xFarm technologies, agriculture and digital works when they meet the needs of those working in the field

Rome, January 4

(Labitalia) – Digital innovation does not only mean developing platforms or software, but addressing real and widespread problems in different ways. Also in agriculture. There are three main challenges for the sector in particular: climate change, technological fragmentation and rising prices of agricultural inputs. The data confirms this, because according to the Crea (Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics) report in March 2022, the constant fluctuations in energy prices also have important implications for markets. agriculture.

In particular, for the six cost items considered (fertilizers, animal feed, diesel, seeds/plants, phytosanitary products, passive rents), the average impact that Italian farms have to endure exceeds the increase of 15,700 euros and up to 99,000 euros for farms. which is not a Seed-eating breed.

However, despite the unstable and uncertain times, the growth of Agriculture 4.0 has not stopped, exceeding 1.6 billion euros in 2021, according to the analysis of the Smart Agrifood Observatory.

Besides the increase in economic value, it also shows that 60% of Italian farmers use 4.0 solutions to make farm operations more efficient. All this shows that the priority for the agricultural sector is to find solutions that guarantee environmental and economic sustainability. xFarm Technologies, aware of the urgency of these problems, decided to position itself as a reality capable of alleviating the crisis in the sector, saving time, resources and money for farms.

In fact, the technology company has developed a digital platform to easily support farms at every stage of production, optimize field activities and reduce environmental impact and therefore costs.

“xFarm – explains Matteo Vanotti, CEO of xFarm – was born in 2017 when I was the first to recognize the need to use a digital service that would allow me to manage my farm in a simple and efficient way.

It was from the concrete need that the first idea was formed, which became a real project. » agronomic part. From the beginning, the goal was to improve the lives of millions of farmers through digital technology while promoting greater environmental sustainability. In fact, the technology used in agriculture allows the optimization of resources and to improve the efficiency of farmers’ activities.

xFarm Technologies, which closed a financing round of 17 million euros in August, supports and simplifies the work of 130,000 farms spread over 1.8 million hectares in more than 100 countries worldwide through its digital platform. “When we launched the idea of ​​developing the platform, we considered the three main requirements given by the farmers themselves: simplicity, intuitiveness and interoperability”, explains Matteo Vanotti.

With existing branches in Switzerland, Italy and Spain, xFarm technologies aims for internationalization by opening new markets. In addition to consolidating its presence in Europe, the technology company is poised to expand its reach in America in the future. The expansion aims to develop both projects and collaborations with agri-food companies, but not only. In addition to activating projects with the main groups involved in the production of agricultural machinery, in support of farmers, xFarm Technologies has launched, in collaboration with Zurich Italia, an important project of political change in the sector of agriculture.

So how does the app support and make the activities of field actors more efficient from an ecological and economic point of view? “We have developed a platform that allows the different actors involved in the food chain to manage all aspects of a farm according to their particularities: from the management of machines to plants, irrigation, bureaucracy , treatment, etc. In the specific case of agricultural machinery, the platform also solves the problem of technological fragmentation, as it makes it possible to manage both machines that have not yet been digitized, thanks to the appropriate integration, and fleets of different brands, directly from the app,” Vanotti pointed out.

In this way, in a simple and intuitive way, users can always control their processes, vegetative index, stock, silo capacities, as well as the characteristics of plots, to optimize field interventions and reduce environmental impact. xFarm technologies has supported several companies in key challenges facing the agricultural sector. At Barilla, for example, thanks to the ad hoc “Barilla Farming” platform (until 2023), the objective is to support the 2,600 European companies that supply Barilla soft wheat for the Carta del Mulino sector in an optimization process of the sector to improve the work of farmers and promote sustainable production. Parmalat, for its part, has embarked on a process of digitizing the management of cattle farms to improve animal welfare and ensure more safe and high-quality production. It is one of the first projects in Europe that also enables farmers to effectively and sustainably manage and monitor their dairy herds, feeding plans and manure.

For Urbani tartufi, on the other hand, climate change, especially last summer’s drought, has raised many concerns. In fact, the production of truffles requires the presence of specific soil conditions to ensure optimal truffle development. Thanks to the xFarm platform and sensors, it is now possible to monitor plantations by measuring various environmental parameters such as soil temperature and humidity. All this information made it possible to better understand and optimize each stage of truffle cultivation.

“A better use of resources also defines an advantage for consumers, who thus have the opportunity to consciously choose high-quality products from sustainable production. If more and more companies decide to use this technology to reduce waste and rationalize materials, the result is a virtuous circle with positive consequences for farms, the environment and end users,” concluded Matteo Vanotti. .

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