalton, a teenager entering university who finds himself once again facing the forces of evil, 10 years after his first scare in the first part. A legend whose last word has not yet been said, and it would be wrong not to listen.

The Exorcistby David Gordon Green

Released on October 13, 2023

Nothing like celebrating 50 years ofExorcist, or of one of the most famous films in the world, rather than doing something else with it. And on David Gordon Green all our hopes depend. But because he’s a regular in the month of Halloween for making a wonderful final trilogy Halloween (2018-2022) just a while ago, it is clear to find him again this month for a new trilogy. Therefore, this is a first part for this Exorcist that directly follows William Friedkin’s, where as Jamie Lee Curtis continued her role as Laurie Strode in Halloween, Ellen Burstyn continued her original role as Chris MacNeil. The story remains unchanged, at the same time everything is in the title of the film… A girl possessed by a mysterious demonic creature will ask for help from those who have experienced it. If the result is as revered as the original as this director knows how to do it well, there is nothing to fear on this side of the screen.

X was seenby Kevin Greutert

Released on October 25, 2023

Whether you liked this legend or not, the first part in 2004 managed to mark the minds of viewers, who were surprised by the novelty of the genre. Only after this franchise, which is already rich in 9 films, has quietly entered our homes, from the thoughtful and daring torture of porn, to the simple spectacle. We won’t lie to each other, not everything is good on the boar, but some opus stand out, I’m obviously thinking of the first one. seen directed by James Wan, which goes without saying, but as well Saw 2 (2005), Saw 4 (2007) and the more recent, but very different, Seen the Spiral (2021) by Darren Lynn Bousman. And Kevin Greutert knows his subject well because he’s done 6 and 7, holding the camera again for this tenth one. Not necessarily the best shutters but an important plot with a legacy bequeathed to the terrible Mark Hoffman. Rumors are swirling that Tobin Bell is set to reprise his iconic role as Jigsaw but for now we can only guess at the plot. In any case, the curiosity is there.

Beau is scared

Out of the year

handsome is afraid

Next feature film by Ari Aster who has already been in 2 films, the body and mind are turned upside down. Then heredity (2018) and Midsummer (2019) so it’s the turn of Beau is scared, inspired by an 11-year-old’s first short film, titled Beau, which took over the director’s small but very influential filmography. All we know so far is that Joaquin Phoenix will play the lead role, along with Parker Posey (who we haven’t seen in a while) and Michael Gandolfini, son of the famous Tony. Sopranos. There is no information in the summary except for a picture on the ages of a businessman. I really hope this third movie lives up to the other two, which is disturbing because it’s related. Unlike Jordan Peele, another director of the genre, with whom we almost compare him, who disappointed us with his last film Boop (2022). While waiting to find out what Beau is afraid of, I strongly suggest you watch or explore the first 2 feature films, to give you an idea of ​​what to expect for this one.

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