Leading up to the year 2022

From a boost from the government to prices at the pump to a return to the massive fun of automotive events in France, take a look back at the good times marked last year.

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Despite the difficult times, the year 2022 is marked by a lot of good news.

The argument

True, inflation is weighing on French morale. This caused a sharp increase in the price of cars and repairs. At the same time, manufacturers’ delivery times continue to lengthen. But this sad news didn’t stop us from enjoying some things in 2022 or attend events that make us smile.

State aid and Total Energies for fuels

Earlier this year, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to a spike in bomb prices. More than 2.10 euros per liter of diesel on average, this is unheard of on French territory. A heavy blow for motorists, while the black gold remains the essential energy for the journey of the majority of the French. In this difficult context, we welcome the government’s decision to implement a fuel price discount relatively quickly (April). Thanks to this boost (from 10 to 30 cents per liter of fuel depending on the season), the French were able to fill up at “reasonable” prices. Although almost affordable to Total Energies because the French oil company also gave a discount of 20 cents per liter at the beginning of the school year. Enough to benefit up to 50 cents by saving with state aid. It’s all over. The fuel discount that gave way on January 1, 2023 to a fuel check for 100 euros. Find the details on this new proposal in this article.

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Total Energies granted up to 20 euro cents per liter of fuel in the fall.

The argument

Dacia Jogger, Toyota GR86, ID Buzz… significant new features

The year 2022 has in store for us its share of automotive innovations. But some models mark us more than others. If there’s only one thing to remember, it’s definitely Volkswagen’s ID Buzz. Yes dear but its fun design is enough to trigger love at first sight. And with him, it was impossible not to be noticed on the streets. To the tops, we can also add these generalist manufacturers who still dare to release sports models, despite an ecological penalty that has become enormous (up to 40,000 euros in 2022, 50,000 euros in 2023!) . Among them, Toyota which, after the amazing 260 hp Yaris GR, launched its new GT86 in 2022. An old-school sports coupe powered by an atmospheric engine that loves to rev. Or Honda, which showed the latest Civic Type R equipped with a new “+R” mode focused on driving. Let’s not forget that for some, the car is a source of driving pleasure.

In a strange register, Dacia has struck again in 2022 with its new Jogger. This 5 or 7-seater station wagon ticks all the boxes: it’s spacious, comfortable, well-equipped and will soon be offered with an economical hybrid engine. It is clear the “anti-crisis” solution for familiesat a time when car prices continue to rise.

The successful integration of Renault and Google

Renault was one of the first automotive brands to integrate Google into its vehicles. And the operation was successful. First, the Android system is as ergonomic and easy to use as a smartphone. But the new dashboard designed by Renault, and included in the electric Mégane and Austral, makes a good impression and attracts with its modernity.

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renault austral interior

Developed with Google, Renault’s new interface is one of the best on the market.


The return of vehicle events

The year 2022 marks the end of strict restrictions following the Covid crisis. This is how some events, which were canceled in the last two years due to the state of health emergency, are back on the calendar. Among them, some fairs like the one in Lyon which is the first event of its kind organized in Europe since the health crisis. Retro is also on the rise. Retromobile has somewhat lost its image as a popular show but still draws crowds. Like Goodwood, England, which has become a must-attend event for some builders. Motorsport fans are also spoiled with the 2022 edition of the Le Mans Classic bringing together a fantastic line-up and breaking attendance records.

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retromobile living room

The Rétromobile show still attracts huge crowds.

Geraldine Gaudy

The new F1 cars live up to their promises

The new technical regulations have given us an exciting 2022 Formula 1 season. Even the great form of the Verstappen/Red Bull duo spoiled the party a bit in some races. Single-seaters can now follow each other without destroying their tires in a few laps. Because of this, we got to experience some great battles between the pilots. I hope the 2023 season will be a successful one…

Gasly’s arrival in a 100% French Alpine F1 team

… for the French, it is off to a good start. With the arrival of Pierre Gasly in Alpine, the tricolor team forms a duo of 100% French pilots with Esteban Ocon. If the team manages to correct its reliability problems (damn water pump) this year, it could have a very good season and get closer to the top teams. The goal shown by Laurent Rossi is clear: “We want to finish fourth at least, or even third. And I hope we get another podium.announced the team director a few weeks ago.

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alpine gaseous stone

Pierre Gasly forms in 2023 a 100% tricolor duo in the French Alpine team.

XPB / James Moy Photography Ltd

Peugeot 9X8: a racing car with style

Design rarely enters into the development of a racing car. With the 9X8, one could almost ask why the single-seater contrasts with competing models. Aggressive front end, no rear spoiler… the Lion brand hypercar has outstanding style. The good news is that its warbling seems to match its plumage. This heralds the approach of the 24 hours of Le Mans 2023, a race in which Peugeot has not officially participated in 12 years.

The L’argus website is celebrating its 25th anniversary

It’s impossible not to end this top 2022 without mentioning your favorite website that blew out its 25 candles at the end of last year. Launched on December 11, 1997, argusauto.com has evolved over the years to become what it is today one of the reference media in the automotive sectorincluding the general public as well as professionals.


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