The 4 best Lego games for the whole family

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Have fun at any age with these Lego building sets for the whole family

Legos aren’t just for kids. There are actually many products created especially for the elderly. These can be collectibles to display at home or simple kits with more mature themes. However, it is possible with these construction games to have fun with the whole family. So keep your eyes peeled for these 4 Lego games suitable for the whole family.

1. This Lego Star Wars clone troopers battle building set is top selling

It is a legend that binds all generations together. Since its creation in 1977, it has conquered the hearts to everyone. So it’s no surprise that adults, who were once child fans, in turn show these movies to their children, helping to perpetuate this attachment. You can definitely understand it, it’s about Star Wars. Therefore, it is not for nothing that Legos in this universe sell like hot cakes. So play with your child for hours in this Lego Star Wars construction game that is the battle of the clone troopers. Lucky for you, its price is more accessible on Amazon. It is actually shown at 19.99 €. But beware, it is on top sales so hurry to get it.

A destructive AV-7 anti-vehicle gun

Play as the villain in this Lego Star Wars construction game against the clone troopers

Buy it Lego Star construction set Wars the fight some dice clone troopers for €19.99 on Amazon

Being a hero is good, but going to the dark side of the force can sometimes be really tempting. What could be better than immersing yourself for several hours in the head of an enemy to understand him as much as possible. You will be able to assemble the famous clones with this Lego Star Wars construction game that is the battle of the clone troopers. Recreate a squadron ready to unleash the amazing AV-7 anti-vehicle gun. Its adjustable legs make it even more impressive. To destroy everything in his path, he must be equipped with a spring-loaded rifle. It can be piloted by one of 4 clones, namely an officer, a clone specialist and two heavy troopers. They are also equipped with many weapons from blaster pistols to rifles and 2 cannons. Let the battle begin!

2. Save €10 on this Lego Icons bouquet of flowers construction set

If you want to beautify your home in an original way, toys can be the solution. Yes, yes, you read that right. But be careful, it’s not about showing off all your child’s Christmas presents. We are talking here about construction games designed for adults. Because we also have the right to have fun. Instead of real flowers that fade too quickly or ultra kitsch fake papers, use this bouquet of Lego Icons flowers. Good news, it also benefits from a great Amazon promotion. So it is shown at €49.99 against €59.99 previously. A great deal at 17% off. You’ll be glad you saved that €10.

Flowers with realistic beauty

Choose an original decoration with this Lego Icons flower bouquet construction set

Buy it Lego bouquet of flowers building set Amazon icons for €49.99

You love flowers, but are these 2 natural to you? The last plant you tried to keep died within 1 week, a record? And is it out of the question to choose the paper bouquets of your grandmother’s time? We have found the most original solution for you to beautify your interior effortlessly. Buy a bouquet of flowers, Lego Icons version. Roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies, there’s something for everyone. The colors and shapes of this flora reproduce reality as faithfully as possible for a truly natural group. And you can style it. It is indeed possible to position the petals and flowers as you like as well as adjust the length of the stems. Even more customizable than a real bouquet!

3. Unmissable 30% off this Lego Star Wars AT-ST building set from Hoth

Fans of the legend are not satisfied with a proposed Lego Star Wars construction game. They need two to fully satisfy them. Here, everyone can choose their side between heroes and villains. There is something for every taste. That awesome set is the Lego Star Wars AT-ST kit from Hoth. His promo right now on Amazon is also not to be missed. Its price has dropped from €49.99 to €34.99. An XXL reduction therefore of 30%. Don’t miss out on this €15 saving.

The AT-ST pilot against the rebels

Choose your side with this Lego Star Wars AT-ST construction set from Hoth

Buy it Lego Star building game Wars AT-ST of Hoth at €34.90 on Amazon

As is often the case between the Empire and the rebels, the battle seems unbalanced. On one side, a Hoth AT-ST pilot. Obviously he didn’t come alone but with a faithful robot. Consider a giant AT-ST Raider equipped with a sunroof and hatch to access the cockpit. Its head also rotates for optimal vision. But that’s not all. He also has two stud shooters and articulated legs to move around. An Imperial droid equipped with weapons was also there to support him. On the other side, Chewbacca in the snow version bravely fights with a rebel soldier from Hoth as an ally. Each is equipped with weapons to try to overcome these enemies. So, which of the two camps will emerge victorious?

4. Less than €20 for the Lego Speed ​​Champions 1970 Ferrari 512 M building set

Years pass and the passion for Ferraris never runs out of steam. The brand has created a community of followers around it that grows every day. A passion that sometimes infects the whole family. To If you can’t buy the real thing, you can, on the other hand, get a little piece of the dream with a version version of the construction game. So grab this Lego Speed ​​​​​​Champions 1970 Ferrari 512 M kit right away. Its Amazon promotion should convince you. You’ll actually only have to pay €19.99 versus €24.99 before to get it. A very nice reduction of 20% therefore. You will have a great construction game for less than 20 €.

A model faithful to the original

Go back in time with the LEGO Speed ​​​​​​Champions 1970 Ferrari 512 M building set

Buy it Lego Speed ​​​​​​Champions 1970 Ferrari 512 M building set on Amazon for €19.99

If you are a fan of retro cars, you will love this building game. Discover or rediscover the 1970 Ferrari 512 M with this Lego Speed ​​​​​​​​Champions kit. This model really faithfully reproduces the original racing car. Its clean and elegant curves are represented realistically. Of course its characteristic red is also there. And this Ferrari is necessarily obliged to have its driver. So there was the pilot, with his gray racing suit and matching protective helmet. He is ready to brave all the dangers to win the race!

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