End of the PS5 shortage: can we really find it in Brittany?

“Those who want a PS5 should have an easier time finding one from now on.” The statements were signed by Jim Ryan, the head of the video game division at Sony, on the occasion of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. But what exactly is it in stores, while the long-awaited console has long suffered from a lack of electronic components? Will we find PS5s on the shelves in Brittany? To find out, we took out our phone to make a large number of phone calls across the region.

No stocks

To begin our quest, head to the regional prefecture. In the Cultura of Saint-Grégoire (35), we draw a blank. “Right now, we don’t have any stock. We received a dozen for the Christmas season, but the supply is just dwindling. Since its release, it has been like that,” said our interlocutor. At Micromania in the Colombia shopping center, the search turns out to be more fruitful. “It is possible to have some on site or on order: it is sure that it is better than the same time a year ago”, we are assured.

Restocking is a bit more regular, but we only know the day before for the next day

So is this shortage over? That would declare victory too quickly. In the same vein, in Vannes, PS5s are out of stock: “Restocking is a little more regular, but we only know the day before for the next day”. In Fnac of Lannion (22) or Pontivy (56), it is not better. And every time, the response is the same: the shelves are empty and the stores have not received any communication about any major deliveries coming. Contacted, the press service of the Fnac Darty group confirms the difficulties and indicates that it has set up a waiting list system for customers in all its stores. “The deadlines are shorter and shorter now”, we were told. There is a guarantee: Brittany is no more affected than other regions.

The holidays provided some air

All our interlocutors are also completely unanimous: the need is still there. “Several requests per week”, “calling every day”… The manager of a Saint-Brieuc brand, who prefers to remain anonymous, confirms: “Since 2020, there has been a demand. We have some PS5s in stock, but we don’t put them on the shelves because the deliveries are not enough.

We cannot say that the situation is back to normal.

Year-end celebrations allow for deliveries, but the consoles leave as quickly as they arrive. At Leclerc Culturel in Carhaix (29), one of the service managers tells us that he received between 20 and 25 for the Christmas season. “They were all sold out within two days. Now, we are dry and we don’t know when we will be delivered. It is better than before, but we cannot say that the situation is back to normal. Brest’s Cultura “also received some PS5 for the holidays”. But out of stock at the beginning of the year.

We found PS5s in Quimper

However, there is no question that we give up. We tell ourselves that eventually we will find somewhere. And, finally… “Wait, I will ask my colleague in charge of the department to come, but I think there are many of us”. Jackpot! In Quimper we find our happiness. “Yes, we have a number of them on the shelf.” Still delivered in 2022, Leclerc Culturel is still owned by PS5. “We used to get one or two every now and then, then we had about twenty in October and fifty before Christmas. Even since then, we receive nothing, we still have something left.

Very high price resale sites

The only problem, the purchase of the console must be done in a pack at 750 € with games and a controller, and not alone. A stroke of luck? Even if not. At Micromania Quimper, we have confirmed that consoles are also available quickly. “One short week, nothing more, we’re lucky to have enough supplies”. And for the less patient, there remains the solution of reselling sites between individuals. With Leboncoin, for example, there are more than a hundred offers across the region. But the difficulty of finding consoles pushes sellers to offer them at very high prices: up to €1,500…

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